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14 Jan. 1996
Bees and SIDS
Ben gets into Dr. Katz's medical books and convinces himself he has all sorts of medical illnesses including, of all things, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (S.I.D.S.). Meanwhile, Dr. Katz is afraid of a bee that's made its way into his office. Laura plays on his fear and refuses to kill the bee at his request. Also, Patient Dom Irrera leaves a love proclamation song on Dr. Katz's answering machine.
21 Jan. 1996
Drinky the Drunk Guy
Ben is convinced that Dr. Katz has a drinking problem and tries to have a one-man intervention for him. In reality, though, Dr. Katz isn't even close to an alcoholic and Ben is overreacting, as usual.
7 Apr. 1996
Sticky Notes
Dr. Katz is suspicious that Laura is stealing office sticky notes. Meanwhile, Ben essentially stalks an attractive new tenant in the apartment building, until he gives up because she called him "fatty".
14 Apr. 1996
It Takes Some Getting Used To
Ben is uncomfortable with the idea of Dr. Katz sleeping with a woman he just met. The title refers to the strong smell that Katz's new cologne gives off.
21 Apr. 1996
The Particle Board
Dr. Katz gets the urge to build a wood shelf for the wall. Ben agrees to get the necessary supplies, but causes problems when he breaks a nail gun and therefore can't return it at the hardware store. In the end, they build a shelf, but it's less than satisfactory, so they plan to put pamphlets on it.
28 Apr. 1996
A Journey for the Betterment of People
Ben runs into a prostitute on the street. He doesn't take advantage her services, but after a conversation with her, he realizes that many people need help, and wants to be the one to provide it. He begins to make Dr. Katz and Laura feel guilty about themselves, that they're not out on the streets "making a difference", like he is. After a week, Ben gives up, especially after he unknowingly chides a friend of Katz's to improve her life, as he assumed she was a prostitute.
5 May 1996
Theory of Intelligence
Dr. Katz is asked to give an adult education lecture. Katz chooses to discuss a theory of his: A person gets temporarily smarter whenever they experience physical pain or emotional distress. Ben tries to inflict some pain on himself so he can feel smarter, but fails. At the lecture, Ben jumps his cues to laugh at Dr. Katz's opening jokes, throwing Katz for a loop.
12 May 1996
Dr. Katz and Ben use a hair product "Ultra Henna Bouquet", which turns their hair bright orange/red. They call the company to try to fix the problem.
26 May 1996
Ben is convinced he has ESP after watching a program about it on TV, especially after a couple of lucky guesses. He warns Dr. Katz to stay away from the bar, though Katz disregards that and nothing bad happens to him.
6 Oct. 1996
Monte Carlo
Ben starts a celebrity limo service, and sets up his office in Dr. Katz's office, in the same room as Laura. After only a few days on the job, he quits because he had a fender-bender at the airport.
13 Oct. 1996
Blind Date
Julie sets Dr. Katz up on a blind date with Beth, a woman from the Midwest. Eventually, Beth cancels through Julie. Meanwhile, Ben wants to have a tenth anniversary dinner with Dr. Katz, with the anniversary being ten years since Katz and his wife split up.
20 Oct. 1996
Dr. Katz brings a bowl of fruit to the office and sets it on Laura's desk. They eventually get rid of it, because it's going rotten and attracting flies. Meanwhile, Ben gets ideas for new careers and hobbies, such as cake decorating, roller skating, and truck driving. He doesn't follow through on any of them.
27 Aug. 1996
Ben wants to change his image. He ultimately decides on an earring, though he starts with a tacky-looking "tape-on" earring before going for the real thing. Dr. Katz doesn't approve. However, Ben gets cold feet at the mall and ultimately doesn't go through with it.
3 Nov. 1996
Koppleman and Katz
While looking for his birth certificate, Ben discovers that Dr. Katz was a hippie back in the '60s, and had an old flame named Sharon Koppleman. This makes Katz nostalgic, and takes his guitar to the office, wanting Laura to humor him by pretending to be Sharon from his old folk music duo.

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