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The film is so exuberant that we don't care whether we're listening to Lou Reed's off-the-cuff comments about New York, watching Mel Gorham do a sexy dance in front of a mirror, or hearing Jim Jarmusch's ramblings on the romance of the smoking culture.
Entertainment Weekly
The improvisations are a mixed bag -- Reed and Fox are surprisingly hilarious, while Roseanne is a shrieking horror show -- but the air of gentle play and a wistful sense that Brooklyn is some kind of lost Eden put this one up on the more structured "Smoke."
A filmic hug for Brooklyn.
Christian Science Monitor
The results are ragged, disjointed, and endearing.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The lows never last too long - something invariably jumps out to recapture our interest or prompt a chuckle.
Chicago Sun-Times
Some of the bits work and others don't, but no one seems to be keeping score, and that's part of the movie's charm.
More about having a good time with some interesting people than it is about watching a fine movie.
Feels less like a movie than a lost episode of the old Steve Allen or Jack Paar late-night chat shows.
Jim Jarmusch's elegiac, hilarious performance as a man about to smoke his final cigarette is brilliant.
What a bold notion for a movie, and what a bust in terms of execution.

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