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Good Cast, Great Soundtrack

Author: kensmark from Right Behind You
7 August 2002

"Starman" meets "Mork and Mindy" with a side of "The Hidden" and a hint of "Femalien".

I saw this film on a whim, simply because I saw a short list of who was in it and was puzzled at the combination of actors. Not the greatest movie in the world, but certainly not the worst. This film has a very fine cast, mostly in its supporting ranks, but an oddly amateurish feel, as if it were made on a whim over the course of about ten days. The camerawork and editing are sometimes quite poor, but at other times perfectly competent, and the same goes for the dialogue, script, and direction.

However, the film is redeemed by its sense of humor. About a third of the attempts at humor fall down badly, but about another third come across very well. I didn't laugh much while watching it but I did keep smiling and nodding my head. Given the story and situations presented, there are jokes that beg to be made, and the characters often make them. I had to wonder how many of them were improvised, but it really doesn't matter.

Nicole Eggert isn't at her best here, but she does fine and looks cute. It's a damned shame what Hollywood has done to her over the years, though. She's still very attractive, but if they'd just let her eyebrows grow back and stop putting so much makeup on her, she'd be deeply adorable again. The plucked-and-painted look just makes her tend to look generic. Nicole, you're a lovely girl; stop letting them second-guess your face.

Michael Dorn is priceless as a quirky federal agent, and Stacy Keach, David Millbern, and the often-overlooked John Diehl are good in supporting roles. The actors who take principle turns playing the wooden alien are, well, a little wooden, but it's not clear how much of this is poor acting and how much is just an attempt to stay in character.

The most startlingly good thing about this movie, though, is its standout soundtrack. The soundtrack -- sadly not detailed at IMDB as of this writing -- is excellent all around, but, even more impressively, it features three impressive songs by Over the Rhine, a distinctive and sadly underknown group. Whenever the background music gave way to a song, I was impressed by the choice someone had made.

I doubt the soundtrack is available anywhere, which is a real shame. Interestingly, "Amanda and the Alien" is based on a Robert Silverberg short story. You wouldn't guess it from the film itself, but there it is.

Overall, this is a very watchable movie. You might not think so at first, but if you make it through the somewhat slow first fifteen minutes or so, there's a good chance you'll be hooked and amused.

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B-movie styled sci-fi...

Author: Cephyran from Alberta
6 September 2003

Despite being a made for TV movie, this one has minor merit. There's a sci-fi element reminiscent of the old B-movies that gives it character. Even with the goofy, almost comedic foundation, there's still plenty of room for elaboration. As far as viewability goes, I believe most will want to watch it simply for the sensuality between Amanda and this alien, once its taken a suitable human form.

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Very Strange Sci-Fi Sex Comedy

Author: Theo Robertson from Isle Of Bute, Scotland
15 August 2004

ALIEN LOVE ( As this movie is known in Britain ) is a very strange movie . I don`t mean that it`s an esoteric art house movie in the style of Peter Greenaway or Derek Jarman , I mean it`s a TVM with swearing , sex , some really good T&A , a bad script and a very retro feel . You can just imagine someone like John Hughes directing this ten years earlier , though of course he would have cut out the T&A

Going back to the bad script , one of the problems is that few of the characters have any type of motivation especially Amanda . Why does she pick up Connie at the bar ? Just so she could meet an alien ? Do you see what I mean about retro ? ET , SHORT CIRCUIT and a whole lot of other movies from the mid 1980s had this type of plot with most of them being more defined and convincing than the one seen here . The storyline continues to follow an ill defined , unconvincing and illogical path

That said I did find ALIEN LOVE watchable and not only down to the T&A on display . As a a sci-fi sex comedy it`s much better than FLESH GORDON and EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY

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If you don't expect much you'll have a good time

Author: William Brown (wdbrown) from Salem, Oregon
24 December 2006

Very witty in places and, yes, the soundtrack is good, but get with it folks. Did anyone expect great art with a title like "Amanda and the Alien"? There are some very nice moments, like Alex Meneses in the shower, or her character trying to figure out how to dress.

And to clarify for one poster, it's paprika that is the spice of choice, not pepper. That's what makes it funny.

Lighten up. This is mindless entertainment and your less than 2 hours can be spent in far worse ways, like talking to your kids, or paying attention to your spouse, who probably doesn't look anything like Alex Meneses or Nicole Eggert. And, in case you are wondering, like this movie, my comments are done with tongue firmly implanted in my cheek. It makes it difficult to talk, but it is funny.

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Cult film, similar to Eddie and the Cruisers.

Author: wrossdavis from United States
14 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Cult films should have their own rating schemes. This film is in the same genre as "Eddie and the Cruisers," "Pulp Fiction," "Sin City," "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (books and movie) and "Risky Business". The folks who rated it low just don't get it. The tongue-in-cheek humor is highly intellectual and I'd bet that only people with an IQ above 125 who grew up in the 60's really get it. For those who don't, can you say "No imagination?" How about "Narrow minded?" There is paradox after paradox. An alien who falls in love with an earthling (How about the parallel with "Starman?"), absorbing people becoming an acceptable action. References to other Science Fiction movies and TV shows are all over the place. As already noted, the parallel with "Starman," or Amanda's stating "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one," noting that she heard it on Star Trek and then Michael Dorn's (Star Trek TNG) querying "Star Trek?" If you liked the other films (or books) I have mentioned, you will like this one.

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I agree

Author: anonymous from los angeles
15 March 1999

I agree. The movie is a silly/stupid comedy, not to be taken seriously. That whole nonsense about pepper! I mean come on! How can anyone actually expect this to be good? Also what makes this movie worth a viewing is Nicole Eggert. Geez, is she stunning, or what? Out of everything I've seen her in (Baywatch to Charles In Charge to that Corey Haim flick), this is her at her most gorgeous. Watch this movie expecting a few laughs and for Nicole Eggert to be hot and NOTHING MORE.

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Author: smrtgrrl
25 February 1999

The last guy totally missed the point. This movie is a COMEDY, buddy, as in ha-ha, good time had by all. I loved watching Nicole Eggert doing her sarcastic California girl thang--and that Star Trek guy actually is a bit of a looker--who knew?

You need to actually possess a sense of humor to enjoy this movie--but if you have one, check this one out 'cause it's fun :)

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Quirky, Sexy, Funny

Author: Amy Adler from Toledo, Ohio
6 January 2005

Amanda, gifted artist and fashion trend setter, discovers her boyfriend has been unfaithful. Meanwhile, an alien is on the loose in LA, one who can take over the body of a human being in seconds. Naturally, Amanda and the alien meet at a nightclub, with Amanda spotting the being's weird behavior. Inviting the alien to her house, Amanda starts to give her tips on how to act more like a human. The doorbell rings. Amanda's old boyfriend has shown up. What mayhem will occur? This movie is a quirky and humorous look at the world of aliens. It does, however, contain some fairly explicit sexual scenes, making it inappropriate for all audiences. Amanda is adorable and her zany costumes delight, too. Law enforcement officials pursuing the alien give wonderful tongue-in-cheek performances as well. Recommended as a surefire party movie for a college dormitory or a boomers gathering on New Year's Eve. This film entertains, without any emotional baggage at film's end.

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SMRTGRRL has the idea!!!

Author: The Fool ( from USA
21 November 1999

Once again, Nicole and her unique blend of SATIRE, DRAMA and SEX is put to GREAT use in a perfect vehicle, Amanda & the Aliens!!! (can you spell Marlena D. or Garbo???). Watch it again, from the viewpoint of *satirical comedy*, and then judge the film. It's just Great!!! ONLY Nic could pull it of, and she DOES!

BTW, for those who enjoy this RARE and unique genre, and want to experience another shining example of it, watch "THE DEMOLITIONIST". GREAT!!! (actually, all her films are wonderful small pieces.)

BTW - BTW - if you watched CHARLES in CHARGE, it's amazing to see the beginnings of Nicole's abilities and talents. The seeds of her sardonic sense of humor are clear.

PS - Keep it up Nicole, you are the best all-round actress we have!

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Just watch it for the bongos

Author: lastliberal from United States
19 September 2007

I guess there are some out there that remember Nicole Eggert from her little girl days on such TV shows as T.J. Hooker, Charles in Charge, and Who's the Boss? You perverts, you! Maybe you remember her from Baywatch when she grew up and got breast implants. No matter, you will certainly forget her in this supposed comedy about man-eating aliens.

There are so many things that do not make sense and are never explained. How did she recognize the alien? Why was the alien hot for paprika and cinnamon? Why didn't the alien eat her? You get the picture.

Before the alien eats her boyfriend and assumes his identity, you get to see her in the body of Alex Meneses. This Mexican/Ukranian beauty is the only reason to watch this trash. Stay for the shower scene and the boyfriend, and go on about your business.

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