The Basketball Diaries (1995) Poster

Plot Keywords

basketball friend
drugs addiction
high school high school basketball
drug addiction heroin
leukemia coach
dying prostitute
best friend autobiographical
stoned basketball court
ends with biographical notes journal
arm cast boys' locker room
nosebleed lying in state
cliff diving man in a wheelchair
teenager based on autobiography
loss of friend drugs addiction
drug cold turkey
drug abstinence syndrome anguish
corruption decadence
listening at a door talking through a door
talking to the camera looking at the camera
diner swimming
high school teacher police car
undressing raised middle finger
testicles bra
key doorman
poem apartment building
rooftop class
prison money
door lock and chain wrath
pills catholic
prank tears
stealing spanish american slur
teenage rebel mooning
underwear theatre marquee
billiards school uniform
gun junkie
harlem river new york city drink
circle line cruise boat new york city storytelling
drunkenness bigotry
peep hole rifle
crying whipped cream
degradation boyhood friend
shotgun stage
jail climbing a fire escape
basement gang
gay falling off a roof
running wristwatch
restaurant molestation
42nd street manhattan new york city thief
tv news godfather
brutality snow
godmother lightning
prayer teacher
ice cream audience
baldness illness
violence food
neighbor toilet
falling from height rage
overcoat diary
irish accent falling down
ring anger
hypocrisy crucifix
vomit priest
handwriting athlete
shot in the chest reckless driving
poet confessional
climbing over a fence eating
stripper hypodermic needle
kicking juvenile delinquent
high school friend police
bathroom nudity
fire escape gym
classmate rain
night fight
sandwich church
spanking kiss
bitterness hamburger
knife cross
school expulsion toilet sex
face slap hot wiring a car
wheelchair confession
shooting high school sports
car theft innocence lost
beating punishment
desperation humiliation
fellatio park
diarist arm in a cast
policeman reference to william shakespeare
dead boy chase
bus drinking
cafe abuse
male prostitution breaking a glass door
medicine cabinet bum
hypocrite pasties
robbery coffin
applause skinhead
hotel school shooting
group of friends photograph
sports team latino
gun held to head hospital
kitchen writer
hotel room paddle
memory ferry
shot in the back casket
running through fields pursuit
telephone call high school athlete
padlock reference to wilt chamberlain
breaking into a car watching tv
telephone revolver
mass murder in nightmare drugstore
cash register fast food restaurant
urination catholic church
erection nightmare
threat broken arm
apartment pool hall
bathtub assault
pushed from a rooftop scar
stealing a car brother brother relationship
mental illness porn
hallucination gay coach
jumping off a cliff racial prejudice
racial slur prologue
slow motion scene catholic school
theft bloody nose
african american self destructiveness
murder breaking and entering
boys' school hand on crotch
condom sex shop
voice over narration student
new york city manhattan new york city
drug overdose addict
oral sex teen angst
cigarette smoking urban setting
religion pill popping
heroin detox erotic dancing
drug withdrawal drug trip
snorting cocaine basketball coach
juvenile delinquency public nudity
male rear nudity friendship
family tragedy deliberate cruelty
coming of age what happened to epilogue
vomiting teenage girl
teenage boy syringe
street life sex
mother son relationship masturbation
locker room jumping from height
injection high school student
female nudity drug use
drug dealer fantasy sequence
cocaine classroom
city bully
black american basketball team
basketball player arrest
physical abuse male nudity
drug addict corporal punishment
blood death
prostitution drug abuse
death of friend based on true story
based on book independent film
based on novel

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