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Fantastically funny sitcom
beowuuf26 June 2004
This was buried for UK viewers in a dead slot on Sunday nights by Channel Four, instead of in the prime 'Friends' section of Friday night TV where it deserved to be. But that's OK, since it only had a single season in America anyway! The premise was simple - the show followed two people, Owen and Alicia, who were getting married, and their relationship. It also followed Owen and his best Bob, working partners. It showed the interactions with them all, of Owen trying to balance his two relationships, and of their relationships with some funny secondary characters, mostly Heather the accident prone secretary. The writing was sharp and very funny. Better yet, completely unpredictable, especially in the starting episodes. A plot, and the obvious jokes that would go with it, would suddenly be turned on their head by the second half.

There was nothing wrong with this show! Great actors, likable characters, and they weren't at a loss for good guests either (Jennifer Aniston even did a turn as Bob's girlfriend). Watch a few, especially the early ones, and I guarantee you will be hooked! Another one to be filed into the archives of 'why didn't this get renewed.' Still, at least it got a full 24 episodes and I managed to watch and tape them all!
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This was one of the funniest sitcoms during its reign.
Slimmixer24 October 2001
I seriously don't know why this show was cut so short. It was a great show and Jon Cryer was definetly the man to play Bob's part. i wish that this show was still on but the critics and producers had to be harsh and give into the whole "Seinfeld era" of television. I seriously recommend seeing an episode if you can get your hands on one. Pertaining to the holiday coming up(Halloween) the halloween episode that was done on "Partners" was great, it kept me laughing all night. I really wish that they would bring this show back or at least put some episodes on dvd for the Jon Cryer fans to buy.
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Very Funny
timmauk12 April 2001
This was a modern TV classic! The story goes like this, Bob has a girlfriend named Alicia. Bob and Alicia are in love and want to get married. Bob has a bud named Owen who he works with. Owen is jealous of Alicia. He likes hanging around with Bob. Now Owen hangs around with Bob AND Alicia. Bob and Owen have a secretary named Heather. Heather is very accident prone. She is also, if you haven't guessed it, is kind of lonely. She too hangs around with Bob and Alicia, and Owen. Sometimes Alicia wishes Bob didn't have any friends.

By the end of the first season, it looked like Owen finally found himself a real longlasting girlfriend. Bob and Alicia went driving on the night before their wedding, making out in a tiny car and then getting stuck. Way out in the middle of nowhere! What happened next? What about poor Heather? Did anyone get married?? Sorry, series ended.

Not even a plea from TV Guide made FOX think twice about putting it back on the air. It was a great show with a great cast. I loved Heather too. She looked cool in those glasses and was hilarious. I miss this show a lot. This is like reading a good book with the ending missing......sad.
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Unsung show, great cast, great writers, great guest stars!
sisiboingbang14 February 2005
Note: Alicia (Maria Pitillo) was engaged to Owen (Tate Donovan); Bob (Jon Cryer) was Owen's best friend and partner in the architectural firm.

It is inconceivable that Fox chose to cancel "Partners" and renew "Ned and Stacey," which made up the other half of the broadcast hour.

Sometimes there is no justice. Fortunately, Jon Cryer has a hit now with "Two and a Half Men," and Tate Donovan just completed a very enjoyable turn in "The O.C." Catherine Lloyd Burns (Heather) was very funny on "Malcolm in the Middle." Maria Pitillo did a slew of "Providence" episodes.

Another thing that made the show so great was the guest stars... Eric Stoltz, Jennifer Aniston, Lawrence Pressman, James Cromwell, Alex Rocco, Mimi Kennedy, Mimi Rogers, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Willie Garson, Corinne Bohrer, Joel Murray, Lisa Edelstein... the list goes on.

The writers were terrific, too, and have gone on to a variety of other projects: "Will and Grace," "Sports Night," "Cosby," "The West Wing," "The Chris Isaak Show," "Suddenly Susan," "Everwood," "Desperate Housewives," "American Dreams," etc.

It was a great show. I wish it would come out on DVD. Maybe with Jon Cryer's current popularity, this is a possibility.
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quality comedy
Martin Togher29 April 2006
I enjoyed this show, it was on in the uk, but not at peak time, and they seemed to move it all over the schedules so I wasn't able to watch them all. I was surprised when it didn't return and had no i idea why, still don't know, but i guess that's not important.

Great performances from the two leads, they were very believable as friends. The two supporting actresses also added well to the mix. I guess it was part of a whole load of shows that were lifestyle centred, Friends being the obvious main one, but sex in the city came along a few years later.

The characters, get take out coffee, they drink at nice bars , that sort of thing, a little woody allenish in a way.
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very funny show
jsepeta3 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Jon Cryer reprises his role as a neurotic guy in Two and a Half Men, which he perfected in this series. He longs to have a good relationship with a girl like his coworker has developed, and the tet-a-tet between him and his partner's girlfriend's best friend are pretty funny. Then they realize that they're attracted to each other and start dating. In one of the funniest lines on TV EVER -- I think in the final episode -- he and his partner are discussing that he wants to propose to the girl.

His partner prepares him for the moment by suggesting: "What's the worst that can happen? She says no."

Armed with newfound optimism, he proposes to his date over dinner. To which she replies,

"GOD, no!"

I laughed so hard I cried.
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