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Season 1

Sep. 1995
Jewel Quest: Part 1
The peace in Avalon is disrupted when the evil Lady Kale uses dark magic against Merlin.
17 Sep. 1995
Jewel Quest: Part 2
The Jewel Riders go to Kale's castle to free a captured unicorn and prevent her from taking over all the magic.
24 Sep. 1995
Song of the Rainbow
Tamara gets enchanted while she is playing a beautiful harp. The music of the harp leads Tamara to Rainbow Falls in the Riverdells where the Rainbow Jewel has returned. Lady Kale successfully retrieves the harp and now it's up to Gwen and Fallon to rescue Tamara.
1 Oct. 1995
Wizard's Peak
The Jewel Riders and the Pack are on a mission to the Crystal Cliffs to find the Crown Jewel of Burning Ice on the mountain of Wizard's Peak. Lady Kale attacks them and they break into two groups. Fallon and the Pack divert Lady Kale's attention to them, while Gwen and Drake fall into a maze of ice caves. The Jewel Riders stumble upon the magical genie Guardian, who is protecting the magical treasures of the ancient Hall of Wizards.
8 Oct. 1995
Travel Trees Don't Dance
Gwen and Sunstar make a discovery involving the Travel Trees. The other Jewel Riders are trying to track down the source of a wild magic outbreak in the Great Northwoods. The Trees maintain a Crown Jewel that is stuck in their portal. They are disappointed at not being able to dance, so they create a wild magic dance floor for all the forest animals. When Lady Kale appears, she steals Gwen's dancing partner and the worst of all - the Jewel of the Great Northwoods.
15 Oct. 1995
For Whom the Bell Trolls
The Pack encounters a rhyming entertaining troll in the Misty Moors with the Misty Rose Crown Jewel. With the jewel the troll turns the Pack into frogs and their wolves into lizards. Josh manages to escape and informs the Riders of the events. Gwen, Fallon and Tamara must figure out the answers to the riddles of the troll to rescue the boys. But everything becomes very difficult when a swan accidentally wanders off with the jewel.
12 Oct. 1995
The Faery Princess
The Jewel Riders go to help the lost princess of faeries return home and save the Faeryland from Lady Kale.
5 Nov. 1995
The Jewel Riders escort a caravan with Fallon's estranged parents through a dangerous wasteland.
12 Nov. 1995
Home Sweet Heart Stone
Tamara goes to her parents' farm to examine a rare magical creature that Kale covets for herself.
12 Nov. 1995
At a carnival, Drake finds the talking Magic Sword of Garmondale in a tree. The sword, drown to the magic of the Enchanted Jewels, promises Drake that all women will fall madly in love with him. Encouraged by the sword, Drake tries some unusual magic love poems on the girls. But they don't fall for that.
19 Nov. 1995
Gwenevere and Kale contest in a magical dream.
26 Nov. 1995
Revenge of the Dark Stone
Kale sneaks into the Crystal Palace to foil the Jewel Riders and take over before they can bring back Merlin.
3 Nov. 1995
Full Circle
The Jewel Riders must find a way to save Avalon from the rule of Kale.

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