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Season 2

19 Sep. 1995
No, This Is Not Based Entirely on Julie's Life
Beth sends her boyfriend naked pictures of herself, making Lisa worry about not being sexually adventurous. Joe looks to catch the office gelato thief. Mr. James takes his vacation in the office.
26 Sep. 1995
Goofy Ball
The staff play with a Goofy Ball, a toy made by one of Mr. James' companies. Joe tries to set Dave up with a fashion model. Bill thinks a stalker is trying to kill him.
10 Oct. 1995
Rat Funeral
The office mascot, Mike the rat, is killed in a trap. Dave is seen as heartless for thinking of him as just a rodent.
31 Oct. 1995
The Breakup
In the aftermath of a big fight, Dave and Lisa are tricked into revealing their affair to the staff. Catherine learns Bill's real first name.
7 Nov. 1995
The Shrink
The stressed-out staff gets help from a psychiatrist. Dave is bothered that the doctor is Lisa's former lover.
14 Nov. 1995
Beth's copycat friend temps at the office. Security guards won't Bill into the building without his ID.
21 Nov. 1995
Bill's Autobiography
Bill is offered a book deal to write his autobiography.
28 Nov. 1995
Matthew gets a title bump to "Coordinating Producer" and tries to boss the staff around. Mr. James announces his wife candidate search and tries to negotiate a marriage. Lisa looks for a new job and tries her hand at MTV News.
19 Dec. 1995
The Cane
Bill's recent purchase of a cane aggravates Dave. Matthew is concerned that Joe hates him. Dave is not prepared for the annual staff retreat and is upset with Lisa for not informing him about it.
19 Dec. 1995
Xmas Story
No one believes Bill when he tells them that a bell-ringing Santa is threatening to kill him. The staff is disappointed by Mr James' cheap Christmas presents, so he gives new cars to everyone... except Matthew.
7 Jan. 1996
The Station Sale
Mr James frightens everyone by negotiating the sale of the station to a buyer who will probably fire most of the staff.
14 Jan. 1996
Bitch Session
Dave accidentally overhears the staff mocking him.
4 Feb. 1996
In Through the Out Door
Dave takes speech lessons from Bill before introducing him at a Broadcasting Society function. Matthew learns a lesson about gambling from Joe.
18 Feb. 1996
The Song Remains the Same
Mr James decides to play April Fools' pranks in February, which really puts Bill on edge, because today is the day that a Wall Street Journal reporter has come to profile him.
25 Feb. 1996
Beth seeks the secret to negotiation, while Lisa requests a raise from Dave.
10 Mar. 1996
Houses of the Holy
When Catherine is out sick, Bill puts Joe on the air in her place, expecting him to do badly. At the same time, Beth is inexplicably fascinated by Mr James' weird, nerdy nephew.
24 Mar. 1996
Physical Graffiti
Dave finally confronts Lisa about her relationship with Stewart but his actions have dire consequences; Joe helps Bill and Catherine wage a prank war against each other... but why?
31 Mar. 1996
Led Zeppelin
Dave and Lisa tell the staff they've split up and Mr. James hopes to find a wife by the end of the business day.
14 Apr. 1996
Once a year, Mr James plays poker with other station owners, and the stakes are pieces of their respective stations. Mr James loses the coffee machine, and then he loses Bill. Mr James realizes he's lost his magic, so Lisa plays as his proxy.
21 Apr. 1996
Matthew nearly loses it when he tries to get the staff to rent a house in the Hamptons together. Bill and Dave can't agree on a baseball promo, and spend an exhausting day with Mr James and a sound editor.
28 Apr. 1996
Led Zeppelin II
Joe is bothered by the building's new security cameras; Mr James thinks he's found the perfect wife candidate, he just needs to work out what's wrong with her; a fire in the building freaks Bill out but makes Dave and Lisa hot under the collar.
4 Jun. 1997
The Injury
After seriously injuring a hand, Matthew is in a hard spot not having any insurance, so Lisa comes up with a plan that Dave falsify a report. Bill causes a problem by repeatedly saying "penis" on air, both in a news story, and in a follow up apology for saying it.

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