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Season: 1
Year: 1995

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: All That Glitters

9 September 1995
Distracted by Joe's interest in a beautiful young woman, Frank knocks down a man who walks unexpectedly in front of his car. The boys search the unconscious victim for identificaion and discover a key taped to his leg. The police arrive and Frank is answering their questions, as Joe notices the young woman driving away.

Paul Popowich ... Joe Hardy

Colin K. Gray ... Frank Hardy (as Colin Gray)
Ron Bell ... Karl
Craig Gardner ... Cop

Fiona Highet ... Kate Craigen
Elizabeth Lennie ... Sgt. Davis

John Liddle ... Ted

Brad Milne ... August Feldman

Claudette Mink ... Truly Paul

Season 1, Episode 2: Jazzman

30 September 1995
Tommy Carter, the newspaper vendor, disappears leaving his prospective bride, Anita, waiting at the alter. Frank and Joe set out to find him.

Season 1, Episode 3: A Perfect Stranger

7 October 1995
It's love at first sight when Joe bumps inot Karen Smith. The young woman hurries off, but not before she drops her vaccination certificate which alerts Joe to the possibility that is about to leave for Africa or Brazil.

Paul Popowich ... Joe Hardy

Colin K. Gray ... Frank Hardy (as Colin Gray)

Angela Asher ... Karen Smith

Jason Blicker ... Danny Peck
Maude Campbell ... Nurse
Matt Heney ... Larry

Season 1, Episode 4: Say Cheese

14 October 1995
The Shady Nook Motel, Joe is snapping photographs for his friend Otto Hydinker's new CD. Meanwhile, Frank is assigned a piece on the mayoralty race between Harold Porter, an inept and seemingly unlucky liberal, and the beautiful but hard-nosed Isabel Ford. Joe's session is broken up by Demetrius Kavounas, the motel's owner.

Paul Popowich ... Joe Hardy

Colin K. Gray ... Frank Hardy (as Colin Gray)
Catherine Blythe ... Isabel Ford

Krista Bridges ... Sophie

Damon D'Oliveira ... Otto Heidinger

Laura de Carteret ... Madeline Corrington (as Laura DeCarteret)

Fiona Highet ... Kate Craigen
George King ... Floyd
Jason Knight ... Freddy
Tom Melissis ... Paul Corrington
Gerry Mendicino ... Demetrius

Season 1, Episode 5: Smart Drugs, Stupid Mistakes

21 October 1995
Sidney's disc drives have beens stolen. The young scientist turns to her new boyfriend Joe Hardy, and his brother Frank, for help in reovering them. The boys begin their investigation with Josh Randall, Sidney's lab mate, who disappeared along with her research.

Paul Popowich ... Joe Hardy

Colin K. Gray ... Frank Hardy (as Colin Gray)
Tom Bates ... Dick
Rummy Bishop ... Clerk

Vladimir Jon Cubrt ... Tom (as Jon Cubrt)
Arthur Eng ... Harry
Eric Fink ... High Strung Man

Fiona Highet ... Kate Craigen

Karen Ivany ... Dr. Langford
Robert Keppy ... Guard (as Bob Keppy)
Matt Piché ... Josh Randall
Natalie Radford

Waneta Storms ... Sidney Harris
Peter Wright ... Newsreader

Season 1, Episode 6: Telling Lies

28 October 1995
Joe befirends Max, a young boy who lives in a world of fantasy. In fact, when we meet him, he's running from an imaginary giant; but, as he tells Joe, at least he's eluded the pirates and the spaceman. Suddenly Max disappears. Searching for a lead, Frank traces some shredded bits of money the boys find in Max's bedroom to a six year old robbery.

Paul Popowich ... Joe Hardy

Colin K. Gray ... Frank Hardy (as Colin Gray)
Diego Fuentes ... Gordy
Jake Goldsbie ... Max

Fiona Highet ... Kate Craigen
Kirsten Kieferle ... Julie
Greg Kramer ... Johnny Garlick
Wayne McNamara ... Cop (as Wayne Robert McNamara)

James Millington ... Mahoney

Kevin Rushton ... Eddy Garlick

Season 1, Episode 7: The Debt Collectors

4 November 1995

Colin K. Gray ... Frank Hardy (as Colin Gray)

Paul Popowich ... Joe Hardy

Christina Cox ... Tessa Jones

Fiona Highet ... Kate Craigen
Dave Nichols ... Chuck Jones

Dan Redican ... Ed

Victoria Snow ... Joyce

Season 1, Episode 8: The Curse

11 November 1995
Chet Morton, boyhood friend of the Hardys, and a student in the Public Prosecutor's office, tells the boys that he's been cursed by Cara Bergman, a psychic. In a effort to help, Joe visits Cara, who protests that she hasn't the power to curse anyone.

Paul Popowich ... Joe Hardy

Colin K. Gray ... Frank Hardy (as Colin Gray)
Andrew Dolha ... Hugh Graham
Ron Hartmann ... Parsons (as Ron Hartman)

Fiona Highet ... Kate Craigen
Bernard Kay ... Board Member

Mark Lutz ... Chet Morton

Peter Messaline ... Team Leader
Hayley Tyson ... Cara Bergman

Season 1, Episode 9: R.I.P.

18 November 1995

Paul Popowich ... Joe Hardy

Colin K. Gray ... Frank Hardy (as Colin Gray)

Louis Di Bianco ... Joey Verdi
Kelly Fiddick ... Bartender
Kate Greenhouse ... Daryl
Ellen-Ray Hennessy ... Vendor

Fiona Highet ... Kate Craigen
Howard Jerome ... Sam Bologna

Shawn Lawrence ... Fairweather
Timothy Lee ... Editor #1 (as Tim Lee)

Waneta Storms ... Sidney Harris
Rod Wilson ... Ricky Kane

Season 1, Episode 10: Play Ball

25 November 1995
Joe answers an advertisement to house site for Chuck Jones, a vacationing banker. He hardly has time to suspect that something is not quite right before Joyce and Ed, two aspiring "debt collectors', arrive and take him hostage at gun point.

Paul Popowich ... Joe Hardy

Colin K. Gray ... Frank Hardy (as Colin Gray)
Stan Coles ... Doc Hennessey
Reg Dreger ... Fred Grimes

Louis Ferreira (as Justin Louis)
Dean Gabourie ... Barry Dillon

Fiona Highet ... Kate Craigen

Joel Keller ... Bobby Green
Tony Ning ... Cabbie
Patrick Patterson ... Knobby

Mark Wilson ... Mac Burley

Season 1, Episode 11: Love Birds

2 December 1995
Joe's purchase of a rare Macedonian Love Buzzard is followed by the arrival of two thugs, Lepke and Rolf, demanding the bird's return. At the Egale, Frank is dealing with his new responsibility for the night ship when Joe bursts in. He barely has time to hide the bird before his pursuers arrive.

Paul Popowich ... Joe Hardy

Colin K. Gray ... Frank Hardy (as Colin Gray)
Don Dickinson ... Warren Bates (as Don Dickenson)

Melissa DiMarco ... Reporter
Jack Duffy ... Harry
Eric Fink ... Dave

Nigel Hamer ... Brooks
Graham Harley ... Nigel

Fiona Highet ... Kate Craigen
Nicholas Kilbertus ... Lepke
B.J. McQueen ... Rolf

Season 1, Episode 12: The Last Laugh

9 December 1995
Frank, Joe and Nancy Drew are in Paris for the Police Sciences Symposium at which Fenton Hardy is scheduled to speak. They are sitting at a side-walk café when a purse snatcher grabs Nancy's purse. A young man, Christian, gives chase and, although the thief gets away, he does retrive the bag.

Season 1, Episode 13: No Dice

16 December 1995
Driving in the south of France, Frank, Joe and Nancy stop at the site of a recent car crash. As Joe goes to check it out, Nancy spies in the grass an oversized and strange-looking die. Curious, she pockets it and they contiune on to their logding, the beautiful Chateau D'Iberville.

Paul Popowich ... Joe Hardy

Colin K. Gray ... Frank Hardy (as Colin Gray)
Julie du Page ... Jeanette Nordeau
Pascal Demolon ... Jean-Charles Parizeau

Peter Hudson ... Inspector Bouillard
Julien Maurel ... Alain
Laurence Mercier ... Madame Lebrun

Tracy Ryan ... Nancy Drew

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