Goosebumps (TV Series 1995–1998) Poster



New Face. Old Nightmare. (The Haunted Mask II DVD)
Every Dummy Has It's Day...And His Night! (Night of the Living Dummy III DVD)
It Will Just Kill You. (Welcome to Dead House DVD)
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? (The Werewolf of Fever Swamp DVD)
Dead Cat Walking... (Cry of the Cat DVD)
This Toy Plays With You! (Chillogy DVD)
There's a Strange New Kid on the Block... (The Ghost Next Door DVD)
Step Inside...If You Dare! (Scary House DVD)
Don't Go In The Water! (Deep Trouble DVD)
Two Heads Are Better Then One! (How I Got My Shrunken Head DVD)
They're Watching You Learn...The Hard Way. (Perfect School DVD)
It's a Real Dead End. (Shocker on Shock Street DVD)
He's Still Walking. He's Still Stalking. (Night of the Living Dummy DVD)
Not Seeing Is Beliving! (My Best Friend Is Invisible DVD)
It's Warm...It's Breathing...and It Doesen't Do Dishes! (It Came from Beneath the Sink DVD)
Viewer, Beware! You're In For A Scare!

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