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A really great movie.
jfrider12 November 2001
It was a very interesting movie for television. Would purchase it if possible. I did tape it already and have watched it many, many times.

I think DJE(David James Elliott) does a fantistic job. But think DJE always does a fantastic job in anything he does. His facial expressions are just super. But then again he is a super actor. The rest of the cast did a wonderful job also.

There are some parts I would have like to have seen played differently, but then again I didn't write it so I'll just enjoy the movie over and over again.
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Excellent Movie!
BreanneB18 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is an excellent TV movie. It's not your typical courtroom jazz, it's better. I loved the acting, costumes, production, directing, photography, script, etc. It also has an excellent storyline. I love it.

It all starts when Terri, is raped and attacked by a pervert and she kills in self-defense. She later wins her case in court and goes free. But Chris Paget, her attorney finds out at her own admission that she lied about being his son Richie's mother. This causes some animosity.

But then Chris goes on trial accused of the first degree murder of his girlfriend Mary's husband. But later when the jury returns with a guilty verdict we learn that the real killer is her mother. This is when her mother puts the bullets on the judge's bench. Chris is cleared and set free.
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Great Thrill-ride
flamingeaux24 April 2003
I love watching David James Elliott. I'm a JAG fan all the way. It was great not being sure whether he was going to turn out to be the good guy or bad guy. This movie had me on the edge of my seat until the end. Great acting. Great movie!
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HATED IT !!!!!!!!!!
gamesoonly9 November 2004
All there is to say about this Poor, Poor mini series is Don't waste your time. It is beyond trash, all reels should be destroyed. Yes, It was that awful! I was so excited to see it after I had read the book. Which is a great court room drama. The book so amazing, which is usually the case. Yet, This mini series, WOW, It really was pathetic, the every thing that should not be allowed for viewers, (in case they have a sensitive tummy).

No *'s

Acting, Well there was not any.

Worse then the Worst Soap.

READ the book, it is Excellent!!!!!! ! !
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