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1 Feb. 1997
The Good, the Bad & the Glenns
Louie meets a joker who is Ora's ex-boyfriend, Marty Kazoo. Ora, however, isn't too happy about the new friendship.
8 Feb. 1997
Kazoo's Coming to Dinner
Louie gets jealous because Jeannie has a crush at the new kid at school. Meanwhile, Andy and Ora are arguing about the date of their wedding anniversary.
15 Feb. 1997
The Thank You Note
For Louie's birthday, his grandma gives Louie a sweater which she made for him. While trying to write the thank you letter, Louie decides to instead play with his friends. When he finally writes the letter, he finds out his grandma has died.
6 Sep. 1997
Louie's Gate
A new movie theater opens and Louie goes all the time, so Andy and Ora become worried. They decide to give him a movie camera, which causes Louie to decide to shoot a movie.
13 Sep. 1997
The Making of a President
Louie and Mike Grunewald try to win a school election by making lies about the other people.
20 Sep. 1997
Military Reunion
Louie doesn't want to listen anymore to Andy's war stories. While at the Military Reunion, Andy admits to Louie he was called Corporal Keister and he was a cook, though his friends from the military insist that he did save them.
27 Sep. 1997
Go Packers!
Andy takes Louie to the Packers game.
11 Oct. 1997
The Undergraduate
When Louie's teacher gets ill, Louie gets a crush on the replacement teacher. Louie begins reading Shakespeare, much to Andy's chagrin. Andy tries to order the principal to fire Mrs. Robertson, the replacement teacher. Mrs. Robertson explains she's from the military family and Andy gets her a job at the military academy.
25 Oct. 1997
Louie's Harrowing Halloween
While shopping, Louie ends up stealing candy, so he tries to get rid of it during Halloween.
1 Nov. 1997
Mr. Louie's Wild Ride
The Anderson family goes to Snifferland for their vacation. After arrival, they learn Snifferland moved to Orlando, Florida.
8 Nov. 1997
Close Encounters of the Louie Kind
Louie and Mike create a spaceship which causes Andy to be declared ambassador of the Earth.
15 Nov. 1997
The Kiss Is the Thing
Louie must play the prince for the school performance about Sleeping Beauty. Meanwhile, Andy replaces his boss.
20 Dec. 1997
Family Portrait
Louie learns one of his friends is an orphan and invites him to his house for Christmas.

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