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Season 4

29 Sep. 1997
Beanstalks and Bad Eggs
Hercules promises a dying old woman to find out what happened to her mother, Lianna. After stealing a magic bean from a warlord with Autolycus' help -- well, participation, they climb the resulting beanstalk and find a castle in the clouds. A still-young Lianna is there, along with the cranky giant Typhoon (Typhon's brother), commanded by Hades to guard the last harpy eggs.
6 Oct. 1997
Hero's Heart
Iolaus' self-esteem is shattered when he is unable to save a woman. He leaves Hercules and lets himself be flattered into serving an evil warlord. But when Hercules faces the warlord's men, will Iolaus sink forever into evil, or will his hero's heart make him fight for right again?
13 Oct. 1997
Regrets... I've Had a Few
When Hercules begs an extra day of life for his friend Jaris before Celesta takes him to the Other Side, Jaris kills the town thug he hasn't been able to convict in court and Hercules must stop him before the accumulated evil of killing keeps him out of the Elysian Fields.
20 Oct. 1997
Web of Desire
Forced ashore in a storm, Hercules and Iolaus and the crew of the ship they were sailing on become prey of a giant arachnid.
27 Oct. 1997
Stranger in a Strange World
Michael Hurst gets a chance to show his ability at physical comedy in this story when Iolaus is exchanged with another Iolaus from an alternate universe. Hercules tries to teach the clown-Iolaus to be a man while fighter-Iolaus tries to fight 'the Sovereign,' a tyrant who happens to look just like Hercules.
3 Nov. 1997
Two Men and a Baby
When Hercules and Iolaus find a baby floating in the river, now-mortal Nemesis is not far behind, and surprised Hercules with the news that this is his son Evander -- but where do Evander's powers come from and why is Ares hunting the baby?
10 Nov. 1997
Prodigal Sister
Thirteen years after a raid by a group of renegade Amazons blinded Ruun, killed his parents, and kidnapped his sister, he still wants to rescue her and kill all Amazons -- but she may have become one.
17 Nov. 1997
...And Fancy Free
In order to help a village girl, Althea, Hercules accepts to be her partner in a dance contest. They both attend the dance classes of a very extravagant teacher, the Widow Twanky.
12 Jan. 1998
If I Had a Hammer
Salmoneus drafts Hercules to pose for an art class -- nude. Meanwhile, Atalanta builds a metal statue of, and Hephaistos brings him to life, looking just like Hercules but totally lacking life skills. And who should show up to steer him in the wrong direction but Discord?
19 Jan. 1998
Hercules on Trial
A man pretending to be Hercules is killed while rescuing two children from a collapsed mine, and prosecutor Spencius accuses the real Hercules of the man's death as well as disrespecting the gods. As Spencius examines witnesses who had encountered Hercules and twists their stories into showing Hercules in a bad light, Hercules battles his own conscience as to how responsible he is for others' actions, leading to an impassioned Spartucus-style speech at the end.
26 Jan. 1998
Medea Culpa
Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason flashback to tackling a monster with the help of Medea, a young woman they encounter along the road, but who may have her own agenda.
2 Feb. 1998
Men in Pink
Running away from authorities, Autolycus and Salmoneus join the Widow Twanky female dance company under the names of Autolyca and Salmonella.
9 Feb. 1998
Armageddon Now: Part 1
Hope frees Callisto, now a god. Callisto and Ares bring the Sovereign into Greece to take his pendant of hind's blood, the only substance that can kill a god, but leave him free to distract Hercules.
16 Feb. 1998
Armageddon Now: Part 2
Ares sends Iolaus back in time to protect Alcmene from Callisto, while both Hercules and the Sovereign are locked in a middle-world, unable to affect either of their worlds.
23 Feb. 1998
Yes, Virginia, There Is a Hercules
Envelope show in which Kevin Sorbo doesn't show up for filming in New Zealand after an earthquake hits Los Angeles, and the rest of the staff frantically tries to either locate him or find a replacement.
16 Mar. 1998
Discord uses Artemis' stolen bow to turn Hercules into a pig. Iolaus makes Autolycus, who stole the bow from Artemis' temple and sold it to Discord, help recover it.
23 Mar. 1998
One Fowl Day
Ares wants to punish Iolaus for turning Discord into a chicken, so he starts by chaining Iolaus and Autolycus together and gradually adds other punishments as the day goes on. Meanwhile, Aphrodite uses Artemis' bow to turn pig-Katherine into a lovely human woman, and Hercules tries to show her how humans live.
13 Apr. 1998
My Fair Cupcake
Autolycus steals an invitation to a ball to be given by the bachelor Prince of Antioch to meet every eligible princess in the area, and coaxes Cupcake to masquerade as a princess so he can steal the famous Antioch sapphire. Meanwhile, someone is trying to start a war with Antioch, and Hercules and Iolaus try to prevent it.
20 Apr. 1998
War Wounds
Hard feelings between townspeople and old soldiers lead to fighting in Corinth, and King Iphicles has been imprisoning the soldiers under miserable conditions. Hercules and Iolaus try to reconcile the factions and free the imprisoned soldiers.
27 Apr. 1998
Part 1 of 3. Learning that Alcmene is dying, Hercules and Iolaus rush to her side. In flashback, Young Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason go off to their first war. An ambush kills most of their comrades, and when they reach the supposed safety of a barricaded trench, they find it full of dead soldiers as well. They rescue a wounded opponent, who eventually takes them to confer with his king, resulting in a ceasefire.
4 May 1998
Top God
Part 2 of 3. As Hercules grieves for Alcmene, Zeus points out that Hercules is now free to become a full god. Hercules considers the good he can do as a god as well as the change in his relationship to his friends. In flashback, Apollo turns Young Hercules into a full god by feeding him ambrosia. But his new abilities and showing off alienate his old friends, while the callous way Apollo treats mortals irritates Young Hercules and he asks Zeus to take away his godhood.
11 May 1998
Part 3 of 3. Hercules starts to suspect that Zeus had ulterior motives to make him a god. Iolaus goes to visit his mother and is hurt by the resentment of her new husband. Hera imprisons Alcmene's spirit and threatens to torture her forever unless Zeus surrenders his godhood; then Hercules must save the now-mortal Zeus from Ares and head to Olympus for the final battle with Hera.

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