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Season 4

1 Feb. 1997
Partners in Danger Chapter 1: Guilty
Robbie is framed for robbery, and only Spider-Man and Jameson believe that he's innocent. Can they find enough evidence to prove it before Robbie meets some old "friends" in prison?
8 Feb. 1997
Partners in Danger Chapter 2: The Cat
Doctor Octopus and Kingpin break Felicia's father, John Hardesky aka The Cat, from prison. As a boy, The Cat witnessed the creation of Captain America and knows the formula they used. Now Kingpin wants the information for himself.
15 Feb. 1997
Partners in Danger Chapter 3: The Black Cat
A mysterious figure called The Black Cat appears in New York and asks for Spider-Man's help in freeing John Hardesky from the Kingpin.
22 Feb. 1997
Partners in Danger Chapter 4: Return of Kraven
Spider-Man has been refusing to work with Black Cat because he doesn't want anyone close to him getting hurt anymore. Meanwhile, Kraven returns to New York to hunt down the Stalker, a creature he has been said to have created.
3 May 1997
Partners in Danger Chapter 5: Partners
Smythe kidnaps Black Cat and tells Spider-Man that he'll set her free if he finds Scorpion or the Vulture. Smythe is planning to help make Silvermane an adult again using the neogenics from the two of them.
10 May 1997
Partners in Danger Chapter 6: The Awakening
Debra Whitman finds Michael Morbius in hibernation, on an island off of New York City. Felicia, as Black Cat, asks for help from Blade's partner, Whistler, in finding a cure for Morbius' mutation.
17 May 1997
Partners in Danger Chapter 7: The Vampire Queen
Blade's mother, the Vampire Queen, has come to New York and is hoping to transformer everyone into vampires. To stop her, Blade, Black Cat, and Spider-Man will need Morbius' help.
12 Jul. 1997
Partners in Danger Chapter 8: The Return of the Green Goblin
Harry has discovered that Peter is Spider-Man. Now the Green Goblin is beginning to haunt him.
19 Jul. 1997
Partners in Danger Chapter 9: The Haunting of Mary Jane
Mary Jane has returned! And she has taken the starring role in an unfinished movie. But when an illusionist brings her father back and lures her into a trap, Spider-Man turns to Mysterio for help.
26 Jul. 1997
Partners in Danger Chapter 10: Lizard King
Spider-Man has revealed his true identity to Mary Jane and has asked her to marry him. She accepts. But now, a band of lizard beings kidnap Dr. Conners and take him into the sewers, claiming him to be their father.
2 Aug. 1997
Partners in Danger Chapter 11: The Prowler
Hobie Brown has always wanted power. After he saves Kingpin's son, Kingpin offers him a new battle suit. Hobie soon takes on the name "The Prowler". But when Kingpin double-crosses him, Hobie turns to Spider-Man for help.

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