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A return to the spirit of the bad barbarian movie
pikachan6 October 1999
Beastmaster III is a definite improvement over the second flick in this series. It's not the best in the genre, but it certainly is not the worst. Marc Singer still plays the best beast master around, and this time he has a supporting cast that chews as much scenery as he does! Tony Todd (of "Candyman" fame) and Sondra Hess (Sonya Blade from "Mortal Kombat 2") are fine as Singer's backups, but it's really the animals who steal this show. I'm not anxious for a Beastmaster 4, but this one definitely left a better taste in my mouth than number 2. Recommended for B-movie and barbarian flick fans.
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Enjoy for what it is!!
Chameleon8323 July 2005
This movie will never win an Oscar (or any other award) but to be honest, I don't think it was ever made to do so. It is very much in a B-movie style and that's exactly how it should be. And shouldn't be taken too seriously.

I personally like the idea that ferrets and a lion can get on in harmony - but hey I'm an idealist.

The acting is terrible - the story has been done so often that anyone in their basement could probably make a decent job of a copy, but all that said the movie is enjoyable... as long as you take it for what it is!! AND NOTHING MORE!! In many ways it reminds me of movies like Willow and Krull - not huge productions, not great acting but enjoyable all the same.

Quick Review: Man who can command animals' sets off to save his brother (the king) from an evil sorcerer before same can let loose the power of a terrible creature... filled with swords, sorcery and scantily clad people.
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Worst in the trilogy!
swedzin17 October 2010
I'll be short on this one. OK, I know how most of fans and non-fans of the original "Beastmaster" were annoyed by the sequel "Beastmaser - Through the Portal of Time". But this one, this one is the worst. How so? Here's why. The second one spawned this sequel. I don't know whose idea was it. And how come that such a bad sequel can produce the third one? The second one didn't even give any hints about the sequel. I just don't understand who decided to throw money away for this project? The story is ridiculous, clichéd and lame, visual and especial effects are terrible, acting, well... Not that quite, in short... Marc Singer was in his element of Darr, at least that was one thing that can make you enjoy the movie even a tiny bit. Sandra Hess was just hot in this film. And sadly, that's all she did. It's not her fault, the script and the director gave her nothing to work with. Casper Van Dien? This film was just a proof that his career will be destroyed at some point. Patrick Kilpatrick? Well, I guess that he was the man for the job when it comes to supporting villains and heavies. Patrick is a good actor, but the typecasting ruined him. David Warner, don't know how he ended up here, but obviously they needed a guy with suave looks and charming British accent. Lesley-Anne Down... well that was quite of surprise, although she didn't do much with her character. The only actor I admire here is Tony Todd, a great replacement for Seth from the original film. He didn't do much, but I think in this film Seth finally has some backstory and character, which is both serious and used, in a way, as a comic relief for just a second. Which is why I gave this film 3 of 10. Though his fight scenes were badly filmed and clumsy choreography, which basically goes for all characters in action scenes. I can also add that animals used in this film were pretty solid as trained actors. If you want a joke... Here it is - Beastmaster 3... time waster and the dullest of them all.
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Horrible and hilarious movie
Pete Falco12 January 2002
Me and some friends went to the movie store to rent three movies one day back in 1996. From those three movies, this is the one I remember. It is simply one of the worst movies ever made. The acting is horrible, the music is awful and the script contradicts the other two movies. For example the animal who used to be a tiger is now a lion who changes sex during the movie!

Marc Singer looks like 65 something and is still the same stiff actor who tries to drop some "funny" lines from time to time.

On the other hand it's fun to watch just because it's so bad. I give it 3 out of 10. If you want a good laugh I would recommend it.
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The eyes that see...
Frank Markland6 September 2006
Marc Singer returns as Dar "The Beastmaster" who this time helps save his brother king from an evil sorcerer named Agon(David Warner) in this made for TV version of the Beastmaster story. What helps Beastmaster III in being better than it's awful predecessor (Beastmaster 2) is that it stays in it's time zone and it doesn't have Kari Wuher (Always a plus) the movie plays out like a watchable sword and sorcery movie from the 80's. The action isn't very well staged because the camera angles give off the impression of made for TV but they do happen frequent enough and are occasionally fun to watch. Though the movie belongs to Marc Singer who basically is likable and very well suited to his part. Indeed the whole cast is fun as they include Tony Todd, Lesley Anne-Down, David Warner and Patrick Kilpatrick. Once again the movie ends on an unsatisfying note but basically it does represent a vast improvement over # 2. However stick with the first, as the best of the series.

* * out of 4-(Fair)
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Beastmaster III: The Eye of Braxus
Phil Hubbs14 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Singer is back and clearly has nothing else to do. No more hair extensions this time I think as we see the final adventure for Dar. It appears Dar has upgraded his menagerie of loyal performing creatures. He now has a lion under his control (with the same name? so...same creature somehow? or he just likes that name a lot), a new eagle (same name though) and Kodo and Podo seem to be back despite being left in 90's LA in the last film. Thing is the little ferrets are never called Kodo and Podo in the film so maybe they aren't the original critter duo.

This time we discover Dar has a brother King in the form of Casper Van Dien sporting a very hokey blonde wig. This relation gets kidnapped by an evil Lord/sorcerer so its up to Dar with his new sidekick Seth, a witch, errr...a jester guy and a female warrior to rescue him before he's drained of his youthful essence. Yep this evil bad guy is looking for immortality as they all do, popular spell huh.

I think this third film is generally better than the last because its set completely within a fantasy realm. There is no silly portal jumping into our reality which makes the characters look ridiculous, this is all within a nice barren desert fantasy universe. The bad guys are a bit better this time also, sure they look like ancient Greek Spartan warriors but hey it looks cool, its the helmets that do it.

What amazed me is the cast for this thing. Considering this is a straight to the waste bin production the cast is pretty decent...well a decent cast of B-movie regulars anyway. In terms of B-movie trash rankings this film is low and even the B-movie cast they have managed to muster is somewhat above this kind of schlock...usually. David Warner, Tony Todd, Casper Van Dien, Sandra Hess and Patrick Kilpatrick on show here folks.

Yes it all looks awful, the sets are clearly sets, the locations are the same places over and over, the effects are laughable, action is again a kids pantomime and 'acting' is beyond hammy. To be honest I think the slightly bigger names here know its crapola and are just having a good time chewing up scenery. You can see its a TV movie and I think you should know what to expect, but all that aside it can be a good laugh.

I still don't quite know why they ruined the franchise with such low rent sequels which make a mockery of everything the original had but there you go. Plus points are the animals and a nice big rubber monster suit for Dar to battle at the end.

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Did anyone catch the uncredited cameo?
glossamir5 February 2002
After seeing this movie(and while not as good as Beastmaster, but better than Beastmaster II) I have to ask if anyone else thought that the reptillian beast bore an uncanny resemblance to character of Earl Sinclair of the Jim Henson Tv series "Dinosaurs", if Earl Sinclair went on a diet and lost a ton or two? To me, the resemblance totally deflated the seriousness of the battle between the beast and Dar.
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Best B-movie ever
jjunkie227 January 1999
Here, let me get this out of the way: this movie SUCKS. Big time. There are absolutely NO redeeming qualities about this movie. None whatsoever. Except it's hilarious to watch with friends.

My friends and I have watched quite a few bad movies in our time, but this is the all-time champ of B-movies. Sure, "Plan 9" might suck more, but this one is more fun to watch. And it's also great to see Casper Van Dien in one of his first roles. I recommend this one to any B-movie enthusiast. It is the best. Long live Dar! Shirac!
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Dire, dire, dire!
Rob_Taylor8 December 2004
What was Marc Singer thinking? Was he truly that desperate for work, or was this just a fulfillment of some contractual obligation? Either way, he should be deeply ashamed of appearing in this turkey. The original Beastmaster was a wonderful film with a great deal of originality but the sequels have progressively deteriorated into farce.

I can't begin to tell you how bad this movie is. Memorable moments include Dar's Lion buddy, who clearly is too old to do his own stuntwork anymore (Old=not likely to attack the actors) so they employ a lioness to do the scenes where he gets caught in a net. Lion with a mane becomes lioness without one. Hmmm...that's not noticeable at sir!

Suffice to say it's only saving grace is the finale where Dar (Singer) fights some demon lord. Why is this bit the best? Is it action packed? Is it full of great special effects? No. It's the best because it's just so farcical you'll be in stitches with laughter throughout it. The creature is a cross between a teenage mutant turtle and the Papa Dinosaur from the "Dinosaurs" TV series. Comical doesn't even begin to describe how this "evil" demon looks. It has all the menace of a Jim Henson muppet.

Ads if that weren't enough we are also treated to an early performance from Casper van Dien as some supposed king. Yep, that's believable....not. In fact, of all the cast, the only ones who even looked comfortable with their roles were Marc Singer and David Warner (yes, he's the bad guy - no surprise there). The rest were a mixture of woefully bad acting and miscasting.

One other thing of interest. Marc Singer now actually looks like he has spent a lifetime wandering the wilderness with nothing more than a loincloth to protect him from the elements. So that much was realistic.

SUMMARY: Watch it, grit your teeth, then laugh at the dumb finale.
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It was utter crap!
RapdudeX310 June 2005
Almost everything about this film sucks and blows major ass! The acting is the worst I have ever seen, and the action scenes starring the ridiculously muscled and hideously ugly lead actor involve nothing more than bludgeoning guards over the head with the hilt of his sword.

The fantastic array of beasts were extremely lacking, A lion and falcon I can understand, but a weasel? How terribly ferocious.

Even the title of this travesty of a movie was awful. I was led to believe this was some sick fetish film, but even that would have been more enjoyable than this turgid pile of stinking horse manure!

The only merit was the comedy effect of Braxus being lent by the Power Rangers special effects department. I was impressed by the plastic and 'scary' effect that literally had me crapping myself as an excuse to stop watching the film.
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Why can't I give it a 0?
Vas-213 October 1999
Voting 1 point for this was too much. What a horrible, horrible movie! Desert warrior girl with pink vinyl underwear that just got out of the hair salon....... Oh, and this lion keeps changing sex, during the movie. Why on earth would anyone waste money on making or watching this?
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'90s-era bargain basement sword and sorcery flick
Leofwine_draca23 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Marc Singer returns for another cheesy adventure romp in this second sequel to 1982's THE BEASTMASTER. While the original was not exactly a magnificent film, at least it had some redeeming qualities. This '90s version shows us how far things have sunk with even less originality, as this is strictly by-the-numbers fare. Almost every cliché of a sword and sorcery flick is thrown in here somewhere, making this a sufficient yet disappointing B-movie.

It's a shame, too, as a fun cast under and overact amazingly. Marc Singer shows us that he has learned absolutely no new acting skills in the thirteen years since the original. He's also aged quite considerably too, but at 48 years he's still looking as fit and as muscular as ever. Singer gets to team up with black actor Tony Todd, made famous by the CANDYMAN films, although Todd is given little to do apart from beat up the occasional bad guy.

A young Casper Van Dien (SLEEPY HOLLOW) puts in an embarrassing performance as a silly petulant King while a seriously strapped-for-cash Lesley Anne Down embarrasses herself even further as a witch. Also along for the ride is a braindead clown and Singer's animal friends, although somewhat inexplicably his black panther has now turned into a lion. In the baddie contingent, Patrick Kilpatrick lends some cheesy menace while David Warner hams for all he's worth as the chief villain.

You won't believe how bad this film is while you're watching it but at least it's a lot of fun. Amusing bits include a man being attacked by some tentacles, some bad computer effects, and the hilarious finale which has Singer taking on a ridiculous-looking monster designed by the Chiodo Brothers which never looks more than being a man in a rubber suit. You won't believe your eyes. The violence level is low but the cheese level is high in this silly adventure which is absolutely awful but strangely entertaining.
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What Mortal Kombat the series was to the original...
Alfabeta7 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This movie (unlike the second one) committed one cardinal sin. It had a workable story so it took itself seriously in spite of extremely low budget and extremely low movie-making skills of the crew. Instead of being (for example) like Mortal Kombat the movies (by the way, Sandra Hess played Sonya Blade in MK2 as her next role) it's closer to Mortal Kombat: Conquest (the awful series). This whole movie looks like a pilot and uses all of those TV rules about violence, language, over-exposition in a scene etc.

Few complaints beside the main point...

Second part was in the future parallel dimension. OK. This one is apparently first in Egypt or middle east (Casper Van Dien has a Pharaoh-like costume, and camels and people in dresses and shorts (and boxers) are all over the place) and then South America (with the wild pygmy tribe).

As in the first one, people alone and even villages here get ambushed way too much. Didn't they have f-ing outposts in the dark ages? Or eyes for that matter? Surprise attacks are happening all over the place, sometimes simply by bad guys jumping in front of the characters.

And what's the deal with the glasses on that "Albert Einstein" guy? He bought them at his eye doctor's?

Not to forget to mention that apparently all tiger actors and trainers were busy at the time of the filming. Ra was first a black tiger, then a regular tiger and finally a Lion. The cat just can't make up its mind.
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RexMantis19 June 2001
Beastmaster 3 and the whole series is dumb and faky. Everone of them are B movies but this is the worst one. It combines incredibly bad acting and cheesy special effects. It is worse than a made for TV movie. If you watch this on TV like I did then you would probably find better acting and effects in the commercials you see while it is on.
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