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Dire, dire, dire!

Author: Rob_Taylor
8 December 2004

What was Marc Singer thinking? Was he truly that desperate for work, or was this just a fulfillment of some contractual obligation? Either way, he should be deeply ashamed of appearing in this turkey. The original Beastmaster was a wonderful film with a great deal of originality but the sequels have progressively deteriorated into farce.

I can't begin to tell you how bad this movie is. Memorable moments include Dar's Lion buddy, who clearly is too old to do his own stuntwork anymore (Old=not likely to attack the actors) so they employ a lioness to do the scenes where he gets caught in a net. Lion with a mane becomes lioness without one. Hmmm...that's not noticeable at sir!

Suffice to say it's only saving grace is the finale where Dar (Singer) fights some demon lord. Why is this bit the best? Is it action packed? Is it full of great special effects? No. It's the best because it's just so farcical you'll be in stitches with laughter throughout it. The creature is a cross between a teenage mutant turtle and the Papa Dinosaur from the "Dinosaurs" TV series. Comical doesn't even begin to describe how this "evil" demon looks. It has all the menace of a Jim Henson muppet.

Ads if that weren't enough we are also treated to an early performance from Casper van Dien as some supposed king. Yep, that's believable....not. In fact, of all the cast, the only ones who even looked comfortable with their roles were Marc Singer and David Warner (yes, he's the bad guy - no surprise there). The rest were a mixture of woefully bad acting and miscasting.

One other thing of interest. Marc Singer now actually looks like he has spent a lifetime wandering the wilderness with nothing more than a loincloth to protect him from the elements. So that much was realistic.

SUMMARY: Watch it, grit your teeth, then laugh at the dumb finale.

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Best B-movie ever

Author: jjunkie2 from Pembroke, NH
27 January 1999

Here, let me get this out of the way: this movie SUCKS. Big time. There are absolutely NO redeeming qualities about this movie. None whatsoever. Except it's hilarious to watch with friends.

My friends and I have watched quite a few bad movies in our time, but this is the all-time champ of B-movies. Sure, "Plan 9" might suck more, but this one is more fun to watch. And it's also great to see Casper Van Dien in one of his first roles. I recommend this one to any B-movie enthusiast. It is the best. Long live Dar! Shirac!

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Why can't I give it a 0?

Author: Vas-2 from Greece
13 October 1999

Voting 1 point for this was too much. What a horrible, horrible movie! Desert warrior girl with pink vinyl underwear that just got out of the hair salon....... Oh, and this lion keeps changing sex, during the movie. Why on earth would anyone waste money on making or watching this?

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It was utter crap!

Author: RapdudeX3 from United Kingdom
10 June 2005

Almost everything about this film sucks and blows major ass! The acting is the worst I have ever seen, and the action scenes starring the ridiculously muscled and hideously ugly lead actor involve nothing more than bludgeoning guards over the head with the hilt of his sword.

The fantastic array of beasts were extremely lacking, A lion and falcon I can understand, but a weasel? How terribly ferocious.

Even the title of this travesty of a movie was awful. I was led to believe this was some sick fetish film, but even that would have been more enjoyable than this turgid pile of stinking horse manure!

The only merit was the comedy effect of Braxus being lent by the Power Rangers special effects department. I was impressed by the plastic and 'scary' effect that literally had me crapping myself as an excuse to stop watching the film.

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Author: MovieDoug from Maine, USA
19 June 2001

Beastmaster 3 and the whole series is dumb and faky. Everone of them are B movies but this is the worst one. It combines incredibly bad acting and cheesy special effects. It is worse than a made for TV movie. If you watch this on TV like I did then you would probably find better acting and effects in the commercials you see while it is on.

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