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Mimi Bobeck's character was not meant to be a regular on the show, but was written in after positive public reaction.
Due to poor ratings, the show was taken off of ABC's schedule for the 2003-2004 season. The show's contract with the network, however, required ABC to produce a ninth season, broadcast between 2 June 2004 and 8 September 2004. In order to fit a 26-episode season in three months, many weeks featured two half-hour episodes run back-to-back.
During the "Live" episodes, the cast members performed twice, once for the East coast, and once for the West coast.
The shots of the outside of the Winfred-Louder Store, Drew's workplace, are actually of Halle's, a similar store in Cleveland.
Diedrich Bader's character, Oswald Lee Harvey, is (obviously) a mixed up version of Lee Harvey Oswald (the alleged killer of JFK).
The outside shot of the Warsaw Tavern is actually that of the Memphis Tavern in Cleveland.
Drew's address is 720 Sedgewick St.
In the eighth season the theme song was performed with a different musical style before each episode.
Drew's character on the show continues to wear glasses, even though in real life Drew had laser eye surgery to correct his vision and no longer needs glasses.
John Carroll Lynch, who plays Drew's older brother, Steve, is actually five years younger than Drew Carey.
The series finale's ending is a remake of the pilot's ending but with a small twist. In the pilot Kate, Oswald, and Lewis watch Drew from his kitchen window as he plays pool and in the finale it's Lewis, Oswald, Mr. Wick, Mimi, Kellie, and Drew Jr who are watching Drew. Both endings include Drew playing pool outside in the rain, in his yellow rain jacket, humming "Moon Over Parma".
Because of the shows being filmed in advance, the April Fool's Day contest winners would be announced by having Drew open his mouth and the winner's name being dubbed in. In syndication, there is now a voice-over done by Drew saying, "This is an obsolete message."
In the first season, Cleveland Browns apparel was seen more than any other Cleveland sports team on the show. This is ironic as the Browns team would end up moving to Baltimore during the shows first season run.
Only Drew Carey and Diedrich Bader appear in all 233 episodes.
In one episode, Greg Clemens said to the gang, "Even the Clampetts picked up and moved to Beverly". Diedrich Bader played Jethro and Jethrene in The Beverly Hillbillies (1993).
From the 8th season on, whenever the theme song "Moon Over Parma" is used, the Cleveland in the song is changed to Eastlake, a suburb of Cleveland located in Lake County.
Those who were credited in the Starring credits at the beginning of the episode were usually featured in every episode (except for Craig Ferguson, who was usually absent for few). However, in Season 8 the only cast members to appear in every episode are Drew Carey, Cynthia Watros and Diedrich Bader. The others were all absent for at least one episode. Despite being credited for every episode, Craig Ferguson and John Carroll Lynch were only in 4 and 8 episodes, respectively.
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In The Dog and Pony Show, during the scene in the Warsaw where the guys are spoofing The Full Monty, actors Hugo Speer, Steve Huison, Paul Barber and Mark Addy are seen in the back of the bar. They were in the original film.
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