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7 Jan. 2005
Automatic for the People
An F-14 crashes while kids watch from the playground at their school; Harm investigates, and he gets answers. Bud's anger-management course degenerates into a fight. Mac beats the general during an annual requal on a pistol range.
14 Jan. 2005
The Sixth Juror
At the Naval Air Station, Key West, Florida, a sailor goes on trial for murder; Mac prosecutes, Harm defends, and Coates serves as the sixth juror. The trial goes awry, but Harm figures out the murder. Bud helps by breaking a code.
4 Feb. 2005
Heart of Darkness
A Marine captain has deserted and has become a freelance warlord in Afghanistan, seeking Osama bin Laden; the Afghan government places him on trial; Harm and Mac defend him; Islamic justice follows. The Navy recalls Bud Sr. to active duty.
11 Feb. 2005
Fit for Duty
In a firefight Taliban insurgents kill a Marine private first-class who has spent the three previous days with a Navy psychiatrist; the company commander of the victim accuses the shrink of medical malpractice by sending the Marine back into battle too soon; Harm and Mac investigate; the matter goes to a court-martial; Mac prosecutes, and Harm defends; the trial raises questions about official procedures. Bud defends a commander who has refused to surrender his position as the commanding officer of a frigate after BuPers ordered his relief for cause due to a collision...
18 Feb. 2005
Bridging the Gulf
A Navy helo damages an Iraqi fishing boat; Harm does his carrier quals in the F-18 Hornet, and he destroys a small Iraqi aircraft; and a Marine gunnery sergeant commandeers an Iraqi civilian SUV. Everything works out, and justice prevails.
23 Feb. 2005
Straits of Malacca
Pirates have seized a Burmese freighter in Indonesian waters; the US Navy becomes involved; Mac and Greg, the new lawyer, take part, and they avert a disaster. Bud and Harriet host a party, where Mike meets the general's daughter.
11 Mar. 2005
JAG: San Diego
While delivering relief supplies, a Marine hits a local man; he goes on trial; Mac prosecutes, and Greg and Tali defend. The annual JAG conference meets in San Diego. Mattie is in serious condition after an aircraft collision on the ground.
1 Apr. 2005
Death at the Mosque
Vic defends a Marine in Iraq, and he sees combat and takes part in it. Mac advises and encourages the general's daughter, who's a plebe at the Naval Academy. Harm continues his vigil with Mattie, who remains in a coma.
8 Apr. 2005
Two Towns
An explosion in Iraq kills 17 Marines in a reserve unit from a small town; one survives and returns home. The USMC Reserve Center burns due to arson; the survivor goes on trial for the fire. Mac goes to Iraq and investigates the explosion.
15 Apr. 2005
Unknown Soldier
A Navy physician is in trouble for having given to an Iraqi child a drug in short supply. The general's brother, a SEAL in SE Asia, believes that a recently discovered body is that of a helo pilot who died while saving the brother's team.
22 Apr. 2005
Dream Team
A sailor dies during a fight aboard a ship at sea; Bud discovers the explanation. A seaman releases two dolphins from their pen; justice prevails. Mattie wakes up and talks. The general announces a reorganization, orders, and a promotion.
29 Apr. 2005
Fair Winds and Following Seas
Harm and Mac get separate transfer orders; Harm gets a promotion. Vic investigates and resolves a fraudulent enlistment. Harm and Mac talk, then propose to each other; Bud flips a coin to decide which of them will resign from the service.

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