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Good movie considering it's a tv movie

Author: lizard7-1 ( from USA
24 December 2001

This movie was good... the plot drew you in and the characters did as well. But i must say i squirmed whenever Stephen Collins and Keri Russel locked lips. It was just disturbing to see a nearly 50 year old man at the time and a just turned 20 year old kiss... however, these two great actors made it seem realistic. The ending was predictable but the parts leading up to it kept you on the edge of your seat. I recommend that you try to catch this movie on lifetime. It was better then what you would expect from a tv movie

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Who's Seducing Whom

Author: krorie from Van Buren, Arkansas
27 November 2005

"The Babysitter's Seduction" makes a nifty little TV thriller. It starts out as a very good mystery with absolutely no suspects in who killed Bill Bartrand's wife and made it look like a suicide. Then we begin getting suspect after suspect. Alas, the identity of the culprit is given away much too soon. Director David Burton Morris must rely on suspense, chills, and thrills for the rest of the film. As the movie progresses one wonders if the babysitter is seducing Bill Bartrand or if Bill Bartrand is seducing the babysitter. Slowly we get the drift of what is really taking place. This part of the story is well written and directed. Some reviewers found it repulsive and unbelievable that a 50 year old man and a 20 year old woman (in the movie 40 and l8) could get it on. Have they not heard of sugar daddies and now sugar mamas? The babysitter wants to fill the dead wife's shoes, car, house, jewelry, and become the mother of her two children. Because of this, she doesn't see what others see, especially Det. Kate Jacobs, until it is almost too late. The final scenes in Bill Bartrand's house are edge of the seat suspense, particularly for a television movie.

The acting is above average for a TV movie. Keri Russell made her character believable once she got warmed up to the part. Stephen Collins was just right for his role, a charming creep who becomes very menacing. I prefer seeing Tobin Bell as a heavy, but he does fine as Bill Bartrand's detective friend. They played football together in school and he was close to Bartrand's wife.

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Pretty good, but suffers from some common flaws.

Author: Mulad from Minneapolis, Minnesota
30 April 2005

I totally love Keri Russell, so I had to check this out if only to see her past "indiscretions" vis-à-vis movie scripts. I enjoyed this film and thought she gave a strong performance aside for a few scenes, though it's a TV movie and some fairly obvious flaws have to be expected. Stephen Collins has always come off to me as a sleazebag, so I guess this role worked for me. Still tough to see him on screen next to a 20-year-old. I'd agree that Phylicia Rashad fell flat as a piece of cardboard compared to the other characters. If you enjoy an occasional melodrama complete with yelling at your television, this is an enjoyable guilty pleasure.

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Dull and Unadventurous TV Movie

Author: James Hitchcock from Tunbridge Wells, England
10 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The main character in this movie is Michelle, an 18 year old girl who acts as babysitter for Bill and Sally Bartrand, a local well-to-do couple and whose life is turned upside down when Sally, for no apparent reason, commits suicide. Bill asks Michelle to help him look after his children, with whom she has a close bond, and she finds herself spending more and more time with the family. Eventually she and Bill become lovers.

Then the question suddenly arises; was Sally's death really a suicide? The police begin to find disturbing new evidence that she was in fact murdered, and there are three possible suspects- Bill, who knew that his wife was having an affair, Sally's lover Paul, who feared that she might be about to end their relationship, and Michelle herself, who is suspected of wanting Sally out of the way so that she can move into Bill's life and become the second Mrs Bartrand.

Like a couple of other reviewers I felt that this basic plot- one suspicious death, three suspects all with plausible motives- would have worked better as a "whodunit" type mystery, with a greater emphasis on the police's efforts to solve the crime and the unmasking of the culprit coming as the denouement. Unfortunately, the decision was taken to make this as a standard "girl in peril" type thriller, with Paul dropping out of the picture and Bill trying to frame Michelle for the crime. The whole thing just ends up as an average, or below average, TV movie.

The film's greatest asset is the presence of Keri Russell, who makes an attractive and appealing heroine, but none of the other actors make much impression. Overall, however, this is a good example of the sort of film which goes to show why TV movies are often regarded as dull and unadventurous. 4/10

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Author: melissadaly from Toledo, OH
16 September 2001

This movie is so great... it really is. I originally saw it years ago on NBC, I believe, when it was a movie of the week and I loved it. Since then, they've reshown it on Lifetime many times and it is one of my all time favorite Lifetime movies. Collins displays his range as an actor playing this horribly evil and sleazy guy, a total contradiction to his character on "7th Heaven". To most, it may not be quality stuff but to me, it's a serious 'guilty pleasure'. Good times. :)

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"Run, Felicity, Run!'

Author: Putzberger from Chicago IL
26 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

That's what you'll be screaming, albeit in jest, if you stick with this low-intensity mid-90s made-for thriller, which stars the future nighttime soap star as a dimmer-than-a-penlight high school senior seduced by the man whose children she babysits (you might have figured that out from the title). He's no run-of-the-mill sleazebag, though -- he's a sociopath who plugs his wife, stages it as a suicide and then can't quite decide whether he should frame the aspirational lower-middle-class teenager played by sweet Keri or the smug computer hacker (1996 edition), played by stiff John D'Aquino, who was banging his wife. Collins seems to think he's playing against type but his typical narrowed eyes and oily mannerisms render him about as disarming as a used-car salesman turned televangelist. Not that lovely Keri would ever notice, since she's more interested in picking out miniskirts and scoop-neck tops to show off those lovely, barely legal legs and boobs.

Although it's poorly written and acted, "The Babysitter's Seduction" does manage to rise above utter and complete predictability by offering a slight twist on the America's cinematic aupairaphobia. In most domestic thrillers, a hot young babysitter (why aren't men or unattractive women ever hired to tend children?) insinuates herself into a household and whittles away the confidence of the aging (but still beautiful) career woman whose husband and children she gradually lures away. In this movie, at least, Mom is gone within minutes and the babysitter is the one being menaced, although since it's a low-rent ripoff of "The Jagged Edge" you can't credit the filmmakers with great originality. "TBS" also offers a modicum of suspense in that until the end, you never know who's going to save poor little Keri -- her harried single Mom, who's working too hard to save her daughter from the slimy smoothie? Her poorly coiffed ex-boyfriend, whom she blows off so she can attend to Stevie's needs? The tough lady cop, played by Phylicia Rashad, who seems to think that affecting a Clair Huxtable-like knowingness throughout the entire movie will compensate for the inability to keep her mouth shut around the prime suspects in a murder investigation? Or will Keri wise up just in time to save herself? You won't actually know until the last five minutes of the movie, although if Keri Tight And Sheer doesn't keep you interested you may have given up long beforehand.

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The heart wants what it wants

Author: Gluck-3 from USA
9 August 2006

This was a fairly watchable film. Stephen Collins' character came across as a very nice person, and as with any good mystery, one kept guessing for a while as to "whodunnit," after the other suspect was introduced. (Although once the killer became known, we entered into silly potboiler territory.) I thought Ms. Rashad made for a good detective. And our heroine was very winning. As for the older man-younger woman hook-up that a few reviewers found repulsive, such an outlook is really a curious state of the times. Our extremely youth-oriented society has brainwashed the masses into rejecting practically everyone who is over thirty; it's as though you either must cease to exist as a sexual being once you reach a certain age, or you must only be confined to partnering with one in your own age bracket. Even if there's a young person of legal, consenting age, people have now been trained to believe -- perhaps because the media has sometimes built the sex offender issue to a fever pitch, and some people think they are doing their "moral duty" -- there is something unethical about an age gap between lovers. I just watched the 1937 movie, ALGIERS, where the young and beautiful Hedy Lamarr was engaged to an older ogre of a man who was much more hideous than Stephen Collins, and yet the alliance seemed fairly natural; yes, in this case, she was in it for his money (an allure for our heroine in "The Babysitter's Seduction" as well, although the babysitter did develop genuine feelings for the man), but that was Hedy Lamarr's choice, just as it was Anna Nicole Smith's in real life, years later. Stepping aside from the lure of the sugar daddy, and entering the realm of genuinely "equal" relationships, it's a pity people have become uptight, and regard age as more than a number. Years back, there was more normalcy about accepting older people as regular human beings.

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A baby could figure it out

Author: jodiverse from New York, NY, USA
18 May 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


If you're in the mood for a formulaic hour and 40-some minutes of less than satisfactory acting and a storyline that a two-year-old could figure out, then this is the movie for you. To say that anything I will include in this review is a SPOILER is actually quite laughable, since this movie is outrageously predictable.

There are no surprises here. None. Pretty, young babysitter gets drawn into the "perfect life" of the family that employs her. The mom/wife commits suicide ... oh, or does she??? No, it turns out she has been -- sit down! -- MURDERED!!! Who could have seen that coming? And who could have foreseen the dad/husband's seduction of the pretty, young babysitter and subsequent attempt at framing the babysitter for the murder?

Of course, to throw us off the track, the wife's lover is thrown into the mix. But never do we really suspect him. Indeed, he is less of a FOIL than he is transparent SARAN WRAP!

The best performance in this movie comes from P. Rashad's character's dog, who thankfully escapes harm in one of the most overdone scenes ever to hit the small screen: a gas range turned on full blast, and ... well, you can figure it out.

If you can't figure it all out, and you'll still wondering GEE, WHODUNNIT??? then by all means watch this movie. If you think Keri Russell is cute, then by all means watch this movie. If you don't like being surprised, watch this movie.

This schlock gets a big "Feh. Kaka."

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Unlikely roles for WB mavens

Author: anonymous from Ohio
7 July 1999

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is so disturbing, only because I saw it after becoming a huge fan of both "Felicity" and "7th Heaven" where all the characters are pretty unfettered. In "Babysitter," Keri Russell plays a promiscuous teen who falls in love with a wealthy, yet sleazy guy (Stephen Collins, who is so un-sleazy as the minister father on 7th Heaven). The guy killed his wife, apparently and tries to seduce the babysitter (Keri Russell) by making her think she is the only woman who can take his dead wife's place. He has this master plan of framing the babysitter for his wife's murder, which I don't get because he had already gotten away with it.

The mom from the Cosby Show gives an interesting performance as the wary detective who lives on the beach.

The ending is predictable, if not too violent for television. It didn't bore me, but I don't feel like I've changed in any way since seeing this film.

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Cheesy, but good TV thriller.

Author: famousgir1 from London, England
22 December 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


The Babysitter's Seduction stars Keri Russell, (With her then very long curly hair.) who plays teenage babysitter, Michelle. When Sally, the mother of the family Michelle babysits for dies suddenly, Michelle continues to look after the children and help the father, Bill along the way. As time goes on though Bill begins to seduce Michelle and at first Michelle doesn't seem to mind, but soon things take an even bigger ugly turn when the truth of Sally's death, which looked like a suicide at first, unfolds and we find out that Sally was having an affair and when Bill found out about it, he murdered Sally. Now, he's trying to frame Michelle for the murder.

Keri Russell is okay in the movie, but some scenes like the one when she found Sally dead and she started screaming were a little fake, but the scenes at the end she was good. Phylicia Rashad who played Detective Kate Jacobs was really bad as usual. She just wasn't believable.

The Babysitter's Seduction is a little bit unconvincing, but it's an enjoyable TV movie and if you like these kind of cheesy TV thrillers, then it's most likely that you'll enjoy this one.

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