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21 Jan. 2000
Judgment Day
A reality television show has members murder victims' families hunt the killers, becoming their executioners. The quest for ratings makes the hunt all the more desperate for all parties involved.
28 Jan. 2000
The Gun
An ex-con who was serving time for spousal abuse buys a gun to kill his wife and then the gun becomes permanently attached to his body and begins to transform him.
4 Feb. 2000
Skin Deep
A holographic projector which allows a person to disguise themselves as another, is taken out for a thrilling test ride by a lonely accountant who works for the company developing the disguiser. Sid and his only friend Debby cloak themselves as more attractive friends, to party like beautiful people. Debby regrets duping a hunky co-worker into bed, but Sid moves into his dreamworld and won't move out.
11 Feb. 2000
Manifest Destiny
The scientific ship UFS Mercury finds a derelict battleship that had just destroyed all the vegetation on a planet prior to their colonization. The salvage crew enters the ship and finds an alien presence on board.
18 Feb. 2000
Breaking Point
A man gets fired as a scientist since they don't believe in his time travel theories. He uses his time machine to prove them wrong only to arrive to see his wife die two days from the day he traveled and seeing himself driving away.
25 Feb. 2000
The Beholder
A man blind from an early age undergoes a new medical procedure to restore his vision which is successful and he begins to get messages from an alien who is trapped on earth.
3 Mar. 2000
Seeds of Destruction
A small town veterinarian links an epidemic of tumors in humans to a new breed of genetically engineered corn.
10 Mar. 2000
Simon Says
An engineer builds a robot and incorporates the memories of his son who had died in a car accident twenty years ago.
14 Apr. 2000
In a world where resources are limited each shift of workers is placed in stasis (sleep) during their off hours, a man and woman from different shifts fall in love and try to circumvent the system.
21 Apr. 2000
Down to Earth
Alien encounter buffs gather at a national convention where someone show up with what appears to be a piece of an alien spaceship.
28 Apr. 2000
Inner Child
Anne Reynolds, estranged from her mother, haunted by her dead father and terrified of being close to anyone, is attacked, injured and wakes up on the operating table a changed woman. Learning of a Siamese twin sister that was sacrificed so that she could live, the personalty of the dead sister begins to take over.
5 May 2000
Tom and Wendy are happy together. However, Tom has terrible memories. He is really an android that was use to save people in dangerous situations and then was upgraded to think for himself.
30 Jun. 2000
An emissary from the future struggles to convince the next U.S. President to jump from an airliner, before it crashes, killing him and setting off a disastrous future. The candidate is already torn in several directions, elated from a big primary win, avoiding an interview by an aggressive reporter, excited by having his mistress on-board, with his frigid wife absent. The time traveler assures the candidate he needs no parachute, because the advanced technology his presidency will make possible, allows them to scoop him out of the sky.
7 Jul. 2000
In the late in the 23rd century an outdated star ship is on a ten-year reclamation project. The crew is in suspended animation and awakes to find a mysterious object floating in space. The pod contains the body of a rebel who was executed 150 years earlier for the slaughter of more than a million people and is still alive.
14 Jul. 2000
The Grid
On Scott Bowman's urgent return to his hometown of Halford, Washington, he finds the town full of antenna towers and its inhabitants under some form of mind control.
21 Jul. 2000
Ezra and his daughter Sarah work together on the revival circuit with a phony healing act performing miracles with prearranged plants. When a strange young man in a wheelchair approaches Ezra, he lays his hands on him and he is healed. He received a proposition that if he teaches him the art of the revival meetings, this young man will continue to help him in his act.
28 Jul. 2000
Two 21st century Civil War enthusiasts find themselves back in time at the original Battle of Gettysburg and meet another time traveler who gives them a mission.
4 Aug. 2000
Something About Harry
Nancy Henninger, teen-aged son Zak is suspicious of the man who rents out her backyard apartment and claims to be opening a new factory for his company. Then people begin to disappear from town.
11 Aug. 2000
Zig Zag
The only surviving bomber has his finger on the trigger to destroy the super-computers at the Department of Information Technology. Afterwards the story leading up to this scene is told.
18 Aug. 2000
A scientific team based in the Arctic discover an ancient species of Polar Mites that infest humans and cause them to go insane.
3 Sep. 2000
Final Appeal
In a world that has banned technology, Dr. Theresa Givens is on trial for using her time machine.
3 Sep. 2000
Final Appeal 2
Egomaniacal zealot Daniel Faraday, a former associate of Dr. Theresa Givens who now calls himself Ezekiel, appears with a cold fusion bomb and takes the Supreme Court hostage. He's about to make sure that technology boom never happens.

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