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The best of the Best

Author: Timothy McKann ( from United States
13 February 2005

Season 1: What I like about this series,it was created by Clamp,(the animators of Tokyo Babylon, Cardcaptors,Chobits, RG Veda,etc), the story is about three junior high school girls,Hikaru,Umi,and Fuu who were summoned by Princess Emeraude to become Magic Knights and save an alternate world called Cephiro. What I also think about the series, the opening and ending theme songs were pretty cool. (Note): Both theme songs were performed by Sandy Fox. Another thing about this series, it was also a video game. In the show there are 2 things that the girls had to do in order to become Magic Knights. First, acquire the legendary ore called Escudo.(Note): the only person who can use the Escudo to make the weapons is master smith Presea. I know it was really sad that she died because, she give her life to create the weapons. Second, the Magic Knights had to revive the legendary Rune Gods to battle Zagato. I also think that the swordsman Ferio has a crush on Fuu after he give Fuu the Magic Orb. Another thing I like about the show is that the minions who served High Priest Zagato became their allies.(Note): they are Caldina, the illusionist, Ascot, the summoner, and Lafarga, the Swordmaster. I can't believe that Ferio is the Brother of Princess Emeraude, Ferio's memories returned to him after the Magic Knights defeated Innouva. But the end was very sad,Princess Emeraude's last wish to be with Zagato and the Magic Knights killed her.

Season 2: What I think about this season, it picks up after the first. I know that the Maigc Knight went back to Cephiro by their own will and it was in darkness and Terror. I know that Cephiro has no pillar because Princess Emeraude died. I know it was very sad. But it got even worse. Other countries are planning to invade Cephiro. Autozam, Farhen, and Chizeta.And of course, there are new characters in this season. Lantis,the brother of High Priest Zagato and Primera, the fairy. The evil side Nova, who was created by Hikaru, and Debonair. When the Magic Knight were each captured by the invaders,the girls talk to them and ask them to call off their attack on Cephiro. But it even got more, even in the final battle for Cephiro, the invaders help the Magic Knights save Cephiro and Hikaru wished for Cephiro to be free of the Pillar.

So in closing to this 2 season series, add it to your collection, you will see what I mean.

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My favorite anime from CLAMP group

Author: Jessica Carvalho from Brazil
24 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

''Magic Knight Rayearth" started to be in television here in Brazil when I was just 8 years old. At that time, I was much more a Yuyu Hakusho,Sailormoon and Dragonball's fan then anything else, do I didn't pay much attention to this fabulous anime called ''Magic Knight Rayearth''. So many different characters, so many different magical powers and with a great variety of beliefs, it's not a coincidence that the awesome CLAMP was the responsible by this series. Sadly I never watched the three-part OVA,even knowing that is not related to Rayearth's manga and anime series.

Hikaru, Umi and Fuu are three very different students from separate schools, that are going to be united in their fate when they discover to be in other world and when they meet a sorcerer, Master Mage Clef, who gives them magic powers and explains to them the peril that this world of Cephiro is in. After this, they will start to meet many other characters and have adventures to save Cephiro, with the help of a little creature named Mokona that will guide them on their journey.

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It was Just a normal Field trip!?

Author: Mandalyn from WV, USA
17 September 2003

This is a wonderful series. It's worth seeing.

The Characters are greatly planned and portrayed.

Like most anime series it kind of drawn out and airy but it's easier to look past that in this particular series.

I also suggest picking up the Mangas (graphic novels)they make you appreciate it even more.

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Author: Repori from Georgia
7 February 2003

I loved this plot very much. The characters are very different. Hikaru is your normal girl who is in a family that runs a dojo. She is a wonderful jumper as well. Umi is from a rich family, and Fuu is very smart. They use these strengths to rescue princess Emeraude. They all change, and Fuu even falls in love with Ferio, a mysterious boy with a huge sword. He is also cool. In one scene later on, several monsters attack him and he destroyed them all before the bag landed on the ground. He was originally small in the manga, but was given five more appearances in the anime, one episode is totally devoted to him!

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A fun-filled Anime

Author: Kefkagod from Hong Kong
10 January 1999

At first,I thought this cartoon would be a typical Sailor Moon rip-off or a typical "girls-run-around-in-skimpy-lil'-sailor-suits" Anime,but boy,was I wrong!The girls wear dresses,but unlike most Anime,they wear ARMOR (don't see that much often)!

My favorite gals are Umi.My favorite villain(ess) is Alycione and that one illusionist gal.However,I think Mokona is about as cutesy as a Jim Henson Muppet reject.But other than Mokona,this is quite fun-filled.

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A Great Anime For Shoujo Fans

Author: Odango Atama from Texas
17 October 1999

Magic Knight Rayearth is about 3 girls sent to another world, where they must gain magic in order to save everyone from evil. This is one of CLAMP's (CLAMP is a group of Japanese comic artists) best projects. Okay, it is kind of a Sailor Moon rip-off in some small areas, but most of the series is pretty original. The ending is very shocking and this anime deserves a look.

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A great series

Author: Crescent-6
15 October 2000

I just saw the 1st 4 episodes of this series and I thought it was great. Mokona's my favorite character. He's really cute. Anyways, this anime series is about 3 8th grade girls that meet by chance at Tokyo Tower on their school field trips. Their names are Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu. Right after they meet, the next moment they found themselves on a giant flying fish. The fish takes them to a world called Cephiro. They must save the land from evil.

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The second season of Magic Knight Rayearth

Author: Rectangular_businessman from Peru
30 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I liked a lot Magic Knight Rayearth. It was one of my favorite shows from my childhood and it was one of the very first magical girl series I've seen in my life, having the chance to watch it before than "Sailor Moon".

I enjoyed a lot that series due its good combination of action, comedy and drama, with a very entertaining plot which took several elements from many different fantasy stories and video-games (Such as for example, "The Neverending Story", "The Legend of Zelda" and "Dungeons and Dragons")

But what impressed me most of that series was the resolution of its first season, which was very dramatic and unhappy, being a total subversion of the classic tale of the heroes destined to save a princess. Back then, I really thought that was the definitive ending of the series.

Fortunately, the story didn't end there, and I was glad to discover the story continued in a second season, which also was darker and more dramatic than the first one, but which had a more satisfying and heartwarming resolution.

Unlike the first season of the series, "Magic Knight Rayearth 2" focused more on the science-fiction aspects of the plot, involving a lot of giant robot battles.

Some new characters were introduced, including a romantic interest for the main character (playing a very important role in her character development) and some sinister new villains.

While not as great as the previous season, and despite its slow-pace at moments (One of the main flaws of this season is that it had more filler episodes than the first one) "Magic Knight Rayearth 2" was a decent sequel of one of the most underrated anime shows ever made, having one of the most epic conclusions that I have seen in a magical girl series.


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It just gets better

Author: Peej from CT
3 January 2004

Rayearth is a wicked famous anime..and so I finally saw it. The first season is a monster-of-the-day show..that just gets tedious. But the 2nd season is ALL plot and woo...the drama of rayearth. very gripping and exciting. A must see. Recommendation: read the manga vols 1-3, then see the 2nd season anime, then finish the manga (vols 4-6). I give it 8 of 10 stars

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Very good!

Author: Rectangular_businessman from Peru
10 June 2010

I remember this anime series as one of my favorites from my childhood, the story was like a combination of "Dungeons and Dragons" (The animated series, not the movie) "Sailor Moon" and "Saint Seiya" with giant robots. And the most incredible thing is that it works very well! Sure, at first this could sound very strange and weird, but the way in what the story starts and advances is incredibly good. The characters are very funny and likable, the plot is very easy to follow, and there are lots of comedy, drama, adventure and action… The best thing of it is the development: What start like a simplistic light-hearted adventure, quickly evolves into a serious, dark epic that reaches its best point in the second season, that adds more elements of science fiction.

Even when I'm not an anime fan, I still like a lot this series. It was pretty good and enjoyable.

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