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1 Jan. 1996
New Year's Eve
At each others' throats even more than usual, Ned and Stacey decide to spend New Year's Eve apart, he hosting a party for work and she on a date. But when her date is a bore and his guests insist he should spend New Year's with his "wife," they end up together, anyway.
8 Jan. 1996
Paranoia on the 47th Floor
Ned becomes worried about his job when a young hotshot at the ad agency impresses their bosses right as Ned is forced to take a vacation.
15 Jan. 1996
A Tender Trap
Ned begins dating a magazine publisher whose bedroom antics exhaust him, but he can't break up with her because she can get Stacey a job.
22 Jan. 1996
Promotional Rescue
Ned manages to get a reluctant Eric a promotion after Amanda asks Ned to put in a good word to his bosses. Stacey is less than impressed at her new job writing for an airline magazine. Eric doesn't play ball as Ned attempts to score a big account by under quoting the budget, until Ned lets the cat out of the bag that Eric only got the promotion because of him. Stacey tries to calm the situation by using positive re-enforcement that she learns at an interview.
12 Feb. 1996
Friends and Lovers
Stacey runs into an old high school friend Janine, who seems to always want what Stacey has. Stacey, while trying to make Janine jealous, mentions her marriage to 'husband' Ned whom Janine wants to meet. Ned, who is in high spirits, can't wait to put an end to his sexual frustrations as he begins to head out on a date. Ned is intercepted by Stacey, who tells him that she needs him to pretend to be her husband for the night. Eric desperately tries to get Janine to remember him while Ned, who is becoming increasingly frustrated, starts to take advantage of the act. ...
19 Feb. 1996
The Gay Caballeros
Ned's current client is a wealthy fashion designer who is also gay. Stacey, upon meeting him, tries to get whatever merchandise she can from him. When he takes her swag home, he sees their living arrangement and thinks that Ned is gay and Grace is Ned's beard. Upon learning this, Ned is worried how this will affect their business relationship. When Ned tries to tell the designer that he's straight. The designer doesn't believe him, so Ned pretends that he is gay and that his partner is Eric.
26 Feb. 1996
Gut Feeling
Ned and Eric bump heads over who is going to be Leonard the Rodeo Clown at Howard's birthday party. Ned is determined to reprise the role, despite having issues with his gallbladder. Amanda and Eric try to schedule a time to create another baby during her time of peak fertility. Ned has to go to hospital for routine surgery after his issues finally catch up with him. Stacey manages to find Ned after he goes missing in the hospital and helps him get over his concerns about the possibilities of a botched surgery.
4 Mar. 1996
Ned has difficulties shooting an ad campaign starring the famous Bobby Van Lowe (Jason Bateman) from the situation comedy 'Pals'. Ned gives Bobby Amanda's number as Bobby is looking for an apartment in New York and needs a Realtor. Bobby develops feelings for Amanda while she is showing him apartments and winds up kissing her as Ned walks in on them. Amanda puts the baby making plans on hold as she has to rush out to close the apartment deal with Bobby. Ned freaks out after he discovers where Amanda is headed and has to tell Eric all of the details. Eric becomes ...
11 Mar. 1996
It Happened One Night
Stacey gets offended by Amanda who says a few home truths about her arrangement and decides to make some changes and move out to her parents house. Ned fires up at Amanda, concerned that Stacey might tell the truth and forces Amanda to help him retrieve Stacey. Amanda finds Stacey at the diner with her Dad who has been offering her comforting words. Stacey runs into an old boyfriend who was not as cool as he used to be and Amanda and Stacey reminisce over what might have been.
18 Mar. 1996
You Bet Your Wife
Ned hosts a poker game while Stacey and Amanda head out to see the new Demi Moore movie. Ned plays a high stakes hand and ends up being short on his bet. Ned tries to offer replacement bets, none of which his friend Peter is happy with. Peter offers Ned an 'Indecent Proposal' which Ned agrees to. Stacey and Amanda arrive back from their movie date and Ned, who is not yet willing to confess to Stacey, sets up a date between the two of them. Amanda manages to find out the details from Eric and is determined to set Ned straight. Amanda is surprised to learn that Ned has ...
1 Apr. 1996
The End?
Stacey goes on a failed date and expects Ned to bail her out. Stacey believes that there are no good men left while Ned believes that he could find Stacey a better man than she ever could. They make a bet and decide to set each other up on a blind date to see who's right. Ned appears to have won the bet when he sets Stacey up with his friend Alex. Ned continues to be unhappy about the time Stacey and Alex have been spending together due to Stacey missing a few key appearances. Ned brings his work colleagues and boss home and they end up walking in on Stacey and Alex. ...
17 Nov. 1996
The Other End
After being throw out, Stacey decides to go to Alex's. Kirkland threatens to fire Ned and tells him to straighten out his life. Eric takes Ned to a family gathering so Ned can tell Stacey his true feelings.
24 Nov. 1996
Dorsey vs. Dorsey
After throwing Stacey out, Ned goes nuts turning her room into a game room. Stacey moves in with Alex and she gets a lawyer who tells Ned that Stacey is legally entitled to her room. After an incident with Ned, Alex decides to break up Stacey. She then goes back and Ned doesn't welcome her with open arms.
1 Dec. 1996
The Muffins Take Manhattan
Ned learns that his girlfriend is seeing someone else.
15 Dec. 1996
Computer Dating
Stacey leads a revolt at Skyward Magazine when her editor insists she turn her exposition piece on polluted lakes into a fluffy nature story. Diana flies to LA and Ned starts obsessing.
22 Dec. 1996
Les Is More or Less Moral-less
With the divorce looming, Stacey is looking for an apartment. Diana offers Stacey a job as dogs body, then accuses Ned of having feelings for Stacey.
29 Dec. 1996
Loganberry's Run
Amanda thinks there are too many cooks in the muffin shop's kitchen, so she walks out on Ned--but returns after he promises to remain a silent partner.

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