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6 Jan. 1999
A House Divided
A local corporation wants to buy all the houses in Drew's neighborhood to make way for a mall on the lot. Drew isn't pleased but promises to think it over. While at work, Drew finds out Winfred-Louder is behind the mall construction plot and Mr. Wick tries to convince him to sell. Wick agrees to have Drew's house moved to prime lakefront property. However, Drew arrives home he finds his house has literally been sawed in half; the corporation moved half the house a week ahead of schedule.
13 Jan. 1999
A House Reunited
Celia offers her support in Drew's fight against Winfred-Louder because of what they did to his house. Meanwhile, Drew has to get by living in half a house with no heat or electricity. Despite his destitute situation, Drew asks Celia to move in with him. Oswald, Lewis, and Kate start to get freaked out by Drew and Celia's relationship as they start behaving more like mother and son than boyfriend and girlfriend.
27 Jan. 1999
Rats, Kate's Dating a Wrestler
When the Warsaw has to temporarily close, the guys reach out to "The Disciplinarian", a popular professional wrestler, to be the spokesman for Buzz Beer. Drew greatly disapproves when Kate starts dating The Disciplinarian because all of her relationships tend to end in disaster. Things eventually start to go south when The Disciplinarian stops working out in favor of getting drunk, so much so that he misses important public appearances.
10 Feb. 1999
Three Guys, a Girl and a B-Story
Lewis scores a date at a science fiction convention and Oswald, unknowingly, makes a date with the same woman when he delivers a package to her house. Drew also ends up making a date with the exact same woman when he runs into her at work. The guys are each thrilled at the prospect of having a new girlfriend, all three of them oblivious they are dating the same woman.
17 Feb. 1999
Boy Party/Girl Party
Drew has problems getting any time alone with Tracey because Lewis and Oswald keep monopolizing her. Following Kate's suggestion, Drew holds a slumber party at his house to appease the Winfred-Louder models. While the party is going on, Drew plans to sneak out to see Tracey. Unfortunately, an unexpected blizzard keeps the models away and keeps Drew from seeing Tracey. Lewis and Oswald find out about Drew's plot and vow to get revenge.
24 Feb. 1999
Tracy Bowl
All three of the guys vie for the chance to take Tracey to an upcoming wedding, the winner officially being declared in a relationship with her. Drew and Oswald both unknowingly pull the same dirty trick on Lewis, which gets him sent to the hospital. The two of them decide to call a truce and let Lewis get the girl. Oswald succeeds in getting Tracey to reject him but Drew underhandedly stabs both his friends in the back in hopes of winning Tracey's affection.
3 Mar. 1999
Lewis is excited to be in line for a promotion to head of the janitorial department at Drug Co. Drew is upset when he finds his dog Speedy is developing cataracts. Lewis gets Speedy into an experimental treatment program but the process takes at least a week to complete. Lewis is elated when he gains the promotion but is dismayed when his boss denies ever seeing Drew's dog. Lewis decides to risk his new job by sneaking the gang into Drug Co. to rescue Speedy.
24 Mar. 1999
Steve and Mimi
Drew is forced to lay off dozens of workers and offers Steve a place to stay when he ends up on the chopping block. Mimi stops by Drew's with another list of people to fire and is instantly attracted to Steve when she sees him out of drag. They set up a date and keep it a secret from Drew. Mimi is disappointed when Steve dresses in drag on their date and agree to be friends. But when Drew gets home he's shocked and disgusted to find Steve and Mimi making out. He tries to get over his revulsion at the Warsaw but can't handle it when he gets home to find Steve and Mimi ...
31 Mar. 1999
What's Wrong with This Episode II
Drew and Steve are distressed when their longtime barber Phil dies. Beulah comes to town a week early for an anniversary party Drew is throwing for her and his dad and insists on going to the funeral. The gang sees Beulah kiss Phil's corpse and overhears a nasty argument between her and Phil's widow. They begin to suspect Beulah had an affair with the charismatic barber.
7 Apr. 1999
She's Gotta Have It
Sharon is dejected after being dumped by her boyfriend and plans on drowning her sorrows at the Warsaw. Once closing time rolls around, Drew invites Sharon over for one more beer at his place and promises to be a gentleman. Suddenly, Sharon jumps him and Drew is thrilled at the prospect of starting a relationship with her again. But when Drew tries to make a follow-up date with her, Sharon tells him she's only interested in sex.
5 May 1999
Good Vibrations
Drew is chosen to give a speech at a convention in Chicago. An annual practical joke war starts between the gang and Drew is humiliated when airport security finds a vibrator in his suitcase. The representatives at the convention tease and poke fun at Drew for it throughout his speech and refuse to take him seriously. Drew is certain Mimi tampered with his suitcase and vows to get her fired. Little does he know, Sharon is actually the one who planted the vibrator so she could be a part of the prank war.
12 May 1999
Do the Hustle
Steve and Sharon suggest going on a double date to put a stop to Drew and Mimi's constant bickering. The date ends up a disaster when Drew and Mimi refuse to stop insulting each other during dinner. Drew and Mimi are left to call for a cab at a bowling alley when Steve and Sharon leave them to fight amongst themselves. Drew and Mimi end up bowling against a couple cocky doctors and easily hustle them for four hundred dollars. The sworn enemies agree to meet at the bowling alley nightly to continue their scam.
19 May 1999
Up on the Roof
Oswald's mom moves back to Cleveland and decides to open a beauty salon. She hires Sharon to repair the salon roof upon Drew's suggestion despite Sharon's inexperience with roofing. After the roofs blows off during a storm, Mrs. Harvey demands Sharon re-do the roof even though Sharon claims she isn't responsible for the accident. Lewis and Oswald get into an argument when Lewis sides with Sharon which leads to Lewis moving out.
26 May 1999
Brotherhood of Man
Mr. Van Zandt, the head of a Dutch ownership group, announces that all employees are receiving a month-long vacation while the store is remodeled. However, Drew still has to work which ruins his weekend plans with Sharon. He plans a secret picnic in the store but the date goes sour when Drew and Sharon overhear Mr. Van Zandt say he plans to fire all the employees and flatten the store into a parking lot. Drew confronts Van Zandt, who offers Drew another job in Toledo in exchange for his silence. Instead of backing down, Drew decides to use unconventional means to ...
17 Nov. 1999
Drew Cam

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