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1 Jan. 1996
The Year of Bob?
Bob's New Year's Eve date Danielle can't seem to forget an auld acquaintance -- namely, her ex-beau David -- so he resolves to intoxicate her with his charms by throwing a party. Meanwhile, Heather's in for a big surprise: since New Year's is her birthday, she assumes the party is a surprise for her.
8 Jan. 1996
Your Baby-sitter?
A potential caterer for Own and Alicia's wedding turns out to be Bob's former babysitter, a beautiful woman on whom he had a major crush.
15 Jan. 1996
How Was Your Date with Dad?
Alicia is less than thrilled when her dad goes out on his first date following his divorce -- with a younger cocktail waitress from the bar Owen and Bob took him to. Meanwhile, Bob tries to help Heather overcome her addiction to nasal spray.
22 Jan. 1996
May I Call You Dick?
It's a blueprint for disaster when Owen decks a rude contractor for making an off-color remark about Alicia. But Owen's guilt over the incident is offset by Bob's delight, improved productivity at the job site, and Alicia's reluctant sexual excitement at her fiancé's new-found machismo. Meanwhile, Heather falls for the hunk temporarily replacing the despised "sandwich lady," but can't get him to notice her.
12 Feb. 1996
Follow the Clams?
As Valentine's Day nears, Bob's new love Suzanne, a CPA, fazes him with a request to shave off his goatee; the holiday finds Owen felled by the flu and falling down with exhaustion.
19 Feb. 1996
Can We Keep Her, Dad?
Alicia's dream of rolling in dough may need rethinking when she runs into her boss while returning the expensive pasta-maker he sent as a pre-wedding gift.
4 Mar. 1996
Hello? Harmless?
Owen, Alicia and Lolie are aghast when Bob leaves their engagement party for a sexual tryst with Alicia's friend Charlotte -- who is herself getting married in a week -- and Bob is infuriated by their assumption that he is too nice to go through with it. Trouble is, they're right; and after Lolie taunts him with the fact, it's they who tumble into bed together.
11 Mar. 1996
Soup or a Movie?
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18 Mar. 1996
You Quit?
After Owen and Bob sign restaurateur Max Lobster to a lucrative contract, Leavitt takes the account away from them -- so they quit, sending Owen into a depressive tailspin nine days before his wedding.
1 Apr. 1996
Will You Marry Me?
As their big day approaches, Alicia becomes obsessed with the superstition that Owen should not see her on her wedding day; and Bob surprises Lolie with a proposal, but is not prepared for her reaction ("Oh, God! No!").

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