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Sex, Lies, and Commercials
A love affair between Ned and a rival advertising executive hides ulterior motives.
Scenes from a Muffin Shop
Ned learns that his girlfriend is seeing someone else.
The Skyward's the Limit
Stacey leads a revolt at Skyward Magazine when her editor insists she turn her exposition piece on polluted lakes into a fluffy nature story. Diana flies to LA and Ned starts obsessing.
The Errand Girl
With the divorce looming, Stacey is looking for an apartment. Diana offers Stacey a job as dogs body, then accuses Ned of having feelings for Stacey.
The Truth Shall Set You Back
Stacey finally gets up the courage to tell her parents that she and Ned are getting a divorce. Ned wants to ensure he stays friends with Stacey's parents.
I Like Your Moxie
When the ad agency gets a new board of directors, Ned is worried. As expected they ask Ned to prove his worth by creating a campaign to sell a client's sponges.
Please Don't Squeeze the Eric
Eric has a new boss and she wants him to help out with the annual fiscal review, just like he's always wanted. But she wants more than just his accounting expertise.
All That Chazz
It's time to finalize the divorce. But there's still some sexual tension to resolve. While working on the paper work, Ned and Stacey find their games taking a more sexual turn.
Skippy's Revenge
Kirkland's son, Skip, is derailing Ned's brilliant advertising pitches. Stacey is being forced to write yet more fluff. And Amanda still isn't pregnant. All of which leads to copious (attempted) muffin squashing.
Best of Luck on Future Projects
Ned's been working from the office in the muffin shop, though without a lot of success. His old employer for stealing an account in the last episode is also suing him, a lot. Stacey's found a rent-controlled studio and is moving out.

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