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Viewers should take note of this.

Author: SpideyTerry from Ardmore, PA
11 February 2002

Why? Because this shoe comes from a time when Fox Kids didn't suck so much. Life with Louie is about comic Louie Anderson as a kid. The characters were great, particularly Andy Anderson (Louie's dad). Every episode was filled with many jokes and first class humor. If you think back to your own childhood, you can really relate to several episodes. Life with Louie was one of the best Saturday morning shows ever. If you can ever track it down, watch it.

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The best cartoon on television

Author: brinksnirvana ( from Old Basing, England
7 July 2001

This show stands as the best cartoon ever, in my opinion. People always say the Simpsons or King of the Hill take the honour, but this was funny more often. All scenes had funny parts in them somewhere. But the truly delightful scenes are the ones between Louie and his Father. They made a comic pairing for the ages. The episode where Louie joined the baseball team is still the greatest cartoon episode ever written. It was indeed a dark day in television history when Louie went off the air. The brightest pearl is never discovered, and this is the brightest pearl of them all.

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LOVE IT!!!!!

Author: Derek Barichello ( from Streator, Illinois
8 August 1999

i love it!!!!! this was a great cartoon... very very very funny, it was non stop laughter. it was a depiction of a boy's life named louie, which captures the innocence and humor of childhood. many of louie's thoughts and dilemmas are very similiar to ones i have went through in my life. and this cartoon tranforms the ordinary into funny. i loved it!!! it was one of the few very good saturday morning cartoons still on...a great cartoon!!!!

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My favorite show on Fox!

Author: TheComputerNerd from Topeka, Ks
13 May 2005

When this cartoon came on Fox, it was on in 1995 when I was 11 years old and I was in the sixth grade. Fox had some good shows like Eek! the cat, Goosebumps, and the original TMNT. I remember getting up on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons, that's when cartoons were something worth watching compared to what's on TV today. Today's Saturday morning cartoons does stinks since ABC stopped showing like The Bugs and Tweety Show which aired for fourteen years until the show was canceled in 2000 for new crap like Nothing but Raven, Lilo and Stitch, The Proud Family, Lizzie Mcguire, etc. Recess were on ABC but not anymore. On Fox, there are like three cartoons worth watching and the shows are One Piece (which is like an anime type show), Sonic X, The new Teenage Mutuant Ninja Turtles. Those are the only shows currently worth watching on Fox. Well, enough of my ranting. Life with Louie is about comedian Louie Anderson's life growing up in a family with 10 siblings, a loud and war crazed father, an annoying little brother named Tommy, and a sweet mother. I remember he had only one friend, the friend's name was Jeanne. The rest of the kids just make fun of him at school and he didn't like it. I don't know why Fox did cancel this show, it was a pretty good show and now Fox, ABC, CBS, and WB! show nothing but stupid shows on Saturday mornings.

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Life with Louie , {Saturday morning on hold}

Author: ( from Cleveland, England.
6 March 2005

Life with Louie ,this cartoon had the lot ,it made me laugh and sometimes it made me feel sad .Every Saturday morning I would put everything off, until I had seen this little round kid tell the world, in his latest episode, about the problems he faced growing up . The reason I found it so good to watch , was because it was about real people with real problems , but I still found it funny ,in fact I have never laughed so much at a cartoon . I think everybody who loved the cartoon could relate to a certain character or episode where they could see a little bit of themselves's in the show .There was I think thirty seven episodes ,and everyone of those thirty seven shows was packed full of humour,I am looking forward to the day when I can sit with my children and watch this great cartoon again . If you ever get the chance {and its been seven years ,since the last showing in England}watch it .Im now waiting for a second showing, I wont miss out a second time , and then once again ,I can put my Saturday mornings on hold .

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Quite funny actually

Author: MovieAddict2014 from UK
27 May 2005

This television show created and voiced by Louie Anderson (ex-host of "Family Fortune") is actually quite funny. The animation isn't the best but it is entertaining and has a good number of jokes that are equally funny for adults; like "The Simpsons," you'll find yourself laughing at the jokes no one else in the room is.

This is autobiographical to some degree; it is actually about Louie as a young child only it seems to be set in the '90s instead of earlier. Louie's father is the best character and always has the best lines and most embarrassing situations befall him.

Overall this isn't a great animated show but for being a FOX kids program, you could do a lot, lot worse.

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Ever Thought You Had A Strange Family?

Author: ( from U.S.A
27 August 2002

Louie Anderson's stand-up comedy about life as a child is now a Saturday morning cartoon. There was Dad, Mom, and his 10 brothers and sisters.

In the cartoon, Louie's dad is named Andy, though in real life it was Louie. I guess they changed it to avoid confusion. There were all kinds of crazy episodes, like the one where the family goes to a theme park across the country. They raft down the Grand Canyon, even fly a hot air balloon and when they finally arrive, they find the theme park has moved. Or how about the one where they take a vacation to Lake Winibagasha where Dad tries to catch a giant legendary fish. Of course not all the episodes were fun and games, some were serious, like the death of Louie's grandmother. Actually, I think that was the only serious one. Another good one is where Louie get's a goldfish and names it Pepper. He feeds it doughnuts (Louie's favorite food. I wonder if he ever wanted to be a cop) and it grows to twice it's normal size; Dad owned a 1949 Rambler, which was a real piece of junk, but he loved it. (Funny, in one of Louie Anderson's stand-up shows he said his father drove a Bonneville.) Anyway, Dad loved that car. And even though Louie didn't, he helped fix it up so Dad could drive it in the Veterans' Day parade. That's something else his Dad was, a veteran from the big war: WWII. He'd always be telling stories about what he had and didn't have during the war. It's not on anymore, but it was a pretty good show when it was on. Hopefully it will one day return to TV. In the meantime, Louie Anderson currently hosts Family Feud.


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The good old days!

Author: TimmyElkinson from United States
31 October 2003

This show was like church on Saturdays to me. I would always make room to watch Life with Louie. Everything on Fox Kids suck now(with the exception of Sonic X and TMNT). Just hearing his voice is funny. This along with X-Men,Spider-Man,Eek!,Goosebumps and Secret Files of the Spy Dogs(don't know if you remember that last one)were the best shows to watch on Saturday Mornings!

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A great cartoon!!!

Author: Tinkerbelle9980 from Indiana
4 May 2002

Life with Louie was a cartoon worth getting up on Saturday mornings for. You never knew what was going to happen. Louie's family had everything from the pesky little brother to the loving mother. Even the other children Louie knew made it interesting, especially the bully who would never call him by his real name. But the episodes were written well and were always funny. You could always identify with the characters. One of the best cartoons of the 90's!

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Best Saturday morning series EVER!

Author: DeborahPainter855 from Norfolk, Virginia
6 August 2002

I was so sad when the series ended years ago. Like the ones in "Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids", the characters in "Life With Louie" were distinctive and funny. Having a grown up Louie doing the voice for himself as a kid didn't detract from the show at all; in fact, it made it better. Louie wasn't a grown up in the body of a kid like the "Peanuts" characters. He was a talented youngster with peculiar, well meaning parents. Don't we all know people like them? Sure, you know you do.

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