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New Hawaii Five-o Season 6,Episode 15 Official Spoilers,Description Hit The Net

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Recently, CBS revealed the new,official synopsis/description for their upcoming "Hawaii Five-o" episode 15 of season 6. The episode is entitled, "The Good Soldier," and it turns out that we're going to see some very interesting stuff take place as Danny's mother gets questioned by the FBI! Then we'll also see Steve team up with some dude that has autism , because he might have the intel to solve a murder, and more! In the new, 15th episode press release: While Danny's Mother Is Questioned By The FBI, McGarrett Partners With A Young Man With Autism Who May Have Information To Help Solve The Murder Of His Only Friend, On "Hawaii Five-0," Friday, Feb. 19. Press release number 2: While Danny's mother is questioned by the FBI, McGarrett is going to partner with a young man with autism who may have information to help solve the murder of his only friend. Melanie Griffith returns as Danny's mother,
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Mark Wahlberg to Star in Cop Comedy with a Twist 'Partners'

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Mark Wahlberg to Star in Cop Comedy with a Twist 'Partners'
Mark Wahlberg has signed on to star in New Line Cinema's buddy cop comedy Partners. The actor is no stranger to the genre, having starred in 2010's unconventional cop movie, The Other Guys, but this project is said to turn the genre on its ear. There will be no "bromance" between these cops in Partners, but quite the opposite.

The story centers on an Lapd detective (Mark Wahlberg) who has a one-night stand with a beautiful woman. He soon discovers that this woman is actually a high-ranking FBI agent, who is his new boss on a high-profile case. The project has been compared to the 2005 action thriller blockbuster Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which starred Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Partners is set to feature a number of huge action set pieces.

Evan Turner (The Goldbergs) wrote the screenplay, although the project doesn't have a director attached at this time.
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‘Smosh: The Movie’: The Biggest Test Yet for Crossover Appeal of Digital Stars

‘Smosh: The Movie’: The Biggest Test Yet for Crossover Appeal of Digital Stars
Meet Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla — accidental international comedy superstars.

Ten years ago, the Internet-famous duo behind Smosh were teens hanging out in the Sacramento suburbs making funny videos and song parodies just for the hell of it, and sharing them with friends on this new site called YouTube.

Today, Smosh is a multimillion-dollar enterprise, counting more than 30 million subscribers across its six YouTube channels, and encompassing merchandise, comics and game apps. The guys are on the vanguard of a trend Hollywood is eyeing closely: They’re starring in “Smosh: The Movie,” a slapstick-y caper in which Hecox and Padilla teleport into different YouTubers’ channels in a quest to delete an embarrassing video of Anthony. The comedy is set for digital release July 24, after a red-carpet premiere in Los Angeles and fan screening in Anaheim, Calif., timed for the annual VidCon online-video confab.

“It’s something that the fans really wanted,
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Mad Men's Jay R. Ferguson Talks Stan & Peggy's 'Perfect' Ending and Nearly Blowing the Finale's Biggest Surprise

Mad Men's Jay R. Ferguson Talks Stan & Peggy's 'Perfect' Ending and Nearly Blowing the Finale's Biggest Surprise
Warning: The following contains spoilers from Mad Men‘s series finale.

Long before we watched Mad Men‘s Don soak up his first “om,” cast member Jay R. Ferguson was part of a very small, very privileged party let in on a huge secret.

It happened immediately following the table read of the AMC drama’s final episode; everyone who’d been there thought the last scene of the finale would be the camera pushing in on Draper as he sat, legs crossed, and meditated on a California hillside.

Related Mad Men Series Finale Recap: ‘There Are a Lot of
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Box Office: ‘Neighbors’ Proves R-Rated Comedies Are Summertime Gold

Box Office: ‘Neighbors’ Proves R-Rated Comedies Are Summertime Gold
Raunch sells.

Case in point: Universal’s “Neighbors,”the dirty-minded comedy starring Seth Rogen and Zac Efron, that debuted to a glittering $49 million domestically this past weekend.

“It’s escapism, and when it works — and ‘Neighbors’ worked — comedies are just a great way for people to escape,” said Nikki Rocco, head of domestic distribution for Universal.

Audiences looking for a laugh helped drive “Neighbors” to the fifth-largest Stateside opening for an R-rated comedy in history. It’s a sterling result that augurs well for a summer that promises to rip the envelope of good taste to shreds thanks to “22 Jump Street,” “Sex Tape,” “Tammy” and a steady stream of films aimed at adults and teens hungry for gross-out gags.

“Comedies used to stay out of the summer because of all the tentpole movies,” said Richard Brener, president of production at New Line, which will release “Tammy.” “Now they’re tentpole movies themselves.
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'Mad Men' Recap: Don Risks Losing His Job; Roger's Daughter Joins A Hippie Commune

Mad Men opened on Sunday night with Sterling Cooper & Partners happy to show off their new Ibm 360, the computer that Harry Crane was so eager to get into the office. It’ll impress their clients and perhaps get them some more business.

Mad Men Recap

In order to fit the sizeable machine at Sc&P, the creative lounge is out and the computer is in. Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) is less than thrilled about the arrangement, but Lou (Allen Havey) tries to reassure her that the computer is going to be of far more use to her than the lounge. Despite their prickly relationship of late, Lou recommends Peggy for creative on Pete’s (Vincent Kartheiser) Burger Chef account. Cutler (Harry Hamlin) had wanted Ted (Kevin Rahm) on it, but Ted wasn’t interested. Pete, however, insists on having Don (Jon Hamm) do the work.

Lou isn’t about to let
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'Mad Men' Recap: Don & Sally Bond; Peggy Struggles On Valentine's Day

Mad Men episode “A Day’s Work” honed in on Peggy's Valentine’s Day woes and Don Draper's efforts to get back in the ad game and attempt to finally open up to his daughter Sally.

Mad Men Recap

Don Draper (John Hamm), still on hiatus from Sterling Cooper & Partners, prepares for an 8 p.m. meeting by sleeping till noon, watching some Little Rascals, eating crackers and casually sipping some booze. It turns out his meeting is with Dawn (Teyonah Parris) from the office. She lets Don in on the action between the firm and Lou Avery’s (Allan Havey) dealings with Mohawk Airlines. After the meeting it seems like Don is more eager than ever to get back to work and stop getting information through Dawn and pitching through Freddie Rumsen (Joel Murray).

Trying to forget about her ex, Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) decides to throw herself entirely into her work.
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‘Mad Men’ Recap: An Impotent Don in the Land of Plenty

Accutron: It’s not a time piece. It’s a conversation piece. The first Accutron hit the markets long before Freddy Rumsen was pitching it in such surprisingly elegant language. Actually, it had been selling for about ten years, debuting in October of 1960 (just around the time Mad Men‘s first season was drawing to a close). Watches of the time, and for several centuries previously, were built around a “balance wheel,” a little pendulum that shifts back and forth and keeps the watch’s hands moving. Watchmaking company Bulova did away with the balance wheel for their Accutron watch, inserting a fancy electric tuning fork and cementing Accutron as the first electronic watch in history. Those tiny metal forks also made the Accutron the most accurate wristwatch ever made, and a “horological revolution” (thanks, Wikipedia!). At least until 1969, when Astron debuted the quartz-powered Astron and Joel Murray, as Rumsen, sat
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'Mad Men' Season Premiere Recap: Nowhere to Hide

'Mad Men' Season Premiere Recap: Nowhere to Hide
I don't think there's enough sunshine in all of California to brighten up the dark state of affairs everyone is in as Mad Men begins the first half of its last lap. Where does one begin in this cold January of 1969? Peggy crumpled on the floor in sobs of her great-big-investment Upper West Side apartment? Roger passed out naked on the floor of his filthy, garbage-littered hotel-room-cum-counterculture-commune? Ken – still sporting an eye patch from his little shotgun mishap with the Chevy execs – completely overwhelmed and overworked? A happy, suntanned Pete – seriously,
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TV Critics’ Roundtable: Can “Sean Saves The World” Save Itself?

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Can Sean Saves The World take the gay sitcom torch and run with it?

Oh, the gay sitcom.

It’s a spectacular and welcome feat that we now live in a time when there are a plethora of gay characters on television but, also, we now have series centered around gay characters. Sure, we’re still stinging after the failures of last seasons’ excellent The New Normal and disappointing Partners, but this fall we’ve been given a new chance to have a successful gay series in Sean Saves The World.

In the NBC sitcom, Sean Hayes plays a single gay man taking on the full-time parenting role with his teenager daughter, Ellie (Samantha Isler) and learning how to juggle home, his demanding job with a new boss (Thomas Lennon) and a meddlesome mother (the wonderful Linda Lavin). Echo Kullum plays a co-worker at Sean’s job while Megan Hilty
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CAA Signs TV Writer Jeff Greenstein

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TV comedy writer-producer Jeff Greenstein has signed with CAA. Greenstein was executive producer on the Emmy-winning NBC comedy Will & Grace and also spent five years as writer, producer and director on ABC’s Desperate Housewives. More recently, he directed and executive produced the web sitcom Husbands, co-created by Jane Espenson, and wrote and directed the season finale of the BBC comedy Way To Go. He has projects on the works at Showtime and HBO. Greenstein, who was at ICM Partners, started off on HBO’s Dream On, rising from staff writer to showrunner. His other credits include Parenthood, Friends and Partners.
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Fall TV 2013: 'Hostages' and 'Intelligence' - CBS drama snap judgments

There's no network cockier than CBS during upfront week, and with good reason. Sure, they had to cancel last season's newbies "Vegas," "Golden Boy" "Made in Jersey" and "Partners," but their schedule is so stable -- and dominant in the ratings -- that they never have many holes to fill.

They've only ordered three dramas for the 2013-14 season and just one is on the fall schedule. That's limited series "Hostages" which will air 15 episodes uninterrupted and then turn over its Monday night timeslot to another new drama -- "Intelligence" -- in the winter.

Here's a rundown of the two new dramas CBS presented to advertisers at its 2013 upfront on May 15 at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

"Hostages" (Mondays at 10 p.m. Et)

It's an interesting play: a heavily serialized thriller set for a limited cable-style run of 15 episodes that still looks and feels like a CBS procedural. Put another way,
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Meme: Stephen Amell Considers "Fifty Shades of Grey," Dave Franco and Zac Efron Are Frat Brothers, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson Is "Hot In Cleveland"

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While we keep hearing that no one has been cast in Fifty Shades of Grey, Arrow's Stephen Amell says that he's actually taken a meeting about playing Christian Grey, which makes sense, as he's shown over and over and over again, he has no problem with a little nudity.

Zach Wahl's Scouts for Equality released details of the Boy Scouts of America's 2012 Fall Voice of the Scouts Survey, and of respondents that expressed an opinion of declining loyalty to Scouting, 90% said the reaffirmation of their discriminatory policy was the reason.

In the UK, 20 year-old Jordan Sheard was sentenced to 3.5 years for crashing an 18-year-old autistic gay man's birthday party, writing homophobic slurs on his body, dousing him in tanning oil and setting him on fire, which led to his death. Seriously?

Please take time to meet Jack Andraka, who is 16, out, and a cancer researcher at John's Hopkins when
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Argo and Zero Dark Thirty honoured at the 2013 WGA Awards

Ben Affleck's acclaimed CIA thriller Argo picked up another award last night as screenwriter Chris Terrio was honoured by the Writer's Guild of America at this year's WGA Awards with Best Adapted Screenplay, while Mark Boal received Best Original Screenplay for Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty and Malik Bendejelloul collected Best Documentary Screenplay for Searching for Sugar Man.

Shifting to the small screen and there was awards success for Breaking Bad (Best Drama Series), Louie (Best Comedy Series) and Girls (Best New Series), along with Mad Men (Episodic Drama), Modern Family (Episodic Comedy), Hatfields & McCoys (Long Form - Original), Game Change (Long Form - Adapted) and The Simpsons (Animation).

Here is the full list of nominees, with the winners highlighted in bold:

Film Categories:

Original Screenplay

Flight, Written by John Gatins; Paramount Pictures

Looper, Written by Rian Johnson; TriStar Pictures

The Master, Written by Paul Thomas Anderson; The Weinstein Company

Moonrise Kingdom,
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Jennifer Aniston, Mark Duplass and Ben Kingsley Board Convention

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Pulling off a red hot casting coup with Jennifer Aniston, Mark Duplass and Ben Kingsley attached, Justin Reardon's next feature film is the wild and hilarious comedy Convention that is set to shoot this summer with K5 International bringing the project to the European Film Market in Berlin this week.

Aniston (Just Go with It, Marley & Me), Duplass (Safety Not Guaranteed, Zero Dark Thirty) and Kingsley (Iron Man 3, Ender's Game) are set to star in this mind-bending comedy, embarking on a Charlie Kaufman-esque journey that puts them between the worlds of the cardboard box industry and inter-dimensional molecular mayhem. Justin Reardon has just finished production on his directorial debut A Many Splintered Thing starring Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan

Convention finds mild-mannered Paul (Duplass) and his feisty sister Abby (Aniston) setting out to change the box storage world with Paul's invention of the 5-sided box. Breaking all
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2013 People's Choice Awards winners list: 'Hunger Games,' Katy Perry win big

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The winners are in for the 2013 People's Choice Awards. "The Hunger Games" won big with five awards, followed by Katy Perry at four. "Glee" and "Supernatural" took home a couple awards apiece.

The full winners list:


Favorite Movie

"The Amazing Spider-Man"

"The Avengers"

The Dark Knight Rises"

"The Hunger Games"

"Snow White and the Huntsman"

Favorite Movie Actor

Channing Tatum

Johnny Depp

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Robert Downey Jr.

Will Smith

Favorite Movie Actress

Anne Hathaway

Emma Stone

Jennifer Lawrence

Mila Kunis

Scarlett Johansson

Favorite Movie Icon

Emma Thompson

Maggie Smith

Meryl Streep

Michelle Pfeiffer

Susan Sarandon

Favorite Action Movie

"The Amazing Spider-Man"

"The Avengers"

"The Dark Knight Rises"

"The Hunger Games"

"Men in Black 3"

Favorite Action Movie Star

Chris Evans

Chris Hemsworth

Christian Bale

Robert Downey Jr.

Will Smith

Favorite Face of Heroism

Anne Hathaway, "The Dark Knight Rises"

Emma Stone, "The Amazing Spider-Man"

Jennifer Lawrence, "The Hunger Games"

Kristen Stewart,
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Check Out the People's Choice Nominations Before the Show Tonight!

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The 2013 People's Choice Awards are tonight, which means we'll be treated to a star-studded event (and, of course, a few acceptance speeches). Be sure to tune in to watch us live from the red carpet at 4:30 p.m. Pst, but first, get prepped for the show by checking out all of this year's nominees. Adam Levine got attention not only for Maroon 5, but also for his work as a celebrity judge on The Voice (next year, he could be a triple threat with American Horror Story: Asylum). Meanwhile, the year of Channing Tatum continues, as the actor scooped up five nominations, including favorite movie actor. It looks like superheroes and fantasy heroes are going to steal the show as well: The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Snow White and the Huntsman are showing up all over this list, as well as TV shows like The Vampire Diaries and Once Upon a Time.
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Morning Meme: Jesse Tyler Ferguson Teaches Us To Tie The Knot, Bryan Singer Is Not Into Black Leather, and Kellan Lutz Is "Agent Hashtag"

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In sad news, Smurfette is dead. Well, Lucille Bliss, the veteran voice actress who brought the character to life, has passed away at the age of 96, which means we're stuck with Katy Perry from now on.

With 76% of gay votes going to President Obama, the Glbt population was instrumental in his reelection. The study notes that those who identify as Glbt is growing, as only 1.9% of those over 65 identify as Glbt, while 3.2% of those between 30-49 do, but a whopping 6.4% between 18-29 do. The Glbt population also tends to be more dispersed than the Latino and Asian-American population, providing boosts in metro areas as well as swing states.

In one of those scary things, colleges that provide e-textbooks now have the option of monitoring how the students use the books – how much they read, highlight and take notes, which can identify students with lower engagement with the material for extra help.
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People's Choice Awards 2013: Justin Bieber and Channing Tatum are top nominees, 'Twilight' pretty much shut out

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Channing Tatum and Justin Bieber are among the leading nominees for the 2013 People's Choice Awards, but Twihards are going to be disappointed.

The 2013 edition of the awards is set for Jan. 9, and per usual they'll run the gamut of movies, TV and music. Bieber picked up five nominations in the music category, including nods for favorite male artist and favorite pop artist. He'll also compete against his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, in the "favorite music fan following" category.

Tatum has four nominations, including ones for favorite comedic and dramatic actor (range!). Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence are the top female nominees with three each. Adam Levine has only one individual nomination -- for favorite celebrity judge -- but between "The Voice" and Maroon 5, he's part of six nominees.

Noticeably absent from the movie categories is "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2." It opens Friday (Nov. 16), which apparently was too late for this year's awards.
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TV on Tap: "Suits" Will Return for a Third Season, the Battle Over "Friday Night Lights"' Politics and Dane Cook's Sitcom is Cancelled Without Airing

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Major Crimes wraps its first season tonight.


Bryan Fuller says that Mockingbird Lane still could become a series depending on how well the Halloween special does. Fuller says that NBC's issue was whether the series could appeal to a broad audience, and if enough people tune in for the special, the network would reconsider. I'm still hoping Mockingbird Lane can pull a Nightingales, only without removing all the interesting parts of the pilot when becoming a series.

I'm fascinated with TV shows that get cancelled without airing an episode, whether that be the train wrecks that look so bad the network rethinks its decision over the summer, like the Scott Baio comedy Rewind, or shows that left to wither unaired over the season like Still Life. Now the Dane Cook comedy Next Caller can join those ranks. Considering how awful Next Caller looked, I'm relieved.

Did you expect Tyra Banks
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