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Will PG Wodehouse's Blandings work on TV?

Not since Ralph Richardson in 1967 have Lord Emsworth and his beloved pig graced our screens. But can the BBC faithfully capture PG Wodehouse's comic prose in new series Blandings

When the BBC brings Blandings Castle and its inhabitants to the screen tomorrow, another skirmish in the Sunday night period drama ratings war with ITV, it will trespass on a much-loved suburb of paradise and almost certainly massacre some innocents.

The new show, directed by Paul Seed (Just William), stars Timothy Spall and Jennifer Saunders; it has been written by Guy Andrews, whose credits include Lost in Austen and Absolute Power, and it will adapt some treasured English comic prose for the first time in nearly 50 years, in fact since Ralph Richardson starred in a Blandings series in 1967. The task the new team faces is an almost impossible one: to capture the butterfly of Wodehousean comedy and translate it to a
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Poem of the week: The Seventh Art in the Sanatorium by Heather Hartley

This quirky poem about the appointment of a cinematographer to the board of a sanatorium explores the healing powers of film

This week's poem, The Seventh Art in the Sanatorium is from a first collection, Knock Knock (Carnegie Mellon University Press) by Heather Hartley. Originally from West Virginia, Hartley has lived and worked in Paris for the last 10 years. Her poems enjoy quirky characters and odd details, the pleasures and perturbations of travel. "The Seventh Art in the Sanatorium" is one of the more serious pieces in the collection, though it, too, has playful touches.

It was the Italian film theorist, Ricciotto Canudo, who first coined the term "the seventh art", thus adding cinema to Hegel's list of six. The traditional association of the number seven with magic adds a further promise to the poem's title. The epigraph is one of those odd, suggestive snippets of information which poets often like to collect,
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