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11 Jan. 2000
Into the Breech
Harm and Mac advise students at a naval high-school academy during a mock trial based on an old case in the Navy. The students continue to investigate, and they find a witness not previously interviewed; he gives enlightening testimony.
18 Jan. 2000
Life or Death
A court condemned a Marine to death for the murders of three fellow Marines. Mac represents him in his final appeal; Mic represents the USA. Australia recalls Mic, so Harm replaces him. Harm and Mac argue hotly in a new sentence hearing.
1 Feb. 2000
Cabin Pressure
While Harm and Mac investigate a murder aboard a ship at sea, Harm becomes trapped with two others inside the brig; a collision causes many problems, including flooding of the compartment. Harm solves the crime and becomes rescued.
8 Feb. 2000
Boomerang: Part 1
A petty officer apparently was murdered during a visit by USS Chicago to Sydney, Australia, 28 years ago; the dead man has reappeared, become arrested, and asked to see a JAG officer of the USN. Harm, Bud, and Mac all wind up there.
15 Feb. 2000
Boomerang: Part 2
The admiral unexpectedly arrives in Sydney, and the adventure continues. Mic prosecutes the US former petty officer, and Harm defends. Bud sustains an injury, and courtroom fireworks ensue. The JAG gang take the deserter back to the US.
22 Feb. 2000
People v. Gunny
Gunny and a Marine buddy stumble into a tussle near a gay bar; the gunny hits another man while helping to defend his friend. A court-martial finds him not guilty, but a civilian prosecutor also puts him on trial. The admiral defends him.
29 Feb. 2000
The Bridge at Kang So Ri
In Korea during the Korean War 23 Koreans died due to gunfire by US soldiers. The civilian press in the USA has refreshed accusations of an unjustified massacre. Harm, Mac, and others fly to Seoul to investigate; a hijacking interferes.
28 Mar. 2000
A displeased woman seaman "quits" and walks away; Mac prosecutes, and Harm defends. She argues that her recruiter promised her training and a rating which she has not gotten. Bud makes an announcement, and the admiral makes a date.
4 Apr. 2000
Drop Zone
During training five newbies and a jumpmaster jump from an aircraft; the jumpmaster signals the jump too soon; two trainees land in a lake, and one of them sustains an injury and soon dies. Mac and Harm prosecute, and Bud and Loren defend.
25 Apr. 2000
The Witches of Gulfport
Mac has gone incognito at a Seabee center to investigate a charge of rape among Wiccan worship and training; Harm and Bud join her, and they prosecute; a civilian lawyer defends. The admiral and others have trouble with a plaster pyramid.
2 May 2000
Overdue & Presumed Lost
A civilian salvage operator announces his intent to claim, seize, and recover the wreckage of a US submarine which the Japanese battle fleet sank on 05 December 1941 while en route to attack Pearl Harbor. The admiral represents the USA.
9 May 2000
Real Deal SEAL
Lt. Rivers, a SEAL, challenges a man who claims to be a former SEAL; the other man swings at Rivers, who then slugs him. Mac prosecutes, and Harm defends. Rivers and Harm also flush out another impostor. The admiral receives an invitation.
16 May 2000
Body Talk
While reviewing old convictions Harm obtains a new trial for a man convicted of murder but ineffectively represented; the convict is LCdr. Teresa Coulter's father, and the victim was his mother. Harm and Bud figure out what happened.
23 May 2000
Surface Warfare
During an exercise, friendly fire goes too close to a boat hauling 15 Marines, apparently due to a mistake by PO Mike Roberts, Bud's brother. One by one Bud, Mac, Harm, the admiral, the SecNav, and Webb all fly out. Harm solves the puzzle.
3 Oct. 2000
Legacy: Part 1
Harm goes to Russia to help in reforming Russian military law; however, complications arise. Mac and Bud prosecute a Naval officer for espionage, then she too goes to Moscow. Harriet gets a small surprise, and Harm gets a large one.
10 Oct. 2000
Legacy: Part 2
While still in Chechnya, Harm learns more about his father's life after his escape from Siberia. Mac and Webb follow Harm to Russia, where they again meet both Alexei and Falcon; Mac and Alexei go onward to Chechnya and find Harm, then Mac alerts him about a plot to kill the president of Russia. In a curious twist Harm helps to defend a Russian helicopter pilot in a one-sided Russian court-martial. Meanwhile in a federal civilian court Bud defends the Navy against a suit by a woman whom the Navy had rescued from a raft at sea, but who wanted not to be rescued; during ...
17 Oct. 2000
Florida Straits
A US frigate rescues and takes aboard a 12-year-old Cuban girl clinging to floating debris; internal and international squabbling ensues. Harm and Bud fly out and lend a hand. The girl takes some big steps. Mac and Mic talk more.
24 Oct. 2000
Flight Risk
Harm and Bud investigate a crash of an F-14 while it leaves a civilian upgrade facility; they find irregularities. Mic, now a civilian lawyer in Washington, represents the vendor. The admiral tries hard to give Sydney a happy birthday.
31 Oct. 2000
A love triangle leads to the death of a teenage girl, and a woman Naval officer goes on trial for murder. On live TV Mac and Bud prosecute, and one of Mac's law professors defends. Harm investigates an apparent suicide aboard a carrier.
14 Nov. 2000
The Princess and the Petty Officer
A sailor on overseas duty in an Arabic nation falls in love with a local girl; he smuggles her into the USA and marries her. She turns out to be a princess; Mac represents her in an Islamic tribunal in Arlington. Harriet runs into trouble.
21 Nov. 2000
A Separate Peace: Part 1
RAdm. Boone has become nominated to serve as ComSixthFleet and to get his third star. Days before the Senate confirmation hearing, SecNav receives an anonymous hotline tip alleging war crimes in Vietnam by Boone; Harm and Mac investigate.
28 Nov. 2000
A Separate Peace: Part 2
RAdm. Boone goes on trial for murder of civilians in a village in South Vietnam. Mac and Bud prosecute, and Harm and Loren defend. Webb produces a surprise witness with surprising testimony. Meanwhile RAdm. Chegwidden gets back his SUV.
12 Dec. 2000
Family Secrets
Bud feels anger and agony over the recent tragedy in his family; he considers courses of action and makes a decision. Mac moves a ring, and Mic prepares to return to Oz. Webb twice gives Harm news. A secret about Harriet comes to light.

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