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11 Sep. 1995
Alicia's ready to tie the knot -- around Bob's neck -- for interfering in her romance with Owen and with their plans to pick a wedding date.
18 Sep. 1995
A Dress?
Bob gets a dressing down from Owen after he innocently buys Alicia a beautiful dress while on a shopping spree. After skirting the issue for a few days, Owen tries to one-up Bob by buying his fiancée a dress himself; but he doesn't have Bob's terrific taste.
25 Sep. 1995
Who's Janet?
Owen trips down Memory Lane when his secret college crush comes to gown; unfortunately, Bob tells tales out of school to Alicia -- then falls for Janet himself.
2 Oct. 1995
Pressure from Alicia to plan their wedding has Owen neglecting his work and Bob -- who, tired of catering to his partner's schedule, proposes changes in their work habits, such as not working together anymore.
7 Sep. 1995
Why Are the Blumenthals Living in My House?
Alicia suspects Owen may by trying to pull the wool over her eyes when he acts sheepish about winning a BAAAA (Bay Area Architectual Association Award).
16 Oct. 1995
To celebrate the anniversary of the first time they made love, Owen and Alicia plan a weekend getaway to the hotel where it all happened, but their romantic trip hits a few roadblocks: their old room has not aged well.
23 Oct. 1995
Who's Afraid of Ron and Cindy Wolfe?
Owen feels like he's been thrown to the wolves -- or rather, to the Wolfes -- when Alicia's co-worker Cindy Wolfe and her argumentative husband hire him and Bob to redesign their house.
30 Oct. 1995
Who Are You Supposed to Be?
Owen and Alicia's plans for a romantic "anti-Halloween" are interrupted by relentless trick-or-treaters and Bob -- who's brought an entire party with him.
13 Nov. 1995
City Hall
Owen learns he can't fight city hall after Alicia -- shocked by her parents' announcement that they plan to divorce -- demands he take her there at once to get married.
20 Nov. 1995
How Long Does It Take to Cook a 22-Pound Turkey?
Owen can hardly mask his skepticism when his older brother Cameron pays him an unexpected visit and promises to make amends for a life straight out of pulp fiction; meanwhile, Bob dates Alicia's friend only to discover that they dislike each other on sight -- and that she is his ex-girlfriend's therapist ("Boy, you must not be very good!").
11 Dec. 1995
Fourteen Minutes?
Upon learning that his estranged father is making a Christmas Eve stop in San Francisco, Bob goes to great lengths to snow his dad into believing that his life is perfect. Unfortunately, the stop turns into a brief visit at the airport, giving Bob his 14 minutes to feign.

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