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Season 1

26 Mar. 1995
When his research project is closed down, Simon Kress rescues a few of its living subjects and transplants them to a recreation of their native Martian environment in his barn. They grow and learn, but then Kress makes an error with disastrous implications.
31 Mar. 1995
Valerie 23
A disabled man is offered a prototype android companion in the form of the beautiful Valerie. But when he begins a romance with his physical therapist, his robot develops feelings of jealousy.
7 Apr. 1995
Blood Brothers
Medical researcher Dr Spencer Deighton has discovered a formula which apparently gives a human being eternal life. When he shares his discovery with his brother Michael, who co-owns their research company, he doesn't realise how greedy and ruthless his sibling is.
14 Apr. 1995
The Second Soul
When an alien race makes first contact with the Earth, they request only one thing: Earth's dead. It seems the alien beings exist in a gaseous state that will come to an end if they are not given host bodies to occupy. The bodies of the dead will serve that function. One year later, Dr. Michael Alders is in charge of the program to provide the aliens with bodies. He considers them them to be parasites but carries on as best he can. When his best friends, Karen and James Heatherton die and are included in the program, his discomfort grows. When he learns however that ...
21 Apr. 1995
White Light Fever
Harlan Hawkes is old - so old he must have a team of doctors and nurses in constant attendance on him to ward off death. Why is the old man so afraid to die? And what is the price everyone must pay for his continued life?
28 Apr. 1995
The Choice
Ten year-old Aggie Travers is expelled from school after several incidents involving other students. She's very bright but her behavioral problems lead the school to determine she is a danger to the other students. Aggie's problem is that she has telekinetic powers but doesn't know how to control them. Her parents decide to hire a full time caregiver, Karen Ross, who it turns out has powers similar to Aggie's. Karen gives Aggie a crystal to help her focus her powers but when government agents arrive looking for her, Aggie's parents must decide what is in her best ...
5 May 1995
Virtual Future
Jack Pierce and his college professor Wayne Fowler have been experimenting with virtual reality. A power boost however gives Jack a glimpse several minutes into the future. Having just been refused a grant to continue their research, Fowler contacts one of the university's benefactors, industrialist Bill Trenton, who after a demonstration is more than happy to finance their work. Jack's wife Isabelle seems less than pleased that her husband will be working for Trenton's CTY Industries. When Trenton takes a jump into the future, he sees a newspaper story about a woman ...
12 May 1995
Living Hell
After Ben Kohler is shot in the head during a mugging, Dr. Jennifer Martinez gets permission to implant an experimental chip in his brain meant to regulate his breathing and heartbeat. The chip has been tested on monkeys with some success but previous human tests have been less successful. Kohler awakens quickly and is told he is the first to receive the new chip. Soon however, he begins to see things, as though he can see through another man's eyes. That man, Wayne Haas, was a recipient of the earlier model of implant. He's also a serial killer. Haas however can also...
19 May 1995
Corner of the Eye
Father Jenescu is struck while ministering to the poor and looks up to see a vision of Hell - a leering demonic creature. An eye blink later he sees an ordinary patrol officer trying to help him. He dismisses the apparition until he sees another one in his church. Then he goes to the doctor to learn what's wrong and discovers that one must be careful who one trusts.
26 May 1995
Under the Bed
Young Andrew Rosman finally finds a lost toy under his bed - or does he? When he reaches for it a horrible arm seizes his arm and hauls him under the bed. His sister Jillian, struck dumb by fear, cannot tell authorities what happened. And that's very bad, because the same thing might happen to her if a detective and a psychologist can't put the pieces together in time.
2 Jun. 1995
Dark Matters
A cargo ship is forced from hyperspace into a strange region of "dark matter" where some of the normal laws of physics seem not to apply - even the dead linger, unable to find their reward. Worse, contact with these specters is fatal to the living. If the crew can't escape quickly, they'll join the current residents, human and alien, eternally denied whatever lies beyond death...
9 Jun. 1995
The Conversion
Henry Marshall has finally been released from prison, after doing his own penance and that of his scheming ex-boss Evans. Now he means to have his revenge. Gun in hand, he rides the elevator to the company Christmas party and shoots several guests. Then he races away, eventually finding a small tavern and the mysterious Lucas, who tries to teach him that his life is connected to other lives. If Henry can learn this lesson he may get a second chance; if not, death awaits him.
16 Jun. 1995
Quality of Mercy
Major John Skokes has been captured by the seemingly unbeatable aliens currently warring on Earth. His companion is a young Cadet captured on a training flight, Bree Tristan. Skokes must find a way out of the dank prison for himself and his fellow prisoner before the aliens succeed in converting her to one of their own species!
23 Jun. 1995
The New Breed
Dr. Stephen Ledbetter believes he has found the cure for everything: tiny nanobots that can cure diseases at the cellular level. He is frustrated by the limits put on his research and the fact he does not have authority to takes his tests to the next level and use it on humans. After his his future brother-in-law Andy Groenig learns that he has pelvic cancer, he breaks into Leadbetter's lab and injects himself with the serum. The effects are rapid and quite dramatic. Within three days, the cancer has been reduced by 90 percent and he no longer requires glasses. ...
30 Jun. 1995
The Voyage Home
On the last day of their mission to Mars, three astronauts - Ed Barkley, Alan Wells and Pete Claridge - discover a cave with hieroglyphics on one wall. They also find a pod-like object but they are knocked out after trying to move it. They make it back to their ship and begin their voyage home. Five months into that return trip they begin to have equipment malfunctions and find a small growth of alien origin. Soon, one of the astronauts begins to believe that the others are aliens who have taken over the bodies of his shipmates.
1 Jul. 1995
Caught in the Act
Hannah Valesic and her boyfriend Jay Patton have been dating for a year now. They have yet to have sex with Hannah preferring to wait until they're married. That's okay with Jay who is very much in love with her. When a small object crashes through the ceiling into her bedroom, the chaste Hannah is turned into a lustful creature demanding sex from everyone she meets. In her lust however, she absorbs her victim entirely. Her first victim is the star football player and his disappearance prompts a police investigation. Jay seeks help from Professor Hugaro whose ...
16 Jul. 1995
The Message
Jennifer Winter is deaf and had great hopes for a cochlear implant but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work. She does begin to hear voices however, whispers more than language, and begins to frantically write what seems to be binary code. Robert Vitale, who works at the hospital, explains binary code to her and when he enters the data on his computer, the result is a message, apparently from an alien being. Jennifer's husband is concerned by his wife's actions and her doctor thinks she might be having a psychotic episode. Jennifer and Robert believe she's received a ...
23 Jul. 1995
I, Robot
After Dr. Link is killed in his university lab, the prime suspect is his robot creation, Adam. The robot is taken into custody and tells Dr. Link's daughter Mina that he has no memory of what happened. She wants him released but a court hearing has been scheduled for the following Monday and the expected result is that Adam will be dismantled. Mina convinces now retired civil right attorney Thurman Cutler to defend him. Mina believes Adam to be a sentient being whose artificial intelligence allows him to make reasoned decisions. Cutler wants him tried for murder ...
30 Jul. 1995
If These Walls Could Talk
Lynda Tillman's son Derek disappeared in what is purportedly a haunted house and she wants physicist and debunker of supernatural phenomena Leviticus Mitchell to prove it was the work of ghosts. Derek used to go to the house in question to be alone and when she subsequently visited the house, Lynda says she could hear whispered voices. The police believe that Derek simply ran away and while Mitchell believes there has to be a logical explanation for the boy's disappearance, he agrees to look into it. He learns that Derek's girlfriend, Nadia Torrance, disappeared ...
13 Aug. 1995
Senator Richard Adams is an attractive and popular politician who has been promoting a new synthetic fuel additive, a methane-based product from the Sendrax Corporation. The legislation he has sponsored is certain to pass. He's rushed to the hospital after he's in a car accident and his doctor, Leslie McKenna, makes an astounding discovery: Adams physiology isn't human. Adams' security derail take charge of him and is soon interrogated about his mission but has no idea what they are talking about. When he's ordered killed, Adams goes on the run and with Dr. McKenna's ...
20 Aug. 1995
The Voice of Reason
Dr. Randall Strong tries desperately to convince a skeptical high level committee that various alien forces are trying to take over the human race. In desperation, he becomes unhinged. Seven previous episodes of the show are touched upon.

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