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Vanessa as a talk show host? The Tempestt Bledsoe Show.
raysond12 October 2006

The title alone would sound like some passing joke they would make on either "The Simpsons",or for that manner "Family Guy" or "MAD-TV",or even to an lesser extent a parody sketch for "Saturday Night Live",but lets face it----you know the name-------

But which member or which one of "The Cosby Show" women was it? No,not wild child Lisa Bonet,oldest daughter on the show Sabrina LaBeouf,the baby girl Keisha Knight-Pulliam or for that manner charming Phylicia Rashad(who would have been a perfect candidate as a talk show host),or successful second-act Raven-Symone,or the other one---you know

Vanessa??? The girl who always had a lot of mouth,had the knack for to think she knew everything and especially the one with all the crazy hair-don'ts? Yes,that Vanessa Huxtable,and yes the actress that portrayed her on "The Cosby Show",Tempestt Bledsoe. Who knew she would make a perfect candidate to host a weekly syndicated national talk show?

"The Tempestt Bledsoe Show",premiered on syndicated in September of 1995 and basically lasted more than a year on the air until 1996. Those who did tune in to the program were in for quite a surprise too. Her cookie-cutter talk show(and hung around through the opening credits despite the lack of a dancing Bill Cosby and appearances from cast regulars from that show including Malcolm Jamal-Warner,Lisa Bonet, and Phylicia Rashad didn't help)didn't find much to hold their attention,other than the post-Arsenio Hall enthusiasm of an urban audience and Bledsoe's occasional attitude(and lack of skills as a talk show host)about making the world a better place through pontification. The show went off the air just a few months later with several discussion topics broadcast in repeated episodes until 1996,with audiences finding the experience slightly less pleasurable than being forced to wear Theo's Gordon Gartrelle shirt. The executive producer of this "talk show disaster waiting to happen" was no other than Chuck Rosenberg,one of the successful producers of the talk show genre---the man who was responsible for bringing Sally Jessy Rapheal, Queen Latifah,Rolanda Watts,and John Walsh to the daytime format.
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