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Season 2

10 Oct. 1996
Chapter One, Year Two
Deputy District Attorney Jimmy Wyler joins Hoffman & Associates, and for his first case he defends Sharon Rooney, who was arrested for murdering the governor of California.
17 Oct. 1996
Chapter Two, Year Two
Sharon testifies she was pregnant with Governor Van Allan's child, but he made her have an abortion, while Wyler learns the governor's wife was having an affair of her own.
24 Oct. 1996
Chapter Three, Year Two
As Sharon continues to insist she is guilty, Wyler feels certain that she is not, and a surprising source offers to pay for Sharon Rooney's defense.
7 Nov. 1996
Chapter Four, Year Two
Wyler talks to Sharon's husband concerning her confession, then later meets basketball superstar Rickey Latrell, who fears he'll be arrested for the murder of an NBA team owner.
14 Nov. 1996
Chapter Five, Year Two
Wyler learns another of the governor's affairs ended badly for the woman involved, and Latrell is called in for questioning concerning the murder of team owner Sandy Fortas.
21 Nov. 1996
Chapter Six, Year Two
While Wyler uncovers more connections between the various players involved in the Van Allan murder, Rickey Latrell is arrested and charged with murder.
5 Dec. 1996
Chapter Seven, Year Two
Sharon has trouble dealing with the jury's verdict, and an underworld figure already in jail promises to tell Wyler what really happened the night the governor was killed.
12 Dec. 1996
Chapter Eight, Year Two
The truth about the governor's murder is finally revealed as Mosley and Docknovich argue over who is best suited to make Rickey Latrell's bail argument.
9 Jan. 1997
Chapter Nine, Year Two
While Docknovich and Mosley clash over jury selection for the Latrell case, an agent eager to represent Latrell implies that his current agent has been stealing from clients.
16 Jan. 1997
Chapter Ten, Year Two
Witnesses in the Latrell case portray Rickey as a desperate and possessive man, but later it is Rickey himself who offers up the most damning statement.

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