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One Funny TV Show!
dgordon-127 September 2002
I have always been a fan of the Wayan's family, from Keenan all the way down to Marlon. Marlon & Shawn were priceless with some of their comedy in this show. It's not only what they said, but how they said it and the facial expressions all rolled into one. I was sorry to see this show cancelled back in 1999. From what I remember, the WB was going to cancel the show after the second season, but it ended up running for 2 more seasons before it's demise. I am glad that Marlon & Shawn have moved on to other things, and the rest of the family are doing great too because they have a rare gift of comedy that cannot be beat!
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I'd Love to see A New Sitcom
CSW-121 January 2003
I agree. The Wayans Bros was a really entertaining television show that was an almost 'no holding back' show not catering to mainstream sitcoms of the present. The show is aired weekdays on the WB- Atlanta and I really miss it. I wish they'd bring it back or at least a new sitcom featuring Shawn and Marlon. Their closeness was so evident in each episode which made the show even more enjoyable.
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During the rise of the "WB" network
actionmoviestar22 December 2005
"The Wayans Bros." was such a funny show that it used to have me rolling on the floor. Part of the reason why it was a good show is that everybody on the show had good chemistry. Who could forget John Witherspoon cast as "Pops." He was perfectly cast in that role. The strength of "The Wayans Bros." was not because they were another "black" show on television but was because they were not afraid to take comedy to new heights in order to get their laughs.

During the earlier seasons of "The Wayans Bros." you can tell that the show's strengths was along the heels of "WB" because they were becoming a famous network around this time. I ask myself, "why can't more shows be like this?" Anyway, "The Wayans Bros." will have you rolling on the floor with Shawn, Marlon and Pops antics throughout it.
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Very funny show!
MikeFab131 December 2002
This was one of the first of what I call Average African-American Shows.

(See my review of One On One for more details) It's basically a show not

on the Top 4 networks that is mostly made up of African American actors.

The thing that makes these shows different from shows like The Cosby

Show, Jeffersons, Good Times, etc... is that they aren't exactly

supposed to appeal to White America. In fact they appeal to a more Urban

audience. I guess that's why I liked this show so much. There's

something about a show that doesn't try to appeal to the majority that

helps make it funnier and cutting-edge. Much like their previous show,

In Living Colour, Marlon and Shawn show they have what it takes to make

young audiences laugh. My brother and I especially love the beginning

theme song: "We're brothers. We're happy and we're singing and we're

colored. Give me a HIGH-FIVE!" Then they help an old lady get run over

by a bus which they somehow got on. HILARIOUS!! Another incident my

brother and I love is the episode where their father says he's going to

stand up to their mother. The next day he shows up with his suitcases at

their apartment and he says he told their mother everything he wanted to

tell her. They Wayans brothers then ask what happened next. The father

replies, "I don't know. When I came to some stranger was helping me on

the bus." I LOVED IT! Too bad it was cancelled so darn ear
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This show was a riot.
fullenw30 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The Wayans brothers was honestly one of the funniest shows in the 90's despite not lasting that long.

It was an injustice that this show didn't get more recognition when it came to comedies.

Almost anything with a Wayans you're not going to hear a bunch jokes that takes 5 minutes to get the punchline. The comedy may seem crude at times, but its so true its funny.

Another good thing is that this sitcom isn't big on drama and thats a good thing in my opinion. This is a show you can enjoy that doesn't take itself too serious.
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low brow comedy at it's best
Joshua Bozeman8 December 2000
This might be low brow comedy, but it's hilarious. The show is very well written, and I completely enjoy every episode. I think the Wayan's brothers have great charisma, and they work perfectly together. It is clear that they have a close relationship, and it goes to make the characters more likeable. Pops, with his ridiculous outfits adds an unusual element to the show...and even more humor. This is a great show with great characters, and great acting. In a word...great. Check it out, reruns air on the WB.
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Shawn and Marlon are the coolest guys on TV
craigsiney23 September 2000
This program cracks me up. Marlon especially with his dumb ideas and comments. Shawn can be funny. These two Wayans brothers are almost as talented as their brothers Damon and Keneen. Damon is one of my favourite actors. Keneen is very talented. I think that "In Living Color" was a great sitcom. It had a great cast. Jim Carrey and Jennifer Lopez became stars after the program ended. The Wayans Bros. is a great comedy.
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Marlen gets dumber every year.
Peter T. Movie7 April 1999
A good show to watch. Though the newer episodes don't make me laugh any more, they always entertain me. "The Wayans Bros" have always been fun to watch. And the show gets more interesting every year. I hope this show runs for as long as Shawn and Marlen are young. Also, I hope Marlen starts acting more like he used to. I give this show a 9 out of 10. Watch it on the "WB" television network!
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