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Cancelled by idiots!

Author: Kathryn Rooke-Matthews from United Kingdom
7 February 2007

This show is quite simply the sharpest, funniest comedy I've ever seen. My dad taped them when Channel 4 showed them at 3am at the weekends and we both love the series. The writing is simply beautiful and all the actors work so well together that it flows wonderfully. How anyone could have cancelled this is beyond me and I do hope that someday we will be able to buy them on DVD. I met Corey Feldman in 2005 and asked him if he knew how I could get copies and he said "They'll probably release them when I'm dead." It devastates me that I have only managed to retain one full episode and five minutes of another and neither of those includes Vic's vulture :(

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I'll take a bit of cheeze with that corn-dog...

Author: Rerrun
2 February 1999

I know Dweebs didn't last more than a month or so. Yes, I fully agree that it was somewhat corny and not real sharp, but I have to admit-- it was hilarious. So few comedies make me laugh any more. They are too smooth and slick. Dweebs came buy it's laughs honestly.Too bad it was never given a chance, I think it really would have caught on.

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The Title Says It All!

Author: SlackerUK from Wales, UK
2 July 2001

I too adored this show to the extent that I *still* pine for it. The characters were funny, the scripts were goods, the acting was great. I think the main problem was that no-one wanted to watch a show called "Dweebs".

I would love to get my hands on some episodes for, at the time, I didn't know to record them. Sorely missed.

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I love it when that happens...

Author: bigsleepj from Captain Nemo's Submarine
4 February 2002

The waiter in a geeky Internet cafe describes one of the day's specials and comments that "Like Bill Gates it's way to rich."

In another scene the programmers are designing a game called "Kill everyone! 2". The main character, Carey (Farah Forke), asks "But if everybody was killed in the first game who is left to kill?" The answer comes "People who hid and dogs and cats."

Back in the internet cafe, Carey tries to meet with the boss's internet girlfriend who turns out to be a bunch of kids playing a prank. She walks over to her nerdy co-workers who are busy on the Internet. One of them presses a button and says: "I traced his on-line name (the leader of the kids). His name is Stephen (or something). Unfortunately he just flunked maths."

DWEEBS didn't have the perverse humour of FRIENDS, the absurb situations of SEINFELD, Homer Simpson, or family-comedy that made THE HOGAN FAMILY, PERFECT STRANGERS or FULL HOUSE so funny. It did have messages like EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND or the message-bashing of JUST SHOOT ME. It just wanted to make you laugh.

Those who dared watch it knows it would have been one of TVs greatest shows. It had memorable characters the boss of the company, who does his brainstorming on a trampoline. Vic, the cool macho jock, who likes programming. The list goes on.

The situation of the comedy is this: Carey, the type of outgoing person who never hang out with nerds, takes on a job at a small programming firm. Soon she discover that these guys are better people than her old friends, and that they are richer!

This show only had about eleven episodes, but it made me laugh! I looked forward to it every night! My friends and I talked about it, it was cleaner than most shows (someone say MARRIED WITH CHILDREN) while still being funny. It is something of a gem! But now it lies forgotten on a video tape somewhere!

Would I like to see it again? No. I'm afraid that I wont like it second time around. Some memories are bettetr that way...

But I would like to see a new version!

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Really funny show that would have only gotten better

Author: ash-73 from Little Rock
7 June 1999

I loved this show and I was so sorry to find out that it was canceled. The networks don't give shows time to find their nitch sometimes. Seinfield, Family Ties and a lot of other shows weren't big ratings getters at first but someone with vision allowed them time to find huge audiences. This show would have found an audience too but the network had no vision.

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Possibly my favourite show *EVER*

Author: Dave McLean (
29 November 2000

Despite the shortness of its run (only eleven episodes were made) this show appealed to me from the outset. There is just a certain something about it that makes me laugh every time I see it. Whether it is the fact I know a lot of people like 'the guys', or I work in a similar environment I am not sure. But I highly recommend this to anyone. (And hope - at some point - they release the whole series on video!)

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Great Series

Author: Basingstke from United States
24 August 2008

I have sorely missed Dweebs over the past years. Unfortunately I didn't tape it so I can't update my memories. However I'm not so sure that the humor would be as appreciated in today's market. The very best scene ending ever, from the fist episode: the VCR flashing 12:00, is no longer so appropriate. Other scenes are also fondly remembered but I do wish the episodes were available to purchase. Anyone know how we can encourage this?

We tried to get friends to watch the series but unfortunately it was up against "Doctor Who" which was extremely popular with that group. Possibly one of the reasons the Dweebs didn't take off.

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I concur -- It was a great show

Author: himan-5 from United States
9 May 2007

Ha-ha...I forgot about the vulture!!! Yes it probably didn't help viewer-ship that the name of the show was "Dweebs", though you'd think there were enough of them (us?) out there who could relate to make the show a prime-time contender.

In my home the word "mulch" to describe drab, unimaginative attire is still used to this day, 12 years after it was modeled so well on the show by Carl (Stephen Tobolowsky?), one of the programmers. Man, they were cruel to him.... Not that he couldn't dish it out as well: "Death called--he wants his outfit back..." (you'd have to know Vic) That these and other quips became part of our comic dialog is a testament to Dweebs' appeal as a comedy; and we'd eagerly watch those few episodes again if they became available.

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Yes, Big Bang Theory is Dweebs 2.0

Author: GJValent from Chicago, IL, United States
12 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Thank you uber_geek. I thought that I was the only one who remembered Dweebs, and it being the obvious progenitor of TBBT. Of course, it took me five seasons of TBBT to remember it. Four nerdy, brilliant guys, and one, hot, down to earth, not so nerdy girl ? You can catch the first episode, in parts, on YouTube. Dweebs even skips the establishing scene breaks. TBBT does it with the atom animation. Dweebs does it with a Windows 3.1 style icon screen and a cursor that selects the next scene. If it had been a hit, would we have gotten two more girls to make it more like Friends, with brains ? I've been a computer tech all of my life, starting with college in 1968. That was before we landed on the moon. (Which, by the way, happened on my 19th birthday.) Another thing, check out this plot synopsis from season 1, (their only season), episode 4,'Warren is contacted by woman through instant messaging and Carey responds for him in a flirtation manner. However, not everything is as it seems. Karl is selected for a NASA software mission into space'. As a friend pointed out, introduction to Amy, plus, Howard going into space. What more proof do you want ? Anyway, a show, apparently, ahead of its time, as TBBT is one of CBS biggest hits.

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It's a shame this series never got off the ground

Author: uber_geek from United States
29 October 2011

This was one of those shows that didn't get a chance. Think of Big Bang Theory before its time. Quirky, socially awkward, but brilliant nerds meet a girl.

Peter Scolari's character is kind of a Bill Gates who started a company in his garage. Their business takes off and they have to get an office and secretary. They have brains (and now money!), but don't know how to relate outside of other nerds. Warren Mosbey (Scolari's character) has trampoline in his office, which he would jump on while thinking.

Unfortunately this just didn't take off back in 1995, when most people didn't even know what the internet was yet. Also, I agree with others that the title didn't appeal to non-geeks.

It says something that I still recall the series from over 15 years ago that only had 11 episodes.

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