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7 Feb. 1998
Awesome Ants
After witnessing an ant infestation at an ice cream parlor, Dave decides to make ants the topic of his science project at school. However, after he and his friend, Ben, feed them real food, the ants grow to gigantic size.
14 Feb. 1998
Bride of the Living Dummy
Slappy wants his bride, Mary-Ellen.
21 Feb. 1998
Strained Peas
When Nicholas' parents bring home his new baby sister, Grace, he makes an effort to bond with her. However, after a series of bizarre occurrences, he comes to suspect that the baby is not human.
28 Feb. 1998
Say Cheese and Die... Again
In order to prove to his teacher that his story about the evil camera is true and earn a better grade, Greg breaks into the warehouse again and finds it, unaware that the device will only bring even more trouble than it did last time.
25 Apr. 1998
Chillogy: Part 1: Squeal of Fortune
Jessica Walters is always thinking of ways to get more money, and refuses to loan her brother Sam any for their parents' anniversary present without the string of interest attached. Their mom overhears and has her clean the attic to avoid losing her allowance to him for the week. While there, she finds a "collectible" model town she wishes she could sell but must share with Sam - then hears a telephone other than her cellular ringing, opens the pay-phone in the model, and is transported into the town of Karlsville. Karl, the mayor, tells her over the phone then in ...
2 May 1998
Chillogy: Part 2 - Strike Three... You're Doomed
Matthew Erikson's coach only lets him in his baseball game because the referee reminded that all players must participate - and strikes out, losing the game as the coach predicted. Shutting himself in his room, he tosses his ball to himself - and it falls into the baseball diamond of the model town he and Todd brought home the night before. Taken into Karlsville, he's announced to be the star of that night's game that an invisible crowd watches. But it's a one-man game, where the bases move and lava-flows spring up to keep them out of reach, the pitching machines seem...
9 May 1998
Chillogy: Part 3: Escape from Karlsville
Matthew and Jessica discover Todd has entered Karlsville through the certificate he got saying he was their grand-prize winner, so they have to get in themselves to save him before they can destroy it. They're not sure if they'll be able to save themselves - or even how to get in, since their ways aren't letting them now. But they'll have to act fast, because it turns out that Todd's prize is becoming a resident of Karlsville - meaning that he, like every other child that Karl has taken power over, will be turned into a plastic figurine who will come to life every ...
16 May 1998
Teacher's Pet
While on a class trip to the woods, Becca becomes convinced that something sinister is going on, and soon she and her friend, Benjy, find themselves beset by horrifying creatures determined to devour them.
14 Sep. 1998
How I Got My Shrunken Head: Part 1
After receiving a mysterious shrunken head from his Aunt Benna, young Mark travels to the jungle island of Baladora where he finds his Aunt has disappeared.
21 Sep. 1998
How I Got My Shrunken Head: Part 2
After learning the truth about his Aunt, Mark journeys into the jungle to find her.
28 Sep. 1998
The Ghost Next Door: Part 1
When Hannah Fairchild meets her new neighbour, Danny Anderson, she convinces herself that he is a ghost.
29 Sep. 1998
The Ghost Next Door: Part 2
As Hannah learns the truth, a mysterious shadow figure appears insisting she has no further contact with Danny.
31 Oct. 1998
Cry of the Cat: Part 1
Allison accidentally kills a cat on her bike. But she soon finds out that this kitty has nine lives.
31 Oct. 1998
Cry of the Cat: Part 2
Allison discovers her feline side and Crystal divulges Rip's evil past.
16 Nov. 1998
Deep Trouble: Part 1
Billy and Sheena visit their Uncle Harold on an island in the Caribbean, but while exploring under water they find something terrible lurking deep below the sea.

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