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A fine, funny movie

Author: NEWS4A2 from Baton Rouge, LA
14 July 2004

This was a fine, funny, tongue-in-cheek spoof of early television space shows. Its only drawback is that this movie never made it to serialization or video/DVD to be enjoyed by others.

This movie pilot debuted before "Galaxy Quest" but is the same premise. A distant planet is in trouble. A young scientist picks up TV video signals from Earth and sees stage-managed heroic exploits of Captain Zoom on a children's TV show. He believes the heroics to be real. The young scientist snags the egotistical actor with some kind of space transport tractor beam, and beams the actor who was playing Captain Zoom to the besieged planet to aid its inhabitants.

This movie is light-hearted and features some good performances by the sexy and funny Gia Carides as Vesper, Dan Riordan in the title role, Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura of Star Trek fame)as Sagan and Ron Perlman as Lord Vox aka "The Bad Guy."

I'm sorry MCA didn't put more money into promoting this film. It had an unpolished gem on its hands. But perhaps, with thinking like that, it's the reason MCA is now owned by Universal, and not the other way around.

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Author: DAVID MOORE from Iowa
24 September 2004

One of my favorite movies! Such great typecasting using Ron Perlman to play an egotistical, sexist male whose cowardly essence get's tested when thrown amidst warring factions. His avoidance to battle, his denial of being the "Chosen One" is all but erased when prophecy lifts it's ugly head in the form of his likeness scrawled upon a cave wall. Using wit and as much courage as could be mustered he stands up against the "Evil forces" and defeats them. I am looking forward to getting a copy on either VHS or DVD. When will it be released? Anyone rating this movie poorly has little or no sense of humor and should stay with watching war documentaries!!!! An over all fun experience!!!!!! that kept me laughing throughout!!

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A delightful farce

Author: Ken Hillyer from United States
22 November 2005

Captain Zoom is a delightful farce. The writing and acting are exactly what the story line needs and sets up the comedy nicely. The cast is stereotypical but strong, especially the boy genius. The special effects are enough to further the story. After reading other comments, I think the whole point is the absurdity of the situation - that a journeyman actor would be thrown into such a save-the-world scenario. The dialog and presentation are perfect for this type of farce. It's very enjoyable, if you don't take it seriously. Compare this to Galaxy Quest; they are of similar style and quality. I intend to have this film in my library permanently. Also, it's nice to see Nichelle Nichols in something other than Star Trek.

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The original GALAXY QUEST

Author: Tresix from Chicago, Illinois
29 December 1999

The second I heard the plot to the movie GALAXY QUEST, this TV movie jumped into my mind. It uses the same premise: A hero from a cheesy science fiction TV show is recruited by the inhabitants of a distant planet when they see the episodes and think that the good Captain is an actual space hero. The "Captain", however, proves to be all TOO human as he uses his celebrity to have sex with some of the beautiful babes on the planet. However, taking into consideration how long it supposedly takes for a TV signal to go from Earth to the far reaches of the universe, these aliens picked up the signal rather quickly. Maybe they're even more advanced than imagined. For the most part, CAPTAIN ZOOM is moderately funny. I could see how it would work as a movie but not as the subsequent (and short-lived) TV series that it spawned.

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Silly and Schlock filled, but funny

Author: Scott Peterson from Rolla, MO
17 January 1999

A fifties sci-fi TV series star suddenly finds himself in space, with people who believe he's a real hero. That's about as much plot as you need to apply to "Captain Zoom." It pays homage to the old serials and movies, with the characters buzzing around in spaceships with tail fins and red tail lights, and Ron Perlman doing a take off on "Ming the Merciless." Geared for the kids, but adults can enjoy it too, just check your brain in at the door.

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Fantastic 80s style comedy!

Author: copperpotq from United States
25 December 2010

I'd rate watching this similarly to watching "Stay Tuned" or "Mom and Dad Save the World", not ground shaking, but a nice, fun, family friendly comedy!

The film starts out with your typical 30s era TV star, a la Buck Rodgers, on screen, dashing and heroic, off screen, egotistical and pampered. On a different distant planet the watch the exploits of Captain Zoom, as if it were reality TV (much like Galaxy Quest). Their world is tormented by an oppressive ruler, their only salvation, building a device to bring Captain Zoom to their planet to save the day! Comedy ensues...

I hope it gets to DVD soon so I can grab it!

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funny, but not for the jokes

Author: sjogro from the netherlands
19 December 1999

this appeared as a very amusing movie to me. there were a lot of jokes in it, but they didn't really came thru.. it was just funny to see how most jokes failed, how ugly the costumes were and how bad the acting was. a really campy, failed sci-fi movie.. but maybe that was all on purpose?.. i enjoyed it, and if you're into b-movies and parody's i bet you will too.

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Better you should rent a tape of the real space heroes of the '50s.

Author: Lou Rugani (x779@webtv.net) from United States
14 September 1999

Well, I should have suspected it, but this turns out to be a smug and totally inept spoof of "Captain Video and His Video Rangers", television's first space drama which ran on the Du Mont Television Network from 1949 to 1955. In fact, "Captain Zoom" is set on the Du Mont network in 1955. The premise is that aliens are receiving "Captain Zoom" program transmissions and believe that the Captain really does exist as some sort of super Earth hero, so they abduct the actor who portrays him, for their own purposes. The way this film handles that concept is adolescent and almost totally unfunny. A shame, because it could have been pulled off, had they tried less hard to keep reminding us that they were joking about a long-gone TV series. Precious few remember much about the original "Captain Video" series anyway, as only a few episodes survive. You'll do better to spend the time viewing the remaining CV originals, especially the later ones which were done on a fraction of the budget of this bomb but always played fair with its audience. Anyway, "The Adventures of Captain Zoom in Outer Space", which was planned to be a series, faded after this one-shot pilot film. And that's merciful.

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