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Season 5

11 Jun. 1999
The Unstuck Man
The Mallory brothers become separated from the rest of the sliders when another person appears in the vortex with them. Quinn appears to have jumped into the body of himself in the world they arrived in, but the fate of his brother remains unknown.
18 Jun. 1999
Applied Physics
The Sliders land on an Earth with a similar technology level to the one they just left. Dr Davis sets about trying to figure a way to separate the two Mallorys. She also has the unsettling experience of meeting herself in this new world. Beckett continues to struggle with the emotions of possibly losing her 'Mallory'.
25 Jun. 1999
Strangers and Comrades
The Sliders land on a non Earth world. They appear to be caught in another dimension. The situation becomes more desperate when their timer fails and they appear to be in the middle of Kromagg - Human war.
9 Jul. 1999
The Great Work
The Sliders land on an island inhabited by Monks - With Maggi suffering from an fever or infection the team seeks help from the islanders. There seems to be more going on than the Monks are admitting too, and the sliders run the risk of missing their jump.
16 Jul. 1999
New Gods for Old
During a slide, Mallory injures his back and is unable to walk. He hears of a group of faith healers who may be able to help him walk again. But to do so may come at an unacceptable cost.
23 Jul. 1999
Please Press One
The Sliders arrive in a cashless world controlled by Data Universal. Maggie is kidnapped and begins to be processed by an automatic system so she can become part of the Data Universal world.
30 Jul. 1999
A Current Affair
The Sliders jump into a world dominated by media outlets. A chance encounter between Maggi and the current US President leads to wide spread news reporting she is having an affair with the president.
6 Aug. 1999
The Java Jive
The Sliders arrive in a new world just as that world's Mallory is shot dead by Rembrandt and witnessed by Davis. The local police seem uninterested in the case, the reason for which become apparent very quickly.
13 Aug. 1999
The Return of Maggie Beckett
The Sliders arrive in a world in which Maggie is an internationally famous astronaut who died on a mission to Mars. Maggie initially enjoys the world until she is recognized and becomes the prize in an unusual tug of war.
20 Aug. 1999
Easy Slider
The Sliders arrive in a world where internal combustion engines have been banned. Some on this world - The "Smokers" oppose the law and wage a war against one of the few surviving oil refineries.
10 Sep. 1999
Through a series of slides, Rembrandt begins to have hallucinations about former team mate, Wade. When the team begin to see random vortexes opening around them, Rembrandt becomes convinced Wade is still alive and the vortex can lead him to her.
17 Sep. 1999
Map of the Mind
The Sliders land in a mental institution that is in the middle of riot, on a world where creativity is banned. In the confusion they become separated and need to find each other before the vortex opens up again.
24 Sep. 1999
A Thousand Deaths
The Sliders find themselves in a world seemingly devoted to gaming. They decide to take the opportunity to indulge themselves and have a holiday. They quickly discover the games are far more complex and dangerous than any of them realized.
1 Oct. 1999
Heavy Metal
After sliding into the ocean, the team find that they need to make themselves useful to a group of modern day pirates in order to survive until their next slide.
14 Jan. 2000
To Catch a Slider
The team discover their timer for slides has begun to malfunction and is in need of repair. They have 48 hours to figure out how it works and effect repairs or risk being stranded in their current world.
21 Jan. 2000
The Sliders arrive in the middle of an archaeological dig. They discover they are in their old home town, however everything seems to have happened hundreds of years before. Then they find a fossilized timer.
28 Jan. 2000
Eye of the Storm
The team find themselves sliding into a small area surrounded by a strange barrier. They encounter Professor Geiger who explains he's created the barrier and guided the sliders to this current world.
4 Feb. 2000
The Seer
The sliders arrive in a world where their exploits are well known through the efforts of a man called the 'Seer'. As they prepare for their final jump home the Seer warns them that instant death awaits. Eventually they discover something is blocking their jumps. An alternate way is discovered, but only one of them can go. Rembrandt decides he will jump back to his home world to continue the fight against the Kromaggs.

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