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Skeleton Crew
The body of a woman Naval officer, a friend and classmate of Harm, is found ashore. Harm, Meg, and Alison investigate. Sparks fly between Harm and an NCIS agent. The body of another officer, a suspect, is found. Harm winds up under arrest.
12 Jan. 1999
Dungaree Justice
Three men sailors waylay a bar owner, and one of them beats him, supposedly in revenge for the rape of a fourth sailor, a woman, who accompanied them on a previous visit. Harm and Mac prosecute, and Mic and Bud defend. Harm figures it out.
13 Jan. 1999
War Stories
Serbian extremists have executed three NATO observers. A SEAL team went in to rescue, but they arrived late. The officer in charge now faces charges of disobedience and involuntary manslaughter. Mic prosecutes, and Mac and Bud defend.
9 Feb. 1999
Webb of Lies
Webb makes an urgent call to Harm at home one night, then his cellphone dies. The next morning the admiral announces the discovery of Webb's body after an explosion the night before. Surprises abound. Harm seeks and finds explanations.
16 Feb. 1999
Rivers' Run
In the Appalachian Mountains the OiC of a SEAL team takes and returns fire and kills a 14-year-old boy. The OiC goes back and investigates, but the locals try him for murder in a "people's court"; Harm and Mac follow and defend him.
23 Feb. 1999
Silent Service
A US submarine experiences a series of mishaps and illnesses. Harm and Mac investigate while at sea; they suspect that someone aboard has induced the problems. Harm figures it out, and the bad guy tries but fails to put them out of his way.
2 Mar. 1999
Nobody's Child
A five-year-old abused girl dies during a field trip to a Naval museum in Washington, DC. Harm, taking a strong personal interest, investigates. He and LCdr. Coulter find many answers plus the victim's twin sister. Bud passes the bar exam.
30 Mar. 1999
Bud takes an oath as a member of the JAG Corps. Aboard an aircraft carrier a series of major engineering casualties severely interfere with flight operations. Harm and Mac investigate, and they figure it out, then Harm takes a ride.
13 Apr. 1999
The Adversaries
Bud receives a promotion from lieutenant (junior grade) to full lieutenant; then Bud Sr. enters in uniform, announces that the Navy has recalled him to active duty to try him at a court-martial (for larceny and wrongful disposition of government property), and he asks Bud to defend him. Harm prosecutes, Bud defends, and Bud Sr. assaults and batters a government witness. Bud proves to be a vigorous and aggressive adversary at trial. Bud and Harriet throw a wetdown party at Murphy's Tavern. Continuing to look after Dar-lin, LCdr. Jordi Parker takes her to the JAG office...
27 Apr. 1999
Second Sight
After a call from a priest, Mac sees her dying estranged father and her estranged mother as well. Mac feels and expresses much anger and frustration, yet she reaches some resolution with each of them. Harm gets laser surgery on his eyes.
4 May 1999
Wilderness of Mirrors
The admiral gets help from the gang to prepare him to argue a case before the Supreme Court of the US, but the case suddenly becomes moot. Meanwhile Clark Palmer plays head games with Harm, involving LCdr. Jordi Parker as well; Harm wins.
11 May 1999
Soul Searching
Terrorists in Italy have kidnapped a CIA agent, who is important to both Webb and the admiral; Webb has begun efforts to rescue him, and he draws in the admiral. The two go to Italy and ply their craft. It's new-car time in Washington.
18 May 1999
Yeah, Baby
Harm requests a change back to a Naval aviator. Chloe makes pithy comments about boys and relationships. Bud prosecutes a Marine staff sergeant about her pregnancy. Two women give birth. Harm and Mac exchange contingent promises.
25 May 1999
Harm pursues a lead about Annie's killer. After the christening of the Roberts baby, Harm follows and finds Charlie and Dar-lin, who then starts toward an adoption. Harm receives orders to the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, and he leaves.
21 Sep. 1999
King of the Greenie Board
Harm not only flies but also serves as the legal officer for his squadron aboard a carrier; friction develops between him and a hotshot pilot. Mac prosecutes, and Mic defends, a Marine weapons instructor for carelessly firing a new weapon system while drunk. Administrative screw-ups accumulate at the JAG headquarters, so GySgt. Galindez joins the JAG gang to help. Against Harm's advice his hotshot shipmate destroys an armored vehicle containing whom he believes to be Serbians intercepting refugees on the ground and placing them in danger, but who prove to be Russian ...
28 Sep. 1999
Rules of Engagement
Mac flies to the carrier to investigate and prosecute in the killing of the Russians in the preceding episode; Bud and Mic soon join at sea, Bud to help Mac, and Mic to help Harm, who defends X-man. Justice prevails in an unexpected way.
5 Oct. 1999
True Callings
A petty officer smuggles a pregnant Albanian woman aboard Harm's carrier; Harm helps with the defense of the sailor at trial. Harm does some good flying, but the CAG nudges Harm back toward the JAG Corps. The gunny starts his new duties.
12 Oct. 1999
The Return
Harm returns. On the bridge of a Naval vessel at sea, a jaygee, who is the son of the SecNav, fails and refuses to obey a direct order from his CO. The defendant insists on going to trial. Mic prosecutes, and Harm and Bud defend.
19 Oct. 1999
Front and Center
Harm receives his second DFC. Mic prosecutes a sailor accused of smuggling marijuana, and Mac defends; Harm and Bud seek a witness and rescuer who disappeared after an attempted rape. Chemistry and talk occur among Harm, Mac, and Mic.
2 Nov. 1999
Psychic Warrior
At a psychic-research lab a subject, a lieutenant, wakes up and jumps to his death. The admiral in charge faces a court-martial for manslaughter and dereliction; Mac and Bud prosecute, and Harm defends. Mac has an enlightening experience.
9 Nov. 1999
The DoD has hired a retired SEAL to test physical security arrangements; his methods are extreme. He captures a submarine and takes her to sea. Bud serves as the official observer; Harm lends a hand. Gunny meets resistance and resentment.
16 Nov. 1999
The Colonel's Wife
During a drug bust in San Diego County, California, deputy sheriffs find a package bearing the return address of a woman in Panama who's the wife of the Marine colonel in charge of the drug-interdiction program in Panama. Harm and Mac go to Panama and investigate; Harm meets the wife, and she surprises Mac. They figure out the lady and her activities, and Mac suggests that she go on a shopping spree; instead she goes elsewhere and meets an unhappy result. Harm and Mac embellish their oral report to the colonel. Meanwhile Bud reunites with his college roommate; Bud ...
23 Nov. 1999
Contemptuous Words
A newspaper prints an op-ed piece, contemptuous of the PotUS (and a violation of the UCMJ), which first appears to have come from Harm's office computer; Harm figures it out. Meanwhile Mac encounters an unusual question about childbearing.
30 Nov. 1999
A disabled Tomcat crashes and burns during an emergency landing aboard a carrier. Mac and Mic investigate; they later prosecute Skates, the LSO, for dereliction. Harm defends; while researching he and Bud meet resistance. Justice prevails.
14 Dec. 1999
Ghosts of Christmas Past
Again at The Wall at Christmas, Harm meets Jenny Lake, a singer who, as a member of a USO troupe, entertained aboard Harm's father's carrier. She tells about their brief friendship. The JAG characters play other roles during flashbacks.

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