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This was a wonderful film
fireyredhead7504227 December 2005
I have watched this movie several times and always enjoy in very much. Sally Field does a wonderful job and when the part comes when she marries Sam it makes me feel a lot of my own life watching them together. This was a wonderful film filled with real life experiences and showing how love can go from the fire of romance to the comfortable times when we grow older with someone who truly loves us. Sally Field displays the love we have for our children that can somewhat be enabling but love never the less. Sam shows his wife that she must let go in order not to loose her children. Thank you for the lovely film that shows us Hope, Love and Compassion.
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Not to be Taken Lightly
suessis8 September 2001
When I first started watching this mini I was afraid that it might be about something along the lines of Danielle Steele or Barbara Taylor Bradford soap. However, I was pleasantly surprised that this was not at all like that. Bradford had a book (and another mini) titled a "A Woman of Substance". That would have been a good alternate title for this production.

The character of Bess is strong, determined individual that does makes a difference in the lives of so many and is loved by so many. There is also more to this story than just her love affairs and her business interests. It is a look at the nature of women and the strength that they possess and how in the 20th century they learned to use it.

Sally Field does a wonderful job in the mini and deserves praise for the depth of emotion that she portrays. When I watch her performance I forget about her years as the Flying Nun and Gidget and even forget any preconceived notions that I might have of her. She is Bess Steed.

The script has its moments of being a little cheesy, but the actors make the most of it. I was impressed with the performance of Brenda Fricker as Mother Steed and enjoyed the performances of Jack Thompson and Anne Heard. I this is a wonderful production that deserves a look.
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One of those lengthy films that you're sorry to see end.
Julie Workman28 December 2005
This is a fabulous story depicting the lives of several people during one of the most interesting times in America. The star, Bess, is a strong woman that many other women can relate to as she struggles through the many challenges that life (& death) subject us to. She is not shown to be faultless, but rather normal, as people are. You get angry with her, love her, and cry with her, as well as the other characters. The sets, costumes, and acting are superb. We need more film made in this manner. I don't know how I missed it the when it was released in 1995 and just caught it on Lifetime in December of 2005. My mission will now be to try to find it on DVD.
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Just super
vietnamvetgal11 August 2005
Brilliantly written and what a cast of actors! When I saw the length of this, I thought I would never be able to stay awake to watch it in its entirety, but that was no problem. Instead, I found that I didn't want it to end!

Sally Field, once again, is a gem. Such talent in that little gal. It seems that she just gets better and better. Also, no matter how old they attempt to make her look, she just doesn't look old!

I related so much to her character, trying to stay in her daughter's life, feeling useless as she realized she was getting older, watching those around her die. It was very moving. Wish there was a "Sam" in my life.
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This was a pleasant surprise
davisha4329 December 2005
The only unfortunate part of the movie was that I missed the ending. What a bummer. Sally Field was wonderful throughout the movie. As a wife, mother, friend, lover, and daughter-in-law, she performed well. She is so believable and it was really interesting to see what life and culture was like in the past. When she referred to the conventions of life and how stifling they were at the time, she inspired me to "look outside the box". She was a true friend, even when her unexpected match-making resulted in her losing her lover. The last part I was able to see was after the picnic with Sam and the children when she gave in a kissed him. I would love to know where I could get a copy of the movie.
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