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Alternate Versions

One minute and thirty five seconds were cut from the theatrical version to get a PG certificate in the UK. A further three seconds where also cut to get a PG for the video release. These cuts remove a lot of the "crude humour". The cuts are as follows:
  • The raccoon rescue is edited, mostly cutting shots of the clearly distressed animal.
  • The scene of Ace casting shadows on the projector slide has been edited so that his shadow is going after Gahjii's neck instead of his groin.
  • Ace's line "Excuse me. Your balls are showing! Bumble bee tuna!"
  • Ace's snorting in the hut has been reduced.
  • Likewise, when everyone is exiting the hut in hysterics, the shot cuts away earlier due to the graphic details.
  • The shot of Ace masturbating is missing.
  • When Ace is lecturing Quinn, the shot of Ace prodding his eyeball has been reduced. This could be due to strong language and/or imitable technique.
  • After removing an apple core from the tribesman, Ace pushing the baby out of the mother's tummy is missing, as well as the shot of the father catching the baby.
  • The Warrior stomping on Ace's crotch and ripping the spears out of his legs.
In the Spanish and German DVD release in 1999, the scene of Ace pushing the baby out of a Wachootoo's stomach it's cut.
As of 2016, the uncut version is now officially available to buy in the UK, but only on Blu-Ray Disc. It still retains its 'PG' rating.
The network television version adds a line of dialogue at the end of the rhino scene.
An extra line of dialogue was cut from the scene where Ace violently sneezes in front of the Wachati tribe, where Ace utters afterwards, "I am fighting something."
The scene in which Ace pushes the baby out of the mothers stomach is cut from the NBC version and the German release.

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