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Is this the prequel to Baywatch Hawaii?
rlcsljo2 January 2001
I am not sure whether this was recycled from a two parter in the TV series, or vice versa, but it appears to be almost identical, except for the commercials.

My three favorite "Baywatch Babes" are in this one, although Pam is looking a bit overweight.

This one revolves around a non-water rescue as one of them is stung by a poisonous fish. Despite all the boat traffic around Hawaii, no one seems to be around to rescue them.

Pretty thin stuff for a movie, but watchable.
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A great episode of Baywatch made for video!
Kobe-29 May 2002
Baywatch: Forbidden Paradise is a great movie. It has everything you could ask for. A great plot, some action and of course, beautiful women. This movie was released on video in 1995, and also aired as a two-part episode the following season (1995-1996).

It was great to watch the cast of Baywatch at a different location than what we are used to. Hawaii is the perfect place for that because of the beautiful nature and the huge waves. In my opinion, the part with Carlton Banks is great. Talk about bad luck. I also think it's great that Caroline and Logan are engaged. There is also some great action in the episode. The best part is when Mitch, Matt and Lea are chased through the jungle by some crazy native Hawaiians.

To summarize, it is pretty obvious that when the Baywatch cast move away from the beaches in L.A., the whole episode gets a new life. So in my opinion, the move to Hawaii for the show's 10th season, was really great.
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