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Season 1

15 Sep. 1995
Soul Survivor
After being arrested for suspicion of murdering two cops, Chance Harper is hypnotized and learns he has a brother. MEanwhile the man who killed the two officers, is free with Chance's wallet, car, and apartment keys.
22 Sep. 1995
Over Exposure
After his car is stolen, Chance recovers it but is missing a camera, but the remaining camera has pictures taken by the thief, including one that looks like a young woman with a gun to her head. Investigating it and trying to recover his other camera which contains illegal waste dumping, Chance is caught up in a dangerous kidnapping situation. During the whole ordeal, chance must try again and again to pass a driving test to get his license back.
29 Sep. 1995
Last Chance
Chance helps a man on death row.
6 Oct. 1995
She Was
Chance has a chance encounter at a movie set with a woman claiming to be married to the star of the picture, whom is supposedly hiding their marriage and has had her children taken away from her, but questions of her sanity coming into play. Chance visits his adopted parents to hopefully clear up the mystery of his missing brother, Eric.
13 Oct. 1995
Blind Man's Bluff
Mistaken for hired hitman, Chance is drawn into a plot to have somebody killed and once the mistake is found out, Chance most both stop the plot and keep himself from being a second victim. Anne asks for Chance's help talking to one of two suspected White Supremacy Militia members after desecrating a Jewish cemetery and beating a man up, believing one of them is hiding more information.
20 Oct. 1995
Angie's Turn
After chance brings a woman into the diner who gives birth, Angie decides she wants to ride along with him to experience one of his exciting days where anything could happen, so at a house to photograph a potato that looks like Elvis, the Elvis potato is stolen. During the theft where Angie held the potato, somehow Chance's luck is transfered to her and a series of weird and dangerous events transpire beginning with a murder.
3 Nov. 1995
Hat Trick
Chance accidentally befriends a young hockey player who's on the verge of a multi million dollar professional career, but is too wild and uncaring to keep it together. When his behavior endangers the contract, his father and an associate force him to stay in line.
10 Nov. 1995
The Liver Wild
In an attempt to lead a normal life, Chance takes some advice and anytime he sees something, instead of getting involved, he walks away. But a bad dream and a woman he keeps running into are too much for Chance to ignore.
17 Nov. 1995
Walk Away
In an attempt to lead a normal life, Chance takes some advice and anytime he sees something, instead of getting involved, he walks away. But a bad dream and a woman he keeps running into are too much for Chance to ignore.
1 Dec. 1995
The Box
Chance is asked to hold onto a mysterious black cube by a man in an accident. Nobody knows what it is, but everybody is out to steal it from Chance. During this all, Chance finds the house he grew up in, and a box that contains leads to his past and well and potentially his brother.
8 Dec. 1995
Brothers Grim
Chance finds his long-lost brother, Eric. But just as Chance's life seems to get better, his brother's goes bad, with his wife apparently murdered, his house bombed, and her employer after him, Chance helps his brother find out what is really going on.
15 Dec. 1995
Trial Period
Chance is annoyed at a competitive photographer Audrey has hired. But things moved toward suspicion once Chance finds out a warehouse fire was not caused the way it was believed to be.
5 Jan. 1996
Healing Hands
Chance encounters the daughter of a church minister whom can apparently cure people just by touching them and praying. A rich dying man whom believes she has a gift, despite her father telling him God works through her, sends his men out to find her so that she might heal him, but she remains on the run.
19 Jan. 1996
Wrong Number
An old girlfriend from Chance's past, once accused of murdering her husband, calls Chance out of the blue late at night. After she rekindles her feelings for chance, her new supposedly abusive husband suddenly meats an untimely fate. Chance trades in his old beat-up car for a car a guy died in, in hopes of having a better vehicle.
2 Feb. 1996
In Sickness and in Wealth
An old friend of Chance's falls in love with a girl Chance save's the life of. But during a bachelor party which winds up having Chance and his friend arrested, Chance learns his friend won't be released because of drug trafficking charges. His friend Dave announces he's getting married to the woman after knowing her briefly. While this is going on, Chance and Audrey are finding out Dave and his wife-to-be, are not exactly who they appear to be.
9 Feb. 1996
Blinded by the Son
Chance learns for the first time Angie has a son, when she tells Chance her son has been arrested for murder. After two million dollars is deposited into Chance's bank account without his knowledge and a warning message on the ATM machine computer screen, bad things start happening in chance's life.
23 Feb. 1996
Lightning Strikes
Chance is struck by lightening and slips into a coma. His brother, Eric, visits him in the hospital after receiving an e-mail from an unknown person. Eric's discovers that the flight their family died on, was no accident, and that their father, Robert Saunders, was a government spy with a conscious whom may have not died on the flight.

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