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It's so bad it's addictive!
glennscr5 February 2001
I'm not normally a fan of Aussie soaps, and when I first saw Pacific Drive a few years ago I thought it was pathetic - really corny story lines and pretty poor acting. But once it was delegated to late night screening (I'm a night owl) I started watching a few episodes and I was instantly addicted!!!

I was left hanging when it was suddenly taken off TV here in Australia (probably due to poor ratings), but I believe there are numerous episodes yet to be seen here in Oz. I think it's screened in several countries.

You really have to watch a few episodes before you get hooked. Apart from several really good looking actors, the scenery is great - it's filmed on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Give it a go, there's worse soaps out there.
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Camp entertaining Aussie drama!
When the Series began in January 1996, rich socialite Sonia Kingsley was run down by a car while jogging on the beach, even though it took around 30 episodes before we found out the killer, the show introduced us to a cast of 12 other characters, some we loved and some we loved to hate. Towards the end of the first season viewers were treated to a long running serial killer tale and thats where the series turned to high camp melodrama and intrigue! Never a show to take itself seriously, Pacific Drive never really found itself to be an instant hit show, but had many loyal fans who managed to keep up with it until the final episode aired in 2001. One interesting fact was that had it allowed to be screened without being constantly moved from time-slot to time-slot, the whole series would of been over in 18 months, instead it took nearly 5 years to screen all 391 episodes. Some memorable story lines were Zoe being held captive by her deranged flatmate, Bethany contracting HIV, Trey & Amber's forbidden affair, and of course the serial killer tale that knocked off 3 major characters. RIP Pacific Drive and all those who sailed in her!!
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Aussie soap!!!
melinda_faulkner9 August 2001
Warning: Spoilers
***slight spoilers*** Between endless golden beaches and crystal blue harbours runs Pacific Drive. More a lifestyle than a street, Pacific Drive is Australia's best address: heaven on earth. A vibrant city pulsating with you, glamour and intrigue. This is the place where the rich and the beautiful come to live, work and play: where dreams merge with reality and where sun, sand surf make the ultimate backdrop to ambition and obsession. But not all that happens on Pacific Drive takes place in the sun. In the shadows behind the high-rise, the brutal murder of one of the coast's most powerful identities, will have ramifications for all of those drawn to the wealth, excitement and power of Pacific Drive. Sonia Kingsley, beautiful, rich and powerful, called Pacific Drive her home. Her footprints making her territory in the sand, her wealth and influence forging her place in the community. But when this darling of the social pages is killed while taking her morning jog, a long list of suspects emerges.
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My favourite
dragorsi6 July 2003
It was one of my fave soap operas in the past. I really enjoyed the episodes, the characters and the storryline. My fave character was Tim, I was really sad about what happened to him. I'm really happy that I finally find the soap opera's name, cos I only knew the hungarian one (you know it was "Parti sétány"). :)
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i tho that it was great.
niklassan1 February 2003
In Sweden Pacific Drive was aired on tv3 and i tho it was great. i watch ever program and loved every one and was very sad to see it go away. It also had a very strange ending too. so if anyone wanna talk about Pacific Drive with me and remember the good time, please contact me.

Niklas, Sweden.
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Silly but greay
all_saints4eva14 June 2002
Ok, Well I was really young when the show went to year at first, and I can't imagine my mother allowing a 7 yr old to watch a show as raunchy as pacific drive can get at some stages (I don't think she really approves of me watching it now). But then i started watching it last year, g-coding it each day before i go to school, and putting it on the second i got in the door, orinally becase my favourite actress Libby Tanner was in it, but more so because I got addicted to this light entertainment after school. The storylines, especially certain ones, were so far-fetched it was good to have a laugh, before attacking the books. The show is corny but I love it. I cannot help it. and I know i shouldn't... but it has provided hours of entertainment for me, and all of my friends as I tell them the daily storylines, each weirder than the next. Pacific Drive is legendary!! It has great acting, despite the bizarre story's. My tribute to the show should be online some day soon, as I feel this show deserves some recognition..despite all the bad press. *Nikki* 16.
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Pathetically bad soap
taipan-113 January 2003
An awful soap set on Australia's Gold Coast, featuring scantily dressed men and women, expensive boats and wafer-thin storylines. Like most Australian soaps it featured silly villains, vacuous vamps, treacherous businessmen and even a lesbian businesswoman. It quickly sank without trace after a couple of seasons.
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Crocodile Steve in Pacific Drive????
kinga67914 June 2002
My sister was watching this incredibly good show they call Pacific Drive and she told me some interesting information. She swears that she saw Steve Irwin aka. Crocodile Steve working, or rather acting on the show... Having a soft spot in my heart for all things stupid, I thought that Crocodile Steve was a stupid Aussie who was lucky enough to make it big because dumb Americans thought he was scary. Has my trust in this hulking Australian icon been misplaced? Have I been thoroughly decieved by his shocking, if not convincing acting? If anyone has any info on this please email me

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