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Author: ( from Seattle, Washington
12 October 1999

Where did this show go? It was funny, silly, entertaining, colorful and a wild ride in every episode! Why was it ever cancelled? The silliness almost reached Monty Python levels. It had one of the greatest running gags of all time. At the end of every episode, one of the characters would get flattened by a cow.I hope it turns up again sometime.

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Author: SpideyTerry from Ardmore, PA
6 August 2000

This show is of course based on the video games of the same name. I only have one question abut this show. Why did the cancel this show? It was hilarious and clever. The show had a great assortment of characters too. Every time I watched this show, I fell over laughing with aching sides. I hope this show comes back to the air waves someday.

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Simply the Best Video Game Cartoon Series. Ever!

Author: hemightbegiant from United States
23 June 2006

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show was nothing super.

The Legend Of Zelda was no where near as good as the games.

Sonic the Hedgehog got canceled as fast as Sonic could run.

Viewtiful Joe lost the viewtifulness of the game.

Earthworm Jim... now where getting somewhere.

This show was witty, and downright hilarious. The series was based after the popular video game, and its sequel, Earthworm Jim 2 (creative, eh?). The series follows Jim (Dan Castanella, the same voice as 'Homer Simpson' from the 'Simpsons'), his pall Peter Puppy (who transformed when enraged into a hideous beast), Jim's precious princess girlfriend, and his adorable pet slime (yes, I think he's adorable. shut up). The writing and excellent voices spawned the Best Video Game Cartoon series. Ever! If you have a chance, give Jim a chance. Then play the game if you have a Sega Genisis or Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

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Outrageous, hilarious, and delightful!

Author: EarthwormJimFan from United States
7 April 2006

One of my favorite cartoons of all time, along with Rocko's Modern Life and Beavis and Butt-Head. I was ecstatic to find all four VHS tapes at a discount dollar store. I hadn't seen this terrific cartoon in nearly a decade. It was a laugh a minute! Uproaroiusly funny! The jokes were ingenious! The characters were awesome! Especially Jim himself, he was immensely lovable! After watching the tapes I once again displayed my beloved EJ action figures and EJ poster. I could just go on for a long time about how much I love this cartoon! If only they could put the complete series on DVD. That would mean a lot to me and many other EWJ fans.

BOTTOM LINE: It's, as our humble hero would say... GUH-ROOVY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Miss it a lot.

Author: Miriani from CoSprings, CO
4 September 2000

The only time I ever got to see it, in all honesty, was on video, of which I only ever saw four 2 episode tapes out of about 25 or so episodes. There's a show that needs to be brought back. It was incredibly silly, but everyone needs silliness. But it was the Pythonesque quality of the comedy that I loved so much. What other show could host a megalomaniacal fish, a Princess named Whats-her-name, and a falling cow, and still be coherent? It's not just the jokes and gags, it's the delivery of them all. Not a dud in any of the episodes I've seen.

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Delightfully bizarre animated series.

Author: joe dredd from United Kingdom
26 February 2000

I loved this show as a teenager. The surreal gags and post modern humour were something of a breath of fresh air at a time when much of children's animation had lost its charm and imagination. The voice actors all do a very good job, Jim is voiced by none other than Homer Simpson himself! It would be great to see this get a release on DVD with some nice extras. Some concept art would be great to see, I love Doug Tenaple's creations. Some of my favourite memories of the show...Psycrow getting high on coffee, Jim having his photo taken with the Giant Fur Bearin' Trout, The Hamstinator and the guy that can turn his eyelids inside out.

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Better Than Pro Wrestling

Author: James_6 from Maryland
28 May 2005

Put simply, "Earthworm Jim" was one of the funniest and most entertaining television programs on the air during the time of its run, and remains one of the most creatively humorous cartoons of all time.

The series takes several of the characters and scenarios from the video game it's based on and brings them to stunning life, including Princess What's-Her-Name, Peter Puppy (who'd always honor anything at all that impressed him with the "Better than..." comment), and a motley cast of rogues who helped keep things funny.

It's truly one of the most notable animated shows in history (and had a great theme song too), so here's hoping it's preserved on DVD.

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Earthworm Jim; A super suit did fall...

Author: SSJAniFan from Pine Valley, California
12 September 2003

Video game character Earthworm Jim gets his own cartoon series, and the only word to describe it is: FUNNY! There's Jim, who is a total moron, fighting those weird villains from the games, which truly are bizarre(c'mon, who could forget the likes of Prof. Monkey-for-a-head, or Queen Slug-For-A-Butt?). The guy who played Homer(I forget his name, Dan Castellentia or something like that) is brilliant as Jim, who is possibly even wackier than the Tick! No, he IS wackier than the Tick! The laughs and spoofs were great, but then stupid WB took this excellent show off, and it hasn't been on the air since(hey, Cartoon Network: are you paying attention here?). I would love it if this truly hilarious show came back. C'mon, I want to see that cow fall on someone again!

BOTTOM LINE: If you can find the old videos, GET THEM! This is one of the funniest cartoon shows ever.

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Great show!

Author: tmcleod40
24 July 2004

My husband and I were just discussing how we wished that Earth Worm Jim was back on TV or could get the episodes on DVD. It would be a good addition to our animation collection. (We are cartoon fanatics) We have a 20 yr old son and he and his friends feel the same way. They enjoyed the video games also. There are too many cartoons that we can't even pronounce the names to.

If those shows can be put on DVD as soon as they hit the screen; let's give Jim the same respect! My son has the action figures from the TV series.

I especially liked his dog that had the split personality. Unforntunatley we haven't seen the movie, so that would be a yes on having it on DVD.

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Bizarre, charming, brilliantly written and animated- a true gem of a show

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
8 September 2010

I am a huge animation fan, and consider some animated films and shows some of my favourites ever. Earthworm Jim, the underrated gem it is, is no exception. Even as a child, I admired how bizarre it was but also how brilliantly written and animated it was. Revisiting it after goodness knows how long, I still do. The animation is truly excellent, with bold colours, audacious backgrounds and sharp and unique character designs. The music is a delight too, the main theme is well and truly memorable and the incidental music is cleverly and imaginatively composed.

The story lines are outstanding. They were well paced, being very brisk and original, a refreshing retread from being predictable and contrived. I also love the characters. Jim is a moron at times, but he is also very charming, likable and witty, while Peter Puppy is adorable, Jim's girlfriend doesn't fall into the trap of being clichéd and the villains are outrageously fun in their motives, how they're voiced and animated and even in their names.

What made Earthworm Jim in my opinion was in its writing. This is one brilliantly written show, not only in the dialogue which is superb and enthusiastically delivered but in the surreal gags and post modern humour and inspired spoofs. The voice acting consistently is top notch, especially Dan Castallenetta who is perfect as Jim. To conclude, Earthworm Jim is a gem, and deserves to be better known than it is. 10/10 Bethany Cox

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