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The Robin costume weighed 41 lbs.
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According to Jim Carrey, he did not get along with Tommy Lee Jones, who told him that he hated him and his films.
Jim Carrey's original idea - to shave a question mark into his scalp - had to be scratched as he was due in court to finalize his divorce.
While Tim Burton was still slated to direct the film, Micky Dolenz was considered to play The Riddler. After Burton dropped out, Robin Williams was offered the role by Warner Brothers, but refused due to being bitter about being used as "bait" to lure Jack Nicholson to commit to play the Joker in Batman (1989).
Michelle Pfeiffer was considered to reprise her role as Catwoman.
In the first Batman (1989), District Attorney Harvey Dent was played by Billy Dee Williams. Williams accepted the role with the knowledge and expectation that Dent would eventually become Two-Face. He reportedly had a clause put into his contract, reserving the role for him in any sequels, which Warner Bros. had to buy out, so they could cast Tommy Lee Jones. Williams would eventually voice the character in The Lego Batman Movie (2017).
Dick Grayson suggests "Nightwing" for a hero name. This was the name used by the adult Dick Grayson in the comic books.
Before deciding not to don the cape and cowl for a third time, Michael Keaton met with Joel Schumacher and declined to join the project after deciding that he did not like the direction in which Schumacher was looking to take the franchise. In the brief time that Tim Burton was still considering doing a third Batman film, Riddler was the only villain that he planned on using. The idea of using Two-Face did not come up until Schumacher joined the project.
While learning to twirl a cane, Jim Carrey reportedly broke around a dozen prop canes and some of his trailer furniture.
Joel Schumacher's decision to put nipples and enlarged codpieces on the Bat-costumes, as well as an earring on Robin caused controversy - it even bothered Batman creator Bob Kane. Schumacher said he wanted the costumes to have an anatomic look, while the earring was supposed to make Robin more hip. He also claimed that the basis for the Batman and Robin suits came from statues of the gods of ancient Greece.
The Batmobile was usually driven by stunt drivers, but Chris O'Donnell insisted on driving it himself in the joyride scene. He crashed it into a curb, and dented a fender.
Val Kilmer and Joel Schumacher clashed during filming. Schumacher described Kilmer as "childish and impossible". According to Schumacher, Kilmer refused to talk to him for two weeks.
Val Kilmer and Jim Carrey became good friends during filming. They bonded over the deaths of their fathers.
Tommy Lee Jones was Joel Schumacher's first choice for the role of Two-Face after working with him in The Client (1994). Jones accepted the role because his son Austin, eleven at the time, said Two-Face was his favorite character.
It has been reported that personality clashes between Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey during filming annoyed Joel Schumacher to the extent that he stated he would never again work with either of them. However, he later worked with Carrey on The Number 23 (2007).
It was reported that Christian Bale had previously auditioned for the role of Robin, but lost out to Chris O'Donnell. However, this rumor was later dispelled by Bale himself.
Robin's costume is not the classic costume of the comics that Dick Grayson wore, but it is based on the costume worn by the third Robin, Tim Drake. This costume was introduced in 1990, and it is rumored that Tim Burton had a hand in designing it.
So heavy was his Batsuit, that Val Kilmer lost five pounds filming the opening fight scene alone.
Val Kilmer learned he was the new Batman while he was literally in a bat cave in Africa, doing research for The Ghost and the Darkness (1996). He accepted the role without reading the script.
Will Shortz, "puzzlemaster" on National Public Radio and editor of the New York Times crossword puzzle, created the Riddler's riddles.
Rene Russo was originally cast to play Dr. Chase Meridian when Michael Keaton was still attached to the project as Batman. However, when Keaton dropped out of the project and was replaced by Val Kilmer, Russo was deemed too old to play his love interest, despite being just shy of six years Kilmer's senior. Nicole Kidman, who ultimately played the role, is seven-and-a-half years younger than Kilmer.
This film marks the first appearance of Arkham Asylum in a live action Batman film.
Mark Wahlberg was considered for the role of Robin.
Scheduling conflicts with Braveheart (1995) forced Mel Gibson to turn down the role of Harvey Dent/Two-Face.
After seeing him in this film, record producer George Martin approached Jim Carrey about performing the song "I am the Walrus" for his The Beatles tribute album "In My Life". Carrey accepted.
In "Batman: the Complete History", Michael Keaton said about turning down the film, "To lighten up and brighten it up and be a cartoon was of no interest to me".
Leonardo DiCaprio turned down the role of Dick Grayson/Robin because he didn't like Joel Schumacher's direction. For the same reason, Michael Keaton turned down the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman.
Tim Burton said "I always hated those titles like Batman Forever. That sounds like a tattoo that somebody would get when they're on drugs or something. Or something some kid would write in the yearbook to somebody else. I have high problems with some of those titles." It is rumored that Burton was considering the title Batman Continues while he was still slated to direct.
Jim Carrey helped design a lot of his costumes.
First live action appearance of Harvey Dent/Two-Face in disfigured form. He was supposed to appear as a villain in the television show Batman (1966), reimagined as a news anchor who was disfigured when a television set exploded in his face, but the character didn't appear in the series, and Clint Eastwood expressed an interest for the role. Early drafts of Batman Returns (1992) featured Harvey Dent in the film (with Billy Dee Williams reprising his role from Batman (1989)), and his transformation into Two-Face was set to happen during the finale when Catwoman kisses him while holding onto the Penguin's generator. Several elements of Dent's role in these early drafts of that film were incorporated to the character of Max Shreck.
More than 100 Batman and Robin costumes were created to allow for the range of stunts, from underwater scenes, to scenes involving fire and extreme fighting.
Bruce Timm, writer and the producer of Batman: The Animated Series (1992), said in an interview, "I did not enjoy Joel Schumacher's Batman at all".
When Dick says he wants to go back to the circus, Bruce replies that the circus must by now be halfway to Metropolis. That is the home city of Superman.
Tommy Lee Jones's make-up took four hours to apply.
First appearance of Robin in the Warner Bros.' series of Batman films. He was featured in early drafts of the previous films Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992), which were directed by Tim Burton, but several rewrites to the script of those films led his inclusion to be dropped because Burton felt that Robin's presence didn't fit the dark tone of those films.
For the scene where Chase Meridian is visited by Batman on her balcony at night, Nicole Kidman was not wearing any clothing underneath the white silk sheet, with which she was covering herself.
In the film, Robin exclaims, "Holy rusted metal, Batman!" This was in homage to Burt Ward's Robin from Batman (1966), who would often exclaim "Holy (fill in the blank), Batman!" in moments of distress or astonishment.
Joel Schumacher wanted Nicole Kidman to play Poison Ivy, but he decided that Ivy, Two-Face and The Riddler would be too many villains for Batman. Ivy (played by Uma Thurman) was saved for Batman & Robin (1997).
William Baldwin was reported to be considered for the role of Batman. Other names considered for the part before Val Kilmer was cast included Daniel Day-Lewis, Kurt Russell, Alec Baldwin, Ethan Hawke, Ralph Fiennes, Tom Hanks, and Johnny Depp.
The exterior set for Two-Face's hideout is the same set used in the kidnapping of Max Schreck in Batman Returns (1992).
Batman creator Bob Kane said in a Cinescape interview that Val Kilmer had given the best interpretation among all the actors to play Batman up to that time. However, Kane never lived to see Christian Bale take on the role.
The scratches on the tails side of Two-Face's coin form the letters HD, the initials of Harvey Dent, Two-Face's former identity.
Marlon Wayans was originally slated to play Robin/Dick Grayson in Batman Forever (1995) when Tim Burton was considering directing it, but once Joel Schumacher ultimately took the helm, his vision for the character did not jive with placing Wayans in the role and instead cast Chris O'Donnell.
Elizabeth Sanders, who plays Gossip Gerty, was married to Bob Kane, creator of Batman, who also had a cameo in the film.
Prior to taking the name Riddler, one of the names Edward Nigma considered for his villain persona was The Puzzler. The Puzzler was the name of a Superman villain, who was also used in place of The Riddler in an episode of the Batman (1966) television series.
The doctor in Arkham Asylum, referred to as doctor Burton (a nod to producer Tim Burton) is seen sporting Tim Burton's wild hairstyle.
At one point, when Tim Burton was going to direct, he was going to cast Brad Dourif as The Scarecrow.
Before Chris O'Donnell was ultimately cast, Mark Wahlberg, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jude Law, Ewan McGregor, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, Toby Stephens, and Scott Speedman had all been considered for the role of Robin at some point.
Dr. Chase Meridian is not from any comic book series. She was created by screen writers Lee Batchler and Janet Scott Batchler.
Val Kilmer and Tommy Lee Jones appeared together again in The Missing (2003), which also featured subsequent Two-Face, Aaron Eckhart.
Michael Jackson was attached at one point to play the Riddler, but he was ignored. Matthew Broderick also expressed interest in the role. After that Robin Williams turned down the role of the Riddler, Joel Schumacher cast Jim Carrey because Schumacher and Warner Bros. felt that he was perfect for the part, following the success of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994).
In the original script, Two-Face's female thugs Sugar and Spice were known as "Lace" and "Leather" for their clothing styles. Sugar and Spice are the nature of little girls according to nursery rhymes. No names for these characters are spoken in the film; instead Sugar, when asked her name, tells Wayne that he can call her whatever he wants to.
Olympic gymnast Mitch Gaylord was a stunt double for Chris O'Donnell.
When The Riddler is in Two-Face's hideout demonstrating how "The Box" works, he says, "This is my brain on the box, does anyone else feel like a fried egg?". This is a spoof on an Anti-Drug commercial, which demonstrated what your brain would do when it is on drugs, by using an egg and a hot frying pan.
Unlike Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher was a Batman fan. He originally wanted to do a prequel based on Frank Miller's "Batman: Year One".
Joel Schumacher originally wanted to make a much darker and more serious film, that would more fully explore Bruce Wayne's growing fear, that his crusade to be Batman had done more harm than good, and that Bruce was beginning to suffer from burn out, but the executives at Warner Bros. insisted on a lighter tone.
Keanu Reeves was considered for the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman.
The first part of the film was edited extensively to begin with an action sequence. The DVD features the original opening scene, Two-Face's escape from Arkham Asylum. This was to lead to Bruce Wayne's visit to his business offices, and the Bat-signal he saw there was meant to lead him to leave the office in order to suit up for the fight at the bank. This was followed by Nygma's experiment on Stickley. Batman's meeting with Chase at the Bat-signal was actually much later in the film, just before the scene where the Batmobile scales the side of the apartment building. Chase's reference to Two-Face's coin at the bank was originally a reference to the Circus. This original sequence of the first part of the film is featured in the comic book adaptation as well as in the tie-in novelization.
Nicole Kidman was previously considered for the role of Catwoman in Batman Returns (1992) before Michelle Pfeiffer was cast.
It was rumored that Michael Keaton was asking for fifteen million dollars, and a share in the profits, to return to play Batman for the third time. This turned out to be false.
Early concepts of the final showdown on Claw Island had a huge, muscled, Riddler sitting on his throne when Batman finds him. The Riddler twists the two skulls on his armrests and the Riddler's muscled body is revealed to be a shell which splits in two, from which the real Riddler (wearing his white and green jumpsuit) steps out. This description made it into the junior novelization of the movie by Alan Grant, and was also featured in the video game based on the movie.
Chris O'Donnell's sister can be seen directly behind him in the party scene where Robin is first introduced to the public.
According to Mark Hamill, Joel Schumacher watched The Flash: Trial of the Trickster (1991) repeatedly for inspiration.
Jenny McCarthy (future ex-girlfriend of Jim Carrey) turned down the role of Sugar.
Exterior scenes of Wayne Manor were filmed at the Webb Institute of Naval Architecture on Long Island, New York. The production team had to change the school's "W" on the entrance gate because it had an anchor behind it.
Sandra Bullock and Cindy Crawford were considered for the role of Dr. Chase Meridian.
Kimberly Scott (Bruce's assistant) and Michael Paul Chan (a worker at Wayne Enterprises) came back for Batman & Robin (1997), but in different roles, playing scientists at the Gotham Observatory. Joel Schumacher frequently uses them in his movies.
Sam Raimi was at one point considered to direct, after Tim Burton dropped out.
Despite a poor working relationship, Joel Schumacher later said that he felt Val Kilmer still gave a good performance as Batman/Bruce Wayne.
25 minutes of the film were digitally color corrected at 2K resolution - a very early example of digital grading for motion pictures.
In early drafts of the film, Riddler's real name was Lyle Heckendorf instead of Edward Nigma and his rival company was called HeckTech instead of NygmaTech. A scene in the early drafts that didn't make it into the final film featured Lyle stalking Bruce at the circus and stealing the clothes of a performing circus leprechaun. The leprechaun suit then formed the basis for the Riddler outfit.
Joel Schumacher said in an interview about Val Kilmer "Val did me two great favors when I wanted him to be Batman, he said yes. Then he created a situation which allowed me not to have him play Batman again, they were both happy, happy instances for which I will always be grateful".
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In the French-Canadian version, the Riddler is called Le Sphinx.
When Tim Burton was going to direct, Micky Dolenz and Robin Williams were considered for the role of The Riddler. Moreover, Burton wanted The Riddler's head shaved with a question mark. The film was to include Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman (who survived the events of Batman Returns (1992)). Rene Russo was cast as the love interest. Marlon Wayans was cast as Robin, and the film was going to be called Batman Continues, but Warner Bros. ultimately dismissed Burton, after they realized the tone of the film was to be similar to Batman Returns (1992).
The only live action Batman movie as of 2015 where Batman has to swim in his Batsuit.
Val Kilmer said of the film - "I've done an absurdly commercial cartoon, and now I'm more likely to get hired for a job I couldn't get hired for before, because I hadn't done enough movies. It's so rare when an actor gets hired because he's right for the role, it just doesn't figure into it."
Unlike the two Tim Burton Batman films, this is not scored by Danny Elfman. Also, unlike those two, this film features original songs performed by multiple artists. The trailers for this film and Batman & Robin (1997) feature Elfman's score from Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992), however.
Daniel Day-Lewis, Ralph Fiennes, Val Kilmer, and William Baldwin were the top four choices of Joel Schumacher to play Bruce Wayne/Batman.
Before appearing in this film, Nicole Kidman appeared in My Life (1993) opposite previous Batman Michael Keaton. She has since worked with all but the newest of the subsequent live-action Batmans: George Clooney in The Peacemaker (1997), and Christian Bale in The Portrait of a Lady (1996). In Rabbit Hole (2010) she works with subsequent Two-Face actor Aaron Eckhart, and in Bewitched (2005) she works with Michael Caine, who also played Alfred the same year in Batman Begins (2005). In The Stepford Wives (2004), she worked with Christopher Walken, who played Max Shreck in Batman Returns (1992). She has yet to work with the current Batman, Ben Affleck, but has worked with his brother Casey Affleck in To Die For (1995).
After the Batmobile rides up the wall to escape from Two-Face, there was going to be a car chase on the rooftops of Gotham. Due to time and money constraints, this idea was scrapped, and used in the next film, Batman & Robin (1997).
Robin Williams, who was offered and turned down the role of the Riddler, was the leading contender for the role of the Joker in Batman (1989), until the bigger star, Jack Nicholson took an interest and ultimately won the role.
Val Kilmer filmed his role concurrently with that in Heat (1995). In this film he plays a protagonist pursuing a team of armed robbers. In the other, he is one of a gang of armed robbers being pursued.
The design of the Flying Graysons' costumes mirror the red, yellow and green spandex that Robin wore in the 1990s comic books.
Joel Schumacher had asked Bono of U2 to reprise his role of Macphisto that he played during the band's ZOOTV tour, but Bono declined, saying that when ZOOTV ended so did Macphisto, instead U2 contributed the song "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" to the soundtrack.
The only film in either Tim Burton's or Joel Schumacher's 'Batman' series without a single mention of a "Beauty and the Beast" metaphor.
Frank Gorshin, who played The Riddler in Batman (1966), was one of Jim Carrey's favorite actors growing up.
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According to Entertainment Weekly, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Linda Hamilton were considered for the role of Dr. Chase Meridian. Robin Wright was also considered for the role.
Tommy Lee Jones who plays Two-Face/Harvey Dent in this film, also later appeared as Colonel Phillips in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011). Captain America and Batman faced off in the Marvel vs. DC crossover in 1996.
Director Joel Schumacher was born in 1939, the same year that Batman was created.
Doctor Burton is named for producer Tim Burton.
Michael Worth was a runner-up to play Robin. However, he ends up in the film as a member of the gang Dick Grayson fights in the alley fight scene.
When Edward Nygma/The Riddler is trying out his invention on his supervisor, Fred Stickley, he parodies the title song from Top Hat (1935): "I'm sucking up your IQ, vacuuming your cortex, feeding off your brain." The original lyrics are "I'm putting on my top hat, tying up my white tie, brushing off my tails."
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Michael Gough (Alfred Pennyworth) and Pat Hingle (Commissioner James Gordon) are the only actors to reprise their roles from either Batman (1989) or Batman Returns (1992).
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Don "The Dragon" Wilson's role was personally offered to him by Joel Schumacher. Wilson filmed his scene in four days.
When Nygma is launching 'The Box', his hair is exactly the same as is former idol's - Bruce Wayne - when he was told his invention was unsafe.
The handgun Two-Face uses throughout the movie is a chrome plated Benelli mp95e.
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Nicole Kidman was genuinely nude under the sheet when Batman stops to see her late at night at her place.
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Jim Carrey was considered for the part of David in The Lost Boys (1987) and for the lead in D.C. Cab (1983), both which were also directed by Joel Schumacher.
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This is the first movie to refer to Batman as "The Dark Knight".
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Val Kilmer's marriage to Joanne Whalley ended during filming, with the divorce being finalized a year after this film came out. Whether or not the stress of Kilmer's failing marriage was a factor in his attitude on set, and a factor in his strained working relationship with Joel Schumacher, is unknown.
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The first name of Dick Grayson's brother in the film is Mitchell, but in the original script it was Chris. Presumably this was changed to avoid on-set confusion with Chris O'Donnell.
At 121 minutes, this is the shortest live-action Batman movie in the Warner Bros series (Batman: The Movie (1966), which was based on the 1966 Batman (1966) TV series, ran 105 minutes, but that film was distributed by 20th Century Fox).
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U2 did music for the end of this film. They also had some of their songs in Blown Away (1994) also starring Tommy Lee Jones as the villain.
There had been speculation that the film was a reboot, due to Joel Schumacher taking over as director from Tim Burton and changing the visual style of the film from dark and gothic to more comic book and futuristic, and the recasting of Batman from Michael Keaton to Val Kilmer. The film is not a reboot, and continues on from Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992). Pat Hingle returns as Comissioner Gordon, and Michael Gough returns as Alfred Pennyworth. But, Billy Dee Williams had played Harvey Dent in the original film, but Tommy Lee Jones plays Harvey Dent a.k.a. Two-Face in this film.
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Two characters in this film who were originally supposed to be black became white when Joel Schumacher replaced Tim Burton. Billy Dee Williams, who played Harvey Dent in Batman (1989), was supposed to play Two-Face, and Marlon Wayans was supposed to play Robin, although according to the comics, these characters have historically always been white.
While this is the first appearance of Robin in the series, both of the previous films had Robin appear in early drafts of the script. Kiefer Sutherland had been offered the role in Batman (1989) but turned it down, and Marlon Wayans had actually signed on and done a costume test for the role in Batman Returns (1992). Wayans was slated to play the role in this film while Tim Burton was still on board as director, but when Joel Schumacher took over, Wayan's contract was bought out by Warner Brothers and Chris O'Donnell was given the role instead.
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Drew Barrymore, who plays Sugar in the film, previously starred as the title character in Poison Ivy (1992), a film unrelated to Batman. A different Poison Ivy is a long time Batman foil who then appeared as one of the villains in the next Batman film Batman & Robin (1997).
Each main Batman villain in the first 3 installments of the Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher series shot and killed one of their own henchmen. In "Batman" (1989), the Joker (Jack Nicholson) shot Bob the Goon (Tracey Walter). In "Batman Returns" (1992), the Penguin (Danny DeVito), shot the fat clown (Travis McKenna) for questioning the Penguin's plot to murder the first-born sons of Gotham. Here, in "Batman Forever," Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones) fired his gun at Batman in the helicopter scene, thereby killing the henchman flying the helicopter.
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The original trailer shows Bruce Wayne face to face with and spreading his arms out to mimic a large bat whether in his dreams or as some type of delusion but this never made it to the theatrical release of the movie.
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Rene Auberjonois filmed his cameo as Dr. Burton between seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993) (TV Series) which he starred as Odo.
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Matt Damon auditioned for the role of Robin. His best friend Ben Affleck, would play Batman 21 years later in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).
Aaron Eckhart would succeed Tommy Lee Jones in the role of Harvey Dent/Two-Face The Dark Knight (2008). Jones starred opposite Eckhart in The Missing (2003), in which Val Kilmer made a cameo.
Batman's visit to a sheet-clad Chase Meridian in her bedroom, is similar to a scene with a lady named Silver St. Cloud, in "The Laughing Fish" segment of 1978's "Strange Apparitions" story line in Detective Comics.
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Michael Gough also starred alongside Val Kilmer in Top Secret! (1984).
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The game The Riddler and Two-Face play is "Battleship".
Renoly Santiago revealed in an interview with SlashFilm that he auditioned for the role of Dick Grayson/Robin and it was these auditions that led to him being cast in Hackers (1995).
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In the commercial of the video game based on the film, the lyrics to the song in the commercial goes: He can run/There's no escape/He can hide/That's his fate/He can fight with all his might and never win/When good battles evil/The real game begins.
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Bruce Wayne's voice in the film is almost similar to that of Kevin Conroy, the actor who provided the voice of Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman: The Animated Series (1992).
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Val Kilmer co-starred with Nicole Kidman as his love interest. Kidman would go onto marry Kilmer's Top Gun co-star, Tom Cruise.
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Nicole Kidman has worked with several other live-action Batman actors as well: Michael Keaton in My Life (1993), George Clooney in The Peacemaker (1997), and Christian Bale in The Portrait of a Lady (1996). The only recent exception is Ben Affleck, but she appeared in To Die For (1995) with his brother, Casey Affleck.
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Scott Shaw was offered the role of the Gang Leader.
Of the 4 love interests for Bruce Wayne throughout the Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher 'Batman' films-Vicki Vale (Kim Basinger), Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer), Dr. Chase Meridian (Nicole Kidman), and Julie Madison (Elle MacPherson)-Chase Meridian is the only one to have screentime with both Alfred and Commissioner Gordon. On a related note, all 4 actresses have appeared in films with Alec Baldwin, Basinger was even married to Baldwin.
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Actor Jon Favreau is uncredited as one of the employees at Wayne Enterprise. Later in his career, he played a Lawyer in Daredevil and directed and stared in the first 2 Ironman movies
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Joel Schumacher wanted the design for Gotham City to have "personality", with more statues and neon lights; he cited as an influence the 1940s-50s Batman comics, 1930s New York City architecture, and modern Tokyo.
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The Batsuit costume was redesigned along the lines of a more "MTV organic, and edgier feel" to the suit.
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The lyrics to the little song Edward Nygma sings to Fred Stickley goes: I'm sucking up your IQ/Vacumming your cortex/Feeding off your brain.
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Joe Grifasi (the bank security guard), Debi Mazar (Spice), and Rene Auberjonois (Dr. Burton) all guest starred on the ensemble legal dramas, L.A. Law (1986-1994) and The Practice (1997-2004). Chris O'Donnell (Dick Grayson/Robin) also guest starred on the latter series, but not the former. David E. Kelley was involved with both dramas, as a writer and producer for L.A. Law, and as creator, writer, and producer for The Practice. David E. Kelley's wife, Michelle Pfeiffer, previously played Selina Kyle/Catwoman in Batman Returns (1992).
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Nicole Kidman's blonde hair is actually a wig on set. Will Smith was rumoured to play Robin. Chris O'Donnell won the role from many candidate actors. Before suggesting the Riddler and Harvey "two-face" Dent to be the main supervillains. It was at first meant to be the Scarecrow with Brad Dourif as the first choice (who was also about to play the Joker in Batman 1989 but Tim Burton wanted someone older and opt for Jack Nicholson) Joel Schumacher changed his mind on the scarecrow character and wanted to put the Riddler and Two-face instead.
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En Vogue: The R&B group appear as street walkers who appear after Dick steals the Batmobile and takes it for a joyride.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

When Riddler and Two-Face invade Bruce Wayne's home, Two-Face flips his coin three times. Although many people believe he kept flipping the coin so he could get the desired outcome to kill Bruce (contrary to the comics where he is a stickler for flipping the coin once and unquestioningly accepting what it says), he was actually flipping the coin to determine the fate of all three people in the manor: Alfred Pennyworth, Chase Meridian, and Bruce Wayne.
Dick Grayson/Robin and Edward Nigma/The Riddler never actually meet during the films. The closest they get to meeting is when Batman sees Robin trapped with Chase Meridian in the Riddler's lair. Robin actually meets only Two-Face, whereas Batman meets with both villains through the film.
Batman only definitively kills one character in this film, Two-Face (although it is possible he may also have killed some of his henchmen while escaping their alley trap). Also, he doesn't have any major fight scenes with any of the villains in this film. Robin, however, is seen fighting Two-Face during the climax.
Robin's origin in the movie has elements of all three comic Robins' origins. The first Robin, Dick Grayson's parents are acrobats and are murdered (though not by Two-Face). The second Robin, Jason Todd, is caught stealing the wheels off the Batmobile, much like in the movie when Robin takes the Batmobile for a joyride, and Jason Todd's father is killed by Two-Face. Timothy Drake, the third Robin, discovers Bruce Wayne's secret identity, as does the movie Robin, but Tim Drake does it using his skills as a detective, unlike the movie Robin.
Many scenes were removed from the final cut for pacing reasons. The red diary subplot was extended, with Bruce having guilt over his parents' death, since he insisted on going to the theater on that fatal night. This is hinted in the Theatrical Cut from his repressed memories, and the line of Bruce to Alfred "I killed them" referring to the death of the Flying Graysons. The Batcave actually had a hidden layer beneath the Batmobille floor, explaining how the Batwing and the Batskiboat were saved from the climactic bombing. After Bruce wakes up from the shot, he has temporary amnesia. Alfred finally goads him into visiting the hidden portion of the Batcave. Bruce finds the abandoned diary and reads the last entry more carefully. They had actually gone to see Zorro (as in the comics) upon his father's insistence. Bruce eventually realizes that he was not to blame for the tragic killings, and all of his memories of Batman finally resurface. This would lead more fluently to his final showdown with the Riddler, and his assertion that he has consciously embraced both of his identities .
The movie was going to be shot in Cincinnati, using the old subway tunnel. The exterior of the Gotham City Hippodrome (the arena where Dick Grayson's family is killed) is based on the exterior of Union Terminal, a famous 1930's Art Deco train station in Cincinnati.
Robin first appears in costume after Two-Face lures Batman into a trap. Robin rescues Batman after he was buried beneath rubble. This is an homage to Tim Drake's first appearance as Robin in Batman #442 when he rescued both Batman and Nightwing from under a pile of building rubble caused by a bomb set by Two-Face.
The Hippodome (which housed the circus where Robin's family was killed) was based on Cincinnati's Union Terminal. This same building also served as the model for the Hall of Justice in the Super Friends (1973) cartoon, which featured animated renditions of Batman and Robin.
In the comic books, the names of Dick Grayson's deceased parents were traditionally John and Mary Grayson. In this film, however, they are not identified by name.
When Jim Carrey's character Edward Nygma kills his boss during the brainwave manipulation, Edward says "What a rush!". Another movie that stars Jim Carrey was The Mask where it was Dorian Tyrell (wearing The Mask) that said "What a rush!!!" As his first line after putting Stanley's mask before handing him very to Lt. Kellaway and Doyle. This was used again in a deleted scene where Dorian Tyrell (as The Mask) kills Peggy Brandt by throwing her into the newspaper printer.
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A shared DC Universe is implied when Bruce says to Dick : "Where will you go? The circus must be halfway to Metropolis by now."
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Chris O'donnel was in Mad Love with Drew Barrymore and Blue Sky with Tommy Lee Jones.
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