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6 Jan. 1996
A woman Marine recruit dies at Parris Island. Harm investigates while Meg poses undercover as a recruit. Harm distrusts the official appraisal of the death as an accident, and Meg meets threats and attempts against her. They find the truth.
13 Jan. 1996
In south Texas residents have reported strange phenomena, stories of supernatural events have abounded, and a 10-year-old girl has disappeared. Harm and Meg investigate; they find the girl, and they solve the greater mystery.
3 Feb. 1996
The Brotherhood
During a landing exercise Marines find a beaten, comatose fellow Marine on the beach; while investigating, Harm and Meg find inconsistent data. They and the company commander run into trouble, but they sort things out and set them right.
13 Mar. 1996
Defensive Action
A patrolling F-14 malfunctions in a no-fly zone; the crew ejects, and the bird explodes. A Serb helo strafes the crew while they descend with their chutes. The CAG destroys the helo, then he faces a court-martial; Harm and Meg defend him.
20 Mar. 1996
After a lightning strike an F-14 wanders into Cuban airspace, and Cuban fighters force it to land. Harm and Meg in Cuba try to negotiate a return of the aircraft and the pilot -- before anyone seizes the advanced programs from the bird.
27 Mar. 1996
By mistake a foreign agent sends a fax to Meg's office; then he retrieves it and shoots Meg to prevent her from identifying him. Meg undergoes surgery; Harm and others track and find the assailant, who's an assassin on an assignment.
3 Apr. 1996
High Ground
A Marine sniper receives orders contrary to a previous deal; his CO refuses to listen; the sniper takes a shot at the CO's Humvee. Harm and Meg investigate. After an escape and a chase, Harm returns the accused to the base and works it out.
10 Apr. 1996
Black Ops
A Naval aviator, while temporarily assigned to a SEAL team, drowns at sea; he was the son of a woman senator. Harm and Meg investigate. First they meet stonewalling and misrepresentation, but persistence and determination produce the truth.
17 Apr. 1996
In a civilian court Harm represents a divorced (and emotionally baffled) Marine colonel, who has gotten into trouble over an unauthorized visit with his minor son. A manhunt ensues, with Harm as one of the hunted, but Harm brokers a deal.
1 May 1996
A Navy astronaut dies during a drill while preparing for a space mission to repair a satellite. Harm and Meg investigate; after a second casualty they not only identify the person responsible but also prevent a destruction of the satellite.
8 May 1996
The Prisoner
Chicom agents capture Harm in Hong Kong; they vigorously question him in mainland China about official matters. During mind games Harm imagines his father's voice. Meg and Alison search for Harm, and, after a firefight, they get him back.
22 May 1996
Someone kills a Naval officer on Okinawa, then his ship encounters major trouble during war games at sea. Harm, Kate, and Meg investigate and solve. A rogue system hijacks the ship and heads it toward North Korea, but Meg regains control.

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