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9 Jan. 2001
Touch and Go
Cdr. Kate Pike briefly passes through the JAG headquarters, the SecNav cancels orders for a rear admiral, and Bud represents an attractive woman Marine corporal who wishes to attend Officer Candidate School, but a tattoo gets in the way.
16 Jan. 2001
Baby, It's Cold Outside
Admiral Chegwidden heads the selection board for captains this year. SecNav tries to get a member of his staff promoted. Meanwhile Harm tries to help a former sergeant who faces a long prison term under the three-strikes law.
30 Jan. 2001
Collision Course
In the Adriatic Sea a US frigate collides with a Turkish destroyer, in part because of a Greek destroyer escort nearby. The SecNav orders the admiral to prosecute the CO of the US ship; Harm and Mac defend him. Justice trumps politics.
6 Feb. 2001
A Marine sergeant major, on trial for attempted murder, invokes a supernatural event; Bud prosecutes, and Harm defends. A priest from the Vatican investigates the alleged involvement of a chaplain who died during a firefight in Vietnam.
13 Feb. 2001
Killer Instinct
During night flight ops a sailor falls overboard from a carrier; Harm and Bud investigate, suspect murder, identify a suspect, and prosecute him. Mac defends a Marine for bigamy, which turns into polygamy. The admiral finds another car.
20 Feb. 2001
The Iron Coffin
A Russian nuclear submarine sinks while submerged with a US nuclear submarine nearby. The Russian government learns that the fault for the sinking lies with the Russians, but the officials seek to blame the US anyway. The US submarine leaders know what took place, but they feel reluctant to reveal that, because to do so would disclose an important advantage. After two surprising twists Mac takes a ride aboard a US submarine, and Harm takes one aboard a Russian submarine. The two boats wind up near each other, because the US vessel shadows the Russian one. An extremely...
27 Feb. 2001
Retreat, Hell
Mic represents a civilian wrongfully jailed in a Navy brig; he settles with Harm and Bud. Gunny goes to New Mexico to pick up a Marine who disappeared after service in the Korean War. The admiral goes fishing and winds up in a firefight.
13 Mar. 2001
Terrorists aboard a service boat approach a USN destroyer in a port in the Mideast; a security team stops the boat and finds explosives and a woman Marine sergeant. Harm and Mac investigate. The suspect volunteers for a task for the CIA.
27 Mar. 2001
In Mazatlan, Mexico, Mike, Bud's brother, becomes involved in a barroom fight with a local, who later dies. Harm and Bud, with help from Bud Sr., eventually discover the cause. Mac successfully defends a Marine bulldog in a paternity suit.
10 Apr. 2001
Mac and Mic receive several wedding gifts, including one from PO Tiner, which contains a bloody knife; Mac traces the knife to its origin. Harm receives information which may help to free SgtMaj. Krohn from Fort Leavenworth. Harm goes to the prison and encounters Clark Palmer, a former intelligence field operative with whom he has tangled more than once. Father O'Rourke comes again from the Vatican to find out whether a second miracle has taken place. Palmer nearly dies, and Krohn receives another vision from Chaplain Wiggins. Palmer's life becomes worse, but Krohn's ...
24 Apr. 2001
To Walk on Wings
Representative Latham and another ride an MV-22 Osprey aircraft; just above the sea a minor mishap occurs. Latham holds an inquiry, and Harm and Mac take part. Harriet investigates an old case of innocence. The guys start planning a party.
1 May 2001
Past Tense
LCdr. Jordi Parker, one of Harm's former girlfriends, dies under suspicious circumstances. For a while NCIS regards Harm as a suspect. Mac, Bud, LCdr. Teresa Coulter, and, later, Harm investigate. The admiral helps Danny to make a choice.
8 May 2001
RAdm. Chegwidden holds an engagement party for Mac and Mic. Harm and Mac take part in frank and profound communication amid a parade of incisive and revealing flashbacks. Bud runs into some trouble, and Harriet receives a gift of gold.
15 May 2001
Sarah dreams about an actual conspiracy to commit a mutiny in 1842 at sea aboard a brig of war, a sailing vessel, of the US Navy.
22 May 2001
Adrift: Part 1
Harm misses Mac's rehearsal and dinner by doing his semiannual carquals, then he and Skates by necessity eject from an F-14 Tomcat at night during a storm at sea. A rescue helo picks up Skates, but Harm remains unfound in the rough sea.
25 Sep. 2001
Adrift: Part 2
A rescue helo has picked up Skates, but Harm remains adrift in the sea. With Mac's uncanny help, a Viking finds Harm's boat, then a helo finds Harm, but his condition is critical. Mac declines to set another date, then Mic returns to Oz.
2 Oct. 2001
New Gun in Town
Mac postpones her wedding indefinitely, and Mic returns to Oz. Mac seeks TAD out of town, so the admiral sends her and Gunny to investigate the disappearance of a Marine major from a ship in the Indian Ocean. Harm heals and gives a ride.
9 Oct. 2001
Measure of Men
The admiral helps to solve a problem for an unexpected visitor. In the Indian Ocean, Mac and Gunny investigate a death; Mac prosecutes, and Harm shows up, defends, and figures it out. Friction heats up between Harm and a civilian attorney.
16 Oct. 2001
In Indonesia a girl complains of rape by a Marine who protects a consulate. The police seize him, and Mac flies in; she functions as a lawyer and a Marine. An angry mob besieges the consulate. Harm and Loren defend a SEAL for a heroic act.
23 Oct. 2001
Mixed Messages
An intruder shoots three Navy people, killing two. One of the dead is a friend of Harm, who protects his reputation. Webb, counter-espionage, and disinformation are involved; Bud solves it. Mac and Renee return to town; Mac leaves again.
30 Oct. 2001
Harm defends an old friend against improper fraternization; while investigating, he finds something affecting national security, then he too faces serious questions. Mac helps a woman Naval officer with a case involving child abuse.
6 Nov. 2001
During a UN peacekeeping campaign a Marine captain, exceeding written rules of engagement, orders his team into an ambush, which kills six Marines. Sturgis prosecutes, and Harm and Bud defend. Mac investigates an unlikely peeping tom.
13 Nov. 2001
The JAG gang take part in a JAGathon, a charity-benefit marathon, which provides opportunities for personal pride and individual competitiveness. Sturgis feels uncertain, and Harm defends a sailor for impersonating an officer.
20 Nov. 2001
Dog Robber: Part 1
A Chinese MiG collides with an EP-3 Orion aircraft on a recon mission; the Orion lands at a Chinese airfield. Harm and RAdm. Boone go to China; they reclaim the crew but not the bird. An escort pilot takes matters into his own hands.
27 Nov. 2001
Dog Robber: Part 2
Harm, RAdm. Boone, and the Orion crew arrive aboard the carrier, as does the rogue pilot, who then faces a court-martial. Harm and Bud defend him. Mac passes a test, and she investigates demeaning behavior toward a woman Marine officer.
11 Dec. 2001
Answered Prayers
Amid much activity at Christmas, a woman petty officer in disguise runs afoul of the law, Harm takes her into custody and to a party, and she stays with Mac. Harm's rebuilt Corvette briefly disappears, and Webb gives him a surprise.

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