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Season 3

22 Jun. 1999
The Three Little Pigs
Three scrumptious piglets work to keep themselves dirty, pretty and plump at Camp Piggywood, run by a retired singer -- all while building their own cabins and foiling Big Bad Wolfgang and his plans to cook them over the campfire.
14 Jul. 1999
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
This time around, Ali is a young girl who outsmarts the 40 thieves and their leader, The Great One.
12 Aug. 1999
The Bremen Town Musicians
This classic Grimm's fairy tale takes a wild turn with a puppy who doesn't dig the life of a guard dog, a soul diva donkey, a sassy kitten and a flashy, over-the-top, funky rooster. The four come together, form a group and go out on the road!
16 Sep. 1999
The Empress' Nightingale
In this soulful adaptation of Anderson's classic tale, a straight-talking nightingale teaches a greedy empress that inner beauty is more important than any material riches could ever be.
6 Oct. 1999
The Happy Prince
A contemporary New York twist to Oscar Wilde's classic story. A sassy, street-wise pigeon teams up with a good-hearted statue to help the city's poor, while her pals all fly off to Miami for Spring Break.
19 Nov. 1999
Henny Penny
A satirical and political treatment of this classic "The sky is falling!" Chicken Little tale. It takes place during an election in New Barnyard, with Sharon Stone as the excitable hen (she's a blonde TV reporter in this telling), and the cast peppered with political notables.
3 Jan. 2000
The Frog Princess
A prince/princess turnaround -- it's the girl who is the frog this time. Not only does Prince Gavin learn that appearances can be deceiving and with love you can overcome anything -- but he learns how to cook and clean, too!
21 Feb. 2000
The Princess and the Pauper
The classic tale of royal and peasant changing identities , but leaving the boys at home. This feminist makeover in the kingdom of Peachburg teaches the time-honored virtue of treating everyone with equal respect and courtesy -- regardless of their social status, education or upbringing.
21 Mar. 2000
Rip Van Winkle
A feminist rethink of Washington Irving's classic tale. Rip's a chauvinistic rock & roller who marries the talented Vanna, whose music career goes by the wayside when they marry. Harried and in need of some peace, she finds The Women of Thunder Mountain, who give her a potion designed to help her annoying hubby (Tom Arnold as Rip Winkle) change his rigid and male piggy ways. Instead, he goes for a long snooze. When he wakes up 20 years later, he finds that not only are his clothes out of style, but his ideas about men & women's roles are too. The president is a woman,...
18 Apr. 2000
The Snow Queen
Hans Christian Anderson's classic tale of the Snow Queen and how she freezes a young boy's heart and turns him into a creature as cold as she. The boy's long-time, childhood friend travels far and wide and risks her life to save him. Her sweetness, innocence and tears that warm his heart return him to his real self. Eartha Kitt camps it up and steals the show as she sings how it is "Cool to Be Cold."
16 Apr. 2000
Robinita Hood
Favorite classic fairytales retold with fresh, modern, musical twist.

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