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According to Jeff Daniels, Jim Carrey had explained to him the reasons why he didn't like the sequel much. He disliked the whole "Ace is afraid of bats" angle, as he found it to be cheap, and even fought with the director about changing the script so that Ace was merely allergic to bats. Carrey was also very nervous about the film's depiction of the native characters, and that people might take offense to them. He's even surprised the film hasn't been outright banned.
Up until Dumb and Dumber To (2014), this was the only sequel to a Jim Carrey film to actually feature Carrey.
Jim Carrey was paid $15 million to reprise the part of Ace Ventura, exactly half of the film's $30 million budget. It was actually the film's writer and Carrey's friend Steve Oedekerk who suggested he'd negotiate with Morgan Creek Productions for this. Conveniently, Oedekerk himself became the film's director, who then finalized this decision.
According to Simon Callow, Jim Carrey didn't really want to make the film, which made on-set experiences awkward.
Jim Carrey spent a lot of time off sick, which affected the contract of actor Simon Callow. Callow's contract had actually expired before he could finish filming his scenes. Despite this, he wasn't paid overtime as Carrey's illness was regarded as an "Act of God" in the contract. Which Carrey himself claims as "unfair". Since Callow already had other commitments in London, the producers suggest he flew back regularly in first-class, as the contract had stated. It wasn't until later that Callow found out that the producers were deducting the cost of his plane tickets from his overall salary. In his words he "finished up working almost for nothing".
The language used by the Wachootoo chief and in Ouda's Wachootoo translation is isiXhosa, an Nguni language spoken in South Africa. IsiXhosa is the native language of Nelson Mandela and Miriam Makeba a.k.a. Mama Africa. The Xhosa people (amaXhosa) make up the second largest ethnic group in South Africa after their close relatives the Zulus (amaZulu). Nothing about the clothing, houses, or culture of the Wachootoo is based on the Xhosa, and "inkwensu wocha" ("White Devil") is not a Xhosa word or phrase. The word EKWENSU OCHA is from the Igbo people of southeast Nigeria which means WHITE DEVIL as correctly used in the movie, the BAT also means USU and was sporadically used in the course of the movie too. But the general language spoken there is not really Igbo language but has some level of correlation with the native Igbo language of the eastern part of Nigeria.
The Monster Truck Driven by Ace (Jim Carrey) is a 1989 Chevrolet S-10 Modified.
Jim Carrey said that after doing this movie he realized he could not spend his entire life doing Ace Ventura movies. Writer/Director Steve Oedekerk felt the same way, and also moved onto other projects.
When driving to the consolate for the first time, Jim Carrey forgot his lines so instead started singing the theme from the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Both actors stayed in character and the director loved it so they kept it in.
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The Farrelly Brothers were offered the chance to direct, but declined, feeling that they were the "wrong people".
The scene where Ace is on the plane he says "Theres something on the wing!" This is a clear reference to the Twilight Zone episode "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet"
When listing other words that start with "-sh" after hearing of the Shikaka, Ace includes "Shawshank Redemption". Bob Gunton, who plays Burton Quinn, also starred in The Shawshank Redemption (1994).
Ace Ventura share the same hairstyle with another character created by Steve Oedederk: Jimmy Neutron.
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Director Tom DeCerchio left after shooting began, to be replaced by writer and Jim Carrey's best friend Steve Oedekerk.
A double-feature Blu-Ray Disc release of this film along with Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994) has been discontinued, due to the MPAA in the middle of a debate on if this film should be re-rated with an R-rating.
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The monster truck in the film was originally called Push 'n Stomp before being repainted.
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While Ace is fighting the Wachootoo warrior Ouda goes up to him as he lays on the floor and says to Ace that the warrior is a better fighter and then Ace is dragged away by the warrior by the top row of his teeth. This exact thing happens to Ace during Ace Ventura: Pet Detective during the fight scene between him and Lt. Einhorn, except there he is pulled away by the bottom row of his teeth.
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

The opening scene where Ace tries to save the racoon is a spoof of the opening scene of Cliffhanger (1993).

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