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Season 2

17 Aug. 1996
Lights Out
A man is setting off bombs. He makes his demands. An FBI agent arrives and tells them he thinks he knows what the man is up to. But Palermo doesn't think he's right.
24 Aug. 1996
T.C.'s girlfriend Sandy is attacked by a serial rapist, and the Bike Patrol must catch him before he crosses over from serial rapist to serial killer. Meanwhile, Elvis is "hexed" by a Rastafarian vendor on the boardwalk.
7 Sep. 1996
T.C. and Cory are assigned to keep an eye on a Boardwalk apartment manager who's making life hell for the tenants, but can't make any arrests when one tenant refuses to press charges. Meanwhile, Palermo begins dating a much younger woman, but his teenage daughter doesn't take kindly to the relationship. The Bike Squad competes against the Lifeguards in a roller hockey competition.
14 Sep. 1996
Victor struggles to save a young teenager from a life of gangbanging, but finds himself falling for the boy's older sister. While her apartment is being painted, Chris moves in with Cory for a week.
21 Sep. 1996
Point Blank
T.C.'s gun is stolen during pursuit of an armed robber, and the Bike Patrol tries to keep one step ahead as the gun passes from person to person. Victor and Chris investigate a ring of dognappers. As a practical joke, Cory signs Chris up with a video dating service.
28 Sep. 1996
The Enemy Within
When someone is targeting wealthy Vietnamese residents. The unit calls in a psychic who senses that one of the robbers harbors resentment towards the Vietnamese. Which makes them think a Vietnam vet but they know that one of the robbers spoke perfect Vietnamese which means one of them could be Vietnamese. The psychic also tells Cory that he senses something wrong with her brother. So Cory follows him and discovers something disturbing. And she doesn't know what to do.
6 Oct. 1996
Line in the Sand
T.C., Chris and Palermo try to protect a kayaker and his girlfriend from two violent surfers protecting their turf. Victor's career and relationship with his girlfriend are on the line when a girl becomes obsessed with him. Elvis gets involved with a swinger couple.
13 Oct. 1996
Chris goes undercover to catch a money launderer, but has trouble maintaining her professional distance. Cory is stalked by her ex-boyfriend, and T.C. and Victor chase down rollerbladers terrorizing boardwalk patrons with paintball guns.
20 Oct. 1996
Genuine Heroes
A Texas bank robber migrates to Santa Monica with his aspiring actress girlfriend, and continues his crime spree. The Bike Patrol sets out to catch him, but their efforts are thwarted by a bounty hunter who's followed the couple from Texas and wants the reward for himself. Victor and Cory discover a couple presumed lost at sea, and the resulting media blitz gets them an assignment protecting the sexy hostess of an MTV-style beach show from two fraternity kids.
3 Nov. 1996
Cranked Up
While competing in an "Eco Relay" bicycle race through mountain terrain, the Bike Patrol must save Chris after she's kidnapped by a group of crystal methamphetamine ("crank") dealers.
10 Nov. 1996
Deja Vu
Seven years ago, Palermo's supervisor, Gene Savage, was convicted of several felonies -- and it was Palermo's testimony that helped put him in jail. Now, Savage is back on the Boardwalk, and Palermo's convinced he's out for revenge.
17 Nov. 1996
Wheels of Fire
A paraplegic shop owner agrees to testify against a Boardwalk extortion ring, but T.C.'s disdainful attitude toward him almost blows the Bike Patrol's investigation. Chris suspects a group of teenage girls of assaulting men on the beach, and Victor's in an awkward position when Jessie Palermo asks him about birth control.
8 Dec. 1996
Outlaw Extreme
A pair of daredevils enlist Palermo's daughter, Jessie, to help pull dangerous and extreme stunts around the Boardwalk. Chris is the victim of an unscrupulous Middle-Eastern Boardwalk merchant, and Victor's mother pays an unexpected visit.
15 Dec. 1996
One Kiss Goodbye
Cory falls for an amnesia victim who's the target of an assassination attempt. T.C.'s girlfriend Sandy must choose between staying with T.C. or going to school on the East Coast.
5 Jan. 1997
Black Pearl
T.C. falls under the seductive spell of an undercover DEA agent who's in over her head. Meanwhile, Victor has to requalify on the bicycle, and butts heads with his instructor -- trials champion Hans Rey.
12 Jan. 1997
Soft Targets
When a gunman holds the beach hostage -- including Victor, Cory and several schoolchildren -- the Bike Patrol's negotiations are hindered by a CIA operative with his own agenda.
19 Jan. 1997
A woman comes to the station. She runs a shelter for runaways. She's looking for a girl who came and left. T.C. offers to help. He asks her out but she tells him what her title is. The girl is taken in by a guy who uses her to commit crimes. Palermo has a new (expensive) bike and Victor asks Palermo to let him take out. A kid who asks Victor to let him ride it and he tells him no. He then takes it and now Victor has to find it.
23 Feb. 1997
Full Moon
Investigating a string of armed ATM robberies brings T.C. and Chris together on the case -- and closer together in their personal lives. Palermo's name appears in a Hollywood madam's "little black book", threatening his career.
2 Mar. 1997
Lost and Found
Chris discovers that a girl she knows is a runaway and that the man whom she is with is not her father but her teacher whom she's involved with. She learns that her father was beating her and tries to help but all the girl wants is to be with her teacher. Cory learns that a criminal has taken out a contract on her brother and she tries to protect him without his secret--of being crooked, coming out.
6 Apr. 1997
Bad Company
A gun runner tries to increase his profits by interfering with an uneasy truce between rival Santa Monica gangs. When Elvis accidentally witnesses a fight and gun exchange that gets Victor's friend killed, the Bike Patrol has to keep him safe. Victor goes undercover in an underground fighting syndicate to find his friend's killer.
13 Apr. 1997
The Last Ride
Victor doesn't suspect that his best friend from childhood, recently released from jail, is running a car theft ring. Mahmood tries to sell the Santa Monica pier.
20 Apr. 1997
FBI agent Tim Stone returns looking for a counterfeiter whom they call Rumplestilskin. He asks if Cory and Chris can work with him. They agree especially Chris who likes him. But it's Cory whom he really likes.

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